Hear this well: Breaking the silence on vaccine violence – An intentional act of war on Western civilization – CPR Foley video censored by YouTube – Why is Israel seeming to try to meet a world war deadline?

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September 5, 2014

FACT: Vaccine-induced autism is an intentional act of war on Western civilization and anyone else who is in competition with a certain tribe, and truth be told, ALL CHILDREN NOT OF THAT TRIBE ARE DAMAGED BY VACCINATIONS THAT TRIBE FORMULATED FOR THAT SPECIFIC PURPOSE, and the ones damaged most show it as autism. Modern vaccines are weapons of war, pure and simple.

Hear this well: Breaking the silence on vaccine violence

Mothers of autistic children damaged by vaccines speak up by posting videos to a common channel

From the Epoch Times

As the confession of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson appeared to be getting corked into a bottle of sorts last week, the story took a rogue and unexpected turn, by way of an accidental citizen reporting campaign.

View countless videos of mothers testifying that their children were wiped out by vaccines HERE. All of these were posted in the last 3 days: this is a HUGE movement.

It began on the evening of Aug. 27, when CNN aired a segment in which three anchors sought to dismiss all concern that vaccines could be unsafe or cause autism – citing “67 studies” that showed otherwise. The question of whether vaccines could cause autism was alive because Thompson had issued a press release on Aug. 27 confirming that he had been part of a team that had altered data for a scientific study in order to reach the conclusion that vaccines do not cause autism.

CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, who has a master’s degree in public health, addressed the population that media often deride as “anti-vaxxers” (though they are all parents who did vaccinate their children) in tones that sounded quite condescending: “Vaccines are safe,” she said, leaning forward. “Autism is not a side effect of vaccines; or to say it another way because some people don’t hear this well, vaccines do not cause autism.”

MORE: Vaccinegate: CDC Whistleblower Admits Claims of Data Fixing Were True, Complains at Being Recorded and Outed

Little did she know what she would soon spark: a social media campaign among afflicted families that has come to be called the “Hear This Well” revolution.

Catalyzing Event

It all started with Polly Tommey.

Tommey, veteran vaccine safety advocate, and director of the Autism Media Channel, which broke the whistleblower story last week, was at home in Austin, Texas when somebody sent the CNN clip to her.

Tommey has two vaccinated grown children. Her daughter is fine, but her son suffered what she describes as a classic regression immediately after getting his MMR and DPT shots in the UK 17 years ago. He is now 18, and though improved through diet and gut restoration, still severely autistic.

“Exactly the same story as every parent tells,” Tommey told Epoch Times when asked about her son. “He was totally normal at 13 months before he got his shots. As soon as he got them, he got the raging fevers, seizures, high pitched screaming, all of it. Then we lost him. He lost eye contact, didn’t know who his parents were, he had horrendous bowel disease, diarrhea, bashing his head into the walls. The classic, unfolding stream of disasters.”

Tommey says she felt something shift inside when she watched the Cohen clip. “It was awful. The fact that she made such a public, categorical declaration. I realized that thousands of mothers with newborn babies around the country would hear that, believe her, go vaccinate, and possibly land in the same hell we all live in, daily. I couldn’t let it go.”

Tommey quickly created an amended clip, in which Cohen’s voice, saying “Vaccines do not cause autism,” was slowed down, until it sounded male, then sounded monstrous. Then the clip cuts to Tommey herself, saying her name, and explaining that her son was damaged by vaccines. “Some people don’t hear that well,” she stressed, raising her voice.

She posted it to her group of fellow parents.

“People started to say, ‘Can we also make videos?’ And I said yeah, that’s a great idea.” It quickly snowballed into a catalyzing event for this extremely pained community.

Mothers, father, grandmothers, grandfathers, children, siblings, and even unaffected people began recording videos ranging from 10 seconds to a minute and a half, telling very short versions of their stories, along with the line, “Some people don’t hear this well,” or just, “Hear this well: Vaccines can and do cause autism.”


Each story is unique, yet with a deeply troubling thread that stays consistent. Each testimonial reports a normal child, developing extreme symptoms within hours, or sometimes even minutes of getting certain shots – often, but far from only, the MMR vaccine (MMR stands for measles, mumps, rubella).

Soon a YouTube page was set up, and by Labor day, there were some 300 videos posted. They are also trickling in from other countries, in foreign languages.

Read more at the Epoch Times and let’s see how long it takes YouTube to ban or block this channel. If you have a child that has been damaged by vaccines, tell what happened by joining this channel. UPDATE: YouTube is censoring the audio on many videos, but with the Jews wanting to dumb down ALL non-Jews via tainted vaccinations, with “autistic” children getting hit worse than most by this, what would you expect from Jewish-owned YouTube?

Donald Trump tweets about autism

CPR Foley video censored by YouTube


A heartfelt message to the people running the place

My post was for the purpose of stalling the war machine. Your censoring of said video will no doubt increase the chances of world war, because you have denied your viewers access to the truth: that the beheadings were so obviously fake, they could have only been produced by Israel and the greater Jewish community that owns YouTube, to cause war.

You removed the beheading video on grounds that it was just too gory. But what about this exploding head video, which you allowed over 2 million views of? It is not gore you fear, it is the truth you fear, and I pray for the day this truth and all other truths you have buried via YouTube and other venues are finally revealed and the greater Jewish community is held accountable on non-Jewish terms.

You crave and rejoice in the deaths of children which your wars cause. And if that is not enough, you steal countless children via train scams, “Child Protective Services” scams, ANY SCAM YOU CAN to feed your organ thefts and sacrifice rituals. It is amazing what 20 million people can do to this world when their end goal is completely absent all truth and formed of pure evil; the Jewish community achieves a lot simply because it is so evil that the rest of us cannot even comprehend the possibilities allowed by such a frame of mind.

Ultimately I guess you won this time around, but I would like to ask a little question here:

Your little tribe only has the power it has right now because of the intellect, technology, and manpower it manipulates in the goy community. What is going to happen when your parasitic ventures cause the death of the greater goy machine? What are you going to do when your control is lost simply because you took too much, lied too much, and destroyed too much? You are ALL living wealthy now, on the backs of the goy. There is no such thing as a poor Jew, even among the invalids. If your quest for supremacy continues on its current path, eventually YOU will have to start plowing the fields just to survive after you have destroyed everything else simply by not knowing when to stop asking for more. Would it not instead be best for you to BACK OFF ON AT LEAST THE BULLSHIT BEHEADINGS, and enjoy the free ride you get at the top right now?

I can affirmatively state the answer is NO. And I will tell you why.

At the time I did the Fukushima report, I had a vending business. And in that business, you learn about the behavior of thieves, which the Jewish community definitely is. Thieves do not know the limits to taking. If they can get away with stealing, the stealing will keep increasing until the thefts reach 100 percent and everything fails. Thieves lack the intellect needed to see the future results of their actions, and will keep taking until that which they take from is destroyed by being taken from, and when it all fails, they lack the intellect to understand why it all failed.

The Jewish community has a repeat history of stealing until societies they take from are destroyed. Though it is not recorded in history, I believe they probably even destroyed the pharaohs of Egypt; they definitely did Greece and Rome in. And when a society they take from fails from the robberies, the Jews then sit and cry as the victim, wondering why they got stuck in the wilderness, and blame it on everyone else. “Cast out” to the Jew simply means “we took until we destroyed it all, and therefore had nothing to stay for, POOR US”. That is reality that never gets recorded, because you at least walk away intact from those you destroy, and are able to keep records. Those you leave in ruins simply vanish without a trace.

GO FOR IT with YouTube: you have a fine shining model there to take from, if only from world intellect. Go ahead and ban or remove cold hard truth that does not fit your agenda: you only accelerate your demise, and unlike the past, this time those who survive the destruction will be heavily weighted with people who were smart enough to see it all, to know anti-semitism is B.S. and that it is perfectly right to exact revenge on a community that caused the destruction of something as great as Western Civilization. Where will you go and how will you defend yourselves when even the technology that civilization created, technology you depend on to enforce tyranny, fails?

September 4 2014

Why is Israel seeming to try to meet a world war deadline?


The zionists are spewing more lies than ever, with two fake beheadings, a story about 11 stolen jetliners from Libya which could not possibly be true, the theft of Flight 370 and subsequent shootdown of “MH17” with rotting corpses as passengers, and many many more obvious lies and acts of desperation. All during a blood moon tetrad, which has, in the past, had a history of spelling disaster for Israel. I have a hunch Israel and zionists in general are lashing out at reality, hoping to make this tetrad beneficial rather than a time of disaster. And they will fail.

One has to question why the beheadings were so poorly done, and the Isis scam was so transparent. This time around it is all going different than before: the ISIS scam is being fronted at a time when the world is hitting a peak of awareness towards this type of false flag effort. The fact that even one government leader has stood up and stated in no uncertain terms that ISIS is sponsored by the West means a tipping point has been reached, where if the lie continues to be pushed, there could well be a very hot war, possibly even nuclear and the wrong people will be targeted, at least according to zion.
Why would Israel and the zionists push hate disinfo so hard now, beyond a level that has any rational basis?

I believe it is for religious reasons related to the current blood moon tetrad, which is now in progress. I believe they believe they now have to meet a do or die timeline and spark world war 3 or a massive die off via ebola – something, anything to put the world in complete disarray, or Israel will be finished before the tetrad is over. The world is onto their lies, and it is a matter of time before Israel fails to survive it. Interesting it is that ISIS has never threatened Israel, is it not?

They are crazy, religiously fanatic, and that makes them VERY dangerous.

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