HELP WANTED: Must have leadership skills

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By Vicky Davis • August 31, 2017

HELP WANTED: We are seeking leaders with an understanding of history. The successful candidates must have critical and strategic thinking skills. Discernment and the ability to think fast and move quickly are absolute requirements. Most importantly, the candidates must have a deep and abiding love for America and desire to save it from the suicidal path its on.

This morning in my inbox there was a link to an article about a riot in Berkeley during which, Antifa communists were chasing down “Nazis” and beating them up. This is the United States – so WTF happened that we are repeating Germany’s history here? And we ARE repeating. Whoever said that history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes is an idiot.

As some of you may know, I’ve been doing deep dives into history to try to figure out when the United States veered off onto the wrong path and why it did. Obviously, it goes to the end of the Cold War – but it actually began during the negotiations leading up to the end. It began the moment Ronald Reagan accepted Leonid Brezhnev’s challenge to a world competition of ideas and systems. That’s competition as in WAR not a friendly game of monopoly. They knew about it in the methane filled bubbles of the State Department, the Executive Branch and the Congressional leadership (alleged leadership) but NOBODY FRICKING TOLD US – the people on the ground who would become the pawns in this psychotic game.

As I survey our situation, we have a dumb ass plan to send our best young people to the Middle East again…FOR WHAT? My assessment is that the purpose is attrition because there is not a single good reason in the world for us to be over there – especially with what is happening here.

We have states declaring themselves to be sanctuary states meaning that they will not allow their law enforcement to enforce the law. As far as I can tell, Massachusetts, Oregon, California and Illinois have either passed laws or are on the verge of passing laws. OBVIOUSLY, they put the rest of the country at risk by doing this. By logical extrapolation, it seems that these are the preparatory steps towards breaking up the United States.

In Idaho, we have an Idaho Supreme Court judge who just retired so that he can speak out about refugee resettlement in Idaho. He told the Times-News that living in his ivory tower as a judge, he couldn’t get out to hob nob and express his feelings of sharing and caring. He’s living in the past – recalling Viet Nam. ITS A DIFFERENT WORLD OLD MAN! Spend about ten years catching up with what is really going on because nobody cares about your feelings.

While I’m on the subject of Idaho and refugees, they are being brought in as cheap labor – cheap for the farmers but very expensive for the taxpayers because of resettlement costs, education, health care, subsidized wages, housing and the list goes on. At some time in the future we will all be accused of importing slaves for plantation owners. Why are they doing that? Because CHEAP LABOR is needed to “compete” on a global scale with the glut of commodified labor around the world. According to the central economic plan (gosplan), Idaho’s main economy is as a food production cluster. That’s why the “economic developers” (that’s Madison Avenue for communist) are bringing in food processing facilities as supply chain additions for agriculture.

And more importantly than all of that, once the refugees arrive in Idaho, they become non-english speaking voters and guess which party “helps” them in their resettlement. That goes a long way towards explaining how this state has gone really red.

Our schools are being destroyed. We have communists running the universities – and our K-12 schools are being privatized with academic learning being replaced with vocational education and social(ist) training for life as a slave to corporate owners. Workforce development is nothing more than a tax scam with corporations sucking more out of the taxpayers getting tax credits for intellectually crippling America’s young people.

Global leaders are working together on a global con game called “Climate Change”. It’s a fraud and has always been a fraud. The purpose of it is to downscale standards of living in the developed countries while transferring wealth from the developed countries to the third world – not to raise them up, but to drop us down while at the same time giving us global common enemies… pollution and waste.

Our local governments have been converted to a fascist system of “partnership” with the largest local employers through federal government programs supplying money and mandates to our county and city officials.

Fascist organization of local government. Notice they have included main stream media shills to “catapult the propaganda”. This organizational structure was as it existed in about 2010. It has grown substantially since that time. Idaho’s Constitution states clearly that we are to have a Republican form of government and we are guaranteed equal protection under the law. The fascist organizational structure of partnering with corporate leaders violates both of those guarantees.

I’m could go on with this list but I think I’ve made the point. We have a dearth of leadership and an over abundance of empty suits. That has to change and if we don’t, the United States will soon become yet another failed nation in a world of failed nations.


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  • Interesting . Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and the British Monarchy were all related. They were all Jews, and all a subset of the Rothschild family. The famous five then went about migrating Jews and killing Jews under the guise of war.

    As planned, this created enough public sympathy to be given a country. Thats why their paid idiots promote Marxist anf Nazi ideology , its almost the same . Lets not forget the Royals are a German family , both Germany and Russia were ruled by the Royals and their cousins . As for UK SPIES for Russia , sounds like a ruse to coverup the reality , its hard to spy on yourself . The name was changed from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor in 1917 because of anti-German sentiment in the British Empire during World War I.[1] During the reign of the Windsors, major changes took place in British society. The British Empire participated in the First and Second World Wars, ending up on the winning side both times, but subsequently lost its status as a superpower during decolonisation. Much of Ireland broke with the United Kingdom and the remnants of the Empire became the Commonwealth of Nations. The thing not mentioned in the so called decolonisation of the Commonwealth is , in the treaties the Queen and Northern Ireland are named as the Sovereignty of all those countries even though they think they are free . Much like USA who are also receiving orders from the Royals and Rothschild the Queens banker .. Make no mistake , no matter which side of the 1 party 2 party scam you mention they all receive their orders from the ROYALS , Trumps right hand man is a Rothschild .. The royals can commission any intel agency to do its bidding no matter what country , they have a treaty with all of them .

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    Meanwhile the USA continues internal self analysis after “The Obama Deception”.

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