Hillary Clinton’s Pathetic Life


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  • “DOJ Investigating FBI for Eleven Months” at

    TheConservativeTreehouse website….maybe why

    Howdy Doody Comey, Sally FISA Yates and Dirty Holder

    needed to tweet about wholesome FBI….

  • This has been going on for decades, please read these books , The Trance Formation of America by Cathy Obrien and The Franklin Coverup by John DeCamp, can be had on amazon.com and see their interviews on youtube.

  • I had the thought last week to watch the Cathy O’Brian testimony. I sent it to everyone I know. Great idea. Trauma Based Mind Control program has been running on a complex computer system that linked random people with each other.

  • This program is Trauma Based Mind Control that uses Remote Neural monitoring, EEG BRAIN MAPPING, Brain to Computer technology in Real Time, electromagnetic frequencies, ELF otherwise known as Extremely Low Frequency, Brain Entrainment frequencies, Voice to Skull technology, Synthetic telepathy, Narrative comprehension network, neurolinguist programming,
    Silent Sounds Subliminal System,
    White noise, Pavlovian hypnotic triggers, and Brain entrainment signals, Radio Hypnosis and Electronic Dissolution of Memory,
    These technologies are pattented
    And research will reveal the extent of their use. Use ixquick. Com