How Is This Sort of Thing “Legal?” – Clinton Foundation: Pay to Play: Receives US$45 and US$141 Million In Donations – Foreign Governments and Defense Contractors – America Gets Sold Out for Personal Gain – Unleashing Carnage In the Middle East – US4$ Trillion Spent on Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

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State approved US$165 billion worth of weapons sales to 20 foreign governments during Clinton’s tenure, the International Business Times reports. Among the countries involved in the sales were Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The Clinton Foundation received between $54 million and $141 million in donations from the foreign governments and defense contractors involved in those sales, the report says.

How is this sort of thing legal?

One has to wonder how we have arrived at a point in this nation where you can have a Secretary of State who while in office has their own “family foundation” with a former President running around giving speeches “for the foundation” at a half-million dollars a crack and which accepts donations from foreign entities that potentially, and in these cases actually do, have questions of national policy before The State Department!

We’ve always had a “revolving door” in Washington DC; people working for The Fed go to investment firms (Bernanke anyone?) Treasury secretaries do the same thing (Geithner anyone?) and various Representatives and Senators have for decades gone on to work for lobbying outfits and those with business before the Congress.

But this is different; those acts happened after said person left their office. It is unprecedented to have a major sitting policy official running their own “foundation” that accepts donations from entities with business before the department they represent or head.

How this isn’t blatantly illegal is beyond me but what’s even worse is that now, with all of this out in the open there is still a “desire” among certain people to actually have the person who appears to have sold our nation’s interests for private gain elected as President of the United States!

Have you lost your mind?

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