Hey, Jack and Malcom, would you take a five year-old boy instead of £5000 for the day? – Oligarchs Shaping Domestic and Foreign Policy – British Political System on Verge of Collapse – Cash for Services – “Operating under the radar”, are you Jack? – These guys oversee British intelligence agencies?!

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Politicians Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind stung by Channel 4 ‘cash for access’ investigation – video 

Two-high profile politicians have been implicated in a ‘cash for access’ scandal. [Why is The Guardian going along with the exposure of these two “politicians?”] Former foreign secretaries Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind have both been caught on camera by a joint Channel 4 Dispatches/Daily Telegraph investigation


Jack Straw was largely behind passing a bill enabling children to come out whenever abused in care while in care. Approximately at the same time, Martin Straw, Jack Straw’s brother was deeply involved in a pedophile scandal. Shouldn’t he be investigated and shouldn’t that bill be carefully scrutinized Telegraph?


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OLIGARCHY: Top British Politicians Offer Influence For Cash

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