How To Say No To Vaccinations

The “Opt-Out” contract IS A SCAM! This video presents detailed info how to more effectively refuse and challenge harmful and illegal programs which attempt to force you to accept dangerous policies such as vaccinations and spying/transmitting utility meters. This video goes into detail to present your legal options and explain the powerful free documents at which are designed to put the authority back in your hands.


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  • I asked VA how much longer I would live if getting a colonoscopy. Then asked if they knew how much sooner I would die if I did not get one. Then I asked if they would sign an agreement that it would be safe. They did not know any answers and would not sign any agreement. The did admit they could not stertilize the 40,000 dollar tool due to special parts that cannot be heated hot enough and would require I sign something that said if the procedure went wrong or I died ( you can literally explode and people have from sparks during the airing up a tire like procedure and methane) it was my fault and I held them harmless. They phoned a couple times wanting me to get one and finally I said “Is this voluntary?” They said yes and backed off when I told them I did not want it and would not be getting one. Doctors do not like me sometimes cause I believe they are working for me and if I do not want to take them up on offers can simply not do it. I mean come on, who would let there neighbor come over and cut them or poke stuff in them, take some stuff they cooked up and claimed it is good for you or any of the stuff these people often want to do? Then you gotta sign a thing, a legal indemnity saying it is your fault if they accidentally kill you? Signed Guinea H Pig

    • They pushed me as well to get the colonoscopy like it WASN’T voluntary. See, they look for any means to put you on pills. Pills for smoking. Pills for weight. Pills for drinking. Pills for cholesterol. I swear the Indian doctor only cared about getting me on pills although my health is solid. I went only one time and haven’t been back since to see my primary care doctor.

  • Anyone who would trust any of these lying puppets to inject you with anything is an idiot . If you checked their childrens vax history you would find a nil compliance , are you telling me the skanky Royals have ever taken a vaccine ?? DREAM ON .