Geopolitical Manipulation of Innocent Countries – Ditchley Foundation – Admiralty Law Is Theft – War Profiteering – University of Warwick Rules – Half a Million Shell Companies – Asset Stripping

Discussion between Gordon Bowden and George Lees on June 30, 2014

Gordon Bowden and Professor George Lees discuss the geopolitical manipulation of innocent countries and transnational fraud (trillion dollar crimes). The politicians are asset stripping the countries they run and impose brutality on all the innocents abroad and austerity/joblessness on taxpayers at home. Gordon and George  discuss 20% hikes in energy bills, student fee scandals and the deliberate degradation  of Britain’s sovereignty and capacity to feed and fuel itself. Then Gordon and George discuss fraud fudged inquests at the University of Warwick rules and profiteering from war in both chambers at Westminster Hall.

Gordon Bowden: The protectorate of the weak and the meek and the mild …the people that front these politicians are the vilest scum that have walked this earth.

The Ditchley House (Ditchley Foundation)

Professor George Lees: Yeah, I’ve just started recording again I’m going to remind the authors – the listeners that we visited the Ditchley Foundation this morning. I was talking about the crimes and the geo-political manipulation involving Baroness [Tessa] Blackstone who is a university leader and is now stealing £50,000 Pounds from honors graduates for a four year educational project. She works at Greenwich University and her office is in the Admiralty Building right next door to the Cutty Sark. And all of those icons of empire.

The Admiralty Building

She is involved in running various companies like Babcock (International) [the UK is the center of the international arms trade] one of Britain’s biggest munitions companies and she is involved in companies that are much less well known that have won the contracts for the channel tunnel lucrative thing. We’ve now learned that in the last couple of days that she is on the board of the Anglo-French – I forget the name of the club but I will find it in a few minutes –  and Gordon is telling us about how they manipulate, you know, the outcomes in various countries across the globe. Miss Blackstone, or the Baroness, is involved in the manipulation of Eastern Europe and in the Anglo-French alliance and with the engineering company that built the Channel Tunnel. No wonder the earlier dialogue was shut down. She is now obligated on the board as a relatively new member of the Anglo-French Alliance which is a director only company. Its only got fourteen to fifteen employees. All of them are in the House of Lords or the House of Commons and its registered business address is in Westminster in the Parliament Building. That’s how hypocritical the whole scenario is. She’s been manipulating Eastern Europe and the Anglo-French contract market for decades and it’s now her turn to give some of those contracts to her mates in the directorate elsewhere. Gordon, over to you. Tell us a little bit more about the Ditchley Foundation?

Babcock International

The Anglo-French Alliance

Gordon: Well, it’s when you understand that these people sit in a board room and aahh, say six times a year and they, they fathom out how best they can manipulate corporate disasters to their benefit and this is why nobody looks and has the time, or the fortitude to sit down and go through reams of documents to understand the mechanics. And when you understand the mechanics of what they are up to, and what they’ve been up to for the past twenty or thirty years, you get a better view of corporate espionage. And when you identify the boiler room which is a complicit address where hundreds if not thousands as in 718 and 719 Finchley Road, where there are over half a million, half a million, shell companies. And that’s why I email people like Vince Cable to show his negligence in protecting this country, the banks, financial institutions and private investors.

“718 and 719 Finchley Road where there are over half a million, half a million, shell companies.”

George: It’s quite shocking. Can I read for the listeners? So you are talking about financial fraud but what I’m most concerned about these groupings is geopolitical violence in the innocent countries that they pretend to be determining the future of. They are actually brutalizing them, asset stripping them and imposing our corporate entities on running vast tracks of land and else where. So there’s the Anglo-French alliance and I’ve just learned that Miss Blackstone is also a director, or Baroness Blackstone, is also a director of the Eastern Europe Foundation. And it is – we are in the process of brutalizing those countries of making them members of an EU scam which is simply a scam. We’re stripping countries of their sovereignty, we’re imposing the Euro on them and all of the assets of that country get assets stripped by the heads of the central banks that are put in by the heads of the merchant banks and all the infamous banks that we talk about in daily videos. The whole world is now in the thrall of people like – can I just read down some of the listing here? It’s a cross party cabal. Baron Hennessy, Baroness Williams of Shilley, Theresa Briton Williams, that’s a Labor Party Grandee for decades now in the House of Lords. We’ve got the Hamilton family, we’ve got Lord George Ailey McNeil Robertson(?) of NATO, and the infamous coverup of the Dunblame massacre, and the issuance of the license through that person’s signature. The gun license for the murderer.

Gordon: Yeah.

George: Then we go down we’ve got Professor Sir David King, Sir Crispen Chart Servantistickle, Admiral Sir James Henry Fuller Eberley, Baroness Helen Mary Warknock, [see video clip just below of interview with Baroness Helen Mary Warnock] Baroness Neil, Baroness Blackstone. That’s the one that we started with, Baroness Bottomly. I think that will spark a sentence or two from Gordon…

Gordon: Yeah, well that locks into John Michael Bottomly who runs five-hundred and forty-five fake oil, gas and mining companies out of One America Square. Which when you check those companies they all end up as a financial disaster and these people; because they are interlocked and interrelated to people of positions of power are never confronted. And yet, if you watch, if you have Skype or Virgin(?)  they, they pummel the viewers with cops on camera and cops war on crime and, traffic cops and when you check them that’s what we’ve been reduced to now is social policing for the individuals who are drunk and disorderly, or committing shoplifting. These are simplistic crimes when yet truly and all crime is left to run on its own.

One America Square

George: Yeah, typified by the Topman riots. They had to bring police down from Scotland to police a tiny region of North London in a riot that filled the whole of Britain’s jails. The people that perpetrate these massive financial frauds are elevated from the cabinet to the House of Lords and they are criminals in both chambers with complete impunity. I think the reason the last video was shut down because we went more to geo-political issues and the actual identity of Lord Frederick R. Edward Robin Butler of Brockwell. I don’t believe that was Rob Butler that was involved in one of the inquests in the Iraq munitions scandals. But it is an inquest chair on war crimes and that is why they shut us down in the middle of the creation of the last video. We were talking about what University of Warwick rules – do you remember that? That’s when the computer went haywire. Can you explain the university of whack rules to listeners.

Robin Butler, Baron Butler of Brockwell (KG)

Order of the Garter (to guard the bank)

Gordon: Yeah, that’s public immunity indemnification which means that anything that is in conflict to the realm is automatically removed. And what they try to do is protect those seniors at the top where there is self-incriminating evidence on –

George:  But can you tell them what the University of Warwick rules are and how simple the instructions to the participants are?

Gordon: Well, as I said, they overview an inquiry. All these objections or truths are omitted then they sign PII where the reports are pre-written then they go through that report which is published.

George: So they write script. This is what got us shut down last time.

Gordon: That’s what I’ve been informed by our learned friend in Bath.

George: Yeah.

Gordon: As to how they use a PII to protect those at the top and those that are actually identified as being involved in mass money laundering and fraud theft.

George: So the participants are given a script for the premeditated outcomes of the inquest and are asked to adhere to that for fear of their lives. The other thing that got us shut down was we were talking about the sacrifice that was made by David Kelly. Tragically no longer with us; because he was trying to adhere to the laws, you know, the war crimes dictats that mean that  – if there has been a nuclear explosion it has to be repotted by civil servants and parliamentarians. Some of those things that was overlooked. David Kelly was compromised. He desperately wanted to receive his pension. He desperately stuck to the rules on that basis but he lost his life because of that. And was where we were talking when the last video was shut down. This time –

Gordon: I believe that was in relation to a North Korean detonation of a nuclear weapon –

George: It looks as if they’ve just done it again…it’s just pathetic…yeah, I don’t know what we can do…oh no, we still got it…it was just my screen saver this time. Last time it was a deliberate stuff up. It went, you know, it stopped recording. This time we still live on the air.

Gordon: Yeah.

George: So that’s ten minutes worth on the Ditchley Foundation. Could you tell us how they have manipulated issues across the globe, or they’ve perpetrated frauds in specific terms?

Gordon: Well, that’s when my expertise comes in, in regard to mining operations, or be it six years in the gold fields in South Africa, is to understand how thousands of companies are able to launch on the alternative investment market who have no product other than an A-I-M Admission to Trade Document where they show a group of people in far away lands purporting to have found vast amounts of gold; uranium; copper; zinc; tin – doesn’t matter what product, or oil – and then these people then launch exotic named companies and then register on the alternative investment market as the only vehicle for them to raise money from banks, financial institutions and private investors by floating shares. Now, once those companies are floated maybe £15 million Pound, or in the case of the Falkland Islands with five companies where they’ve got a market capitalization of five companies over a billion Pounds. They then seek to cash strip the raised funds and launder it to virtual other subsidiary companies which they are directors of also. They then use their extended cash burn to give themselves highly inflated salaries and then go on road shows all over the world raising more funds on other stock exchanges. It’s, it’s a joke, a joke.

George: And then we’ve got Baroness Linda Chalker on the Ditchley Foundation. Why is she such a famous name?

Gordon: Baroness Chalker?

George: Yeah.

Gordon: I think I named her in one of the previous Pandora’s box series where I have accused various people especially dignitaries of being complicit in structuring virtual companies. And no better black mail tool is to give somebody £50,000 Pound a year for being on the board of directors of a virtual company. And this is how they move themselves into the circles and corridors of power by bringing in politicians, MPs, lords, baronesses, etc. and specifically a lot of VIPs to give those companies a sense of respectability. And these are nothing more than ponzi scams…

George: I mean…

Gordon: …because when you look at Baroness Valerie Amos she was a director of Sierra Rutile Limited which is a sister company to Titanium Resources Group which also has Sir Samuel S. Jahonna (?) which is why I said to you once you get people within those fields in complicity in ponzi scams you have a blackmail tool. They can’t then turn around and say: “Let’s have an inquiry into this company it’s a ponzi scam”, because then you would begin to bring in people like Baroness Chalker of Wallasey; because when you check her directorships you will come up with a company called “Equator Exploration Limited.” Strangely, Baroness Chalker was a non-executive director.

George: It’s stunning, stunning how evil these people are. One of the listed people on the Ditchley Foundation is the Right Honorable Sir John Major of Centrica fame. Can I just remind the public that the big six energy companies are actually the same energy company that have different ways of charging the same members of the public for the same product. That was built by this great nation at the public expense as a public initiative and is still now being sold by people like Major who is a director at Centrica. In the last four years gas bills have risen in Scotland twenty percent; twenty percent; twenty percent. This year as a token gesture because they are under threat with the videos like this. They’ve confined the price hike to seventeen percent. They tell us in the Westminster Building using tools like Nick Robinson at the BBC that inflation in this country is some where between two and three percent is a downright lie and it is a criminal cabal. Tell them something about Major’s business interests since he privatized all of our energy assets.

Gordon: Well, when they say “privatize” what they are doing is renaming into the arms of this cabal, this syndicate, this network of JP Morgan, Oppenheimer’s, the Rothschild’s, who then take control of everything. They are moving it out of public access into the private industries just the same as they use private military companies instead of – when they reduce our military capabilities which has been extended all over the world purely to control the mineral assets of various countries. But when you look at all the public amenities they’re turning now to G4S and private military companies to run much of the dirty work that we’re conducting all over the place…

George: Can we just stay on the energy assets for just a few more minutes? I can reveal for the public that the boss of Iberdrola, [Spanish private multinational electric utility] which is now already selling what was already a product in my hometown when I was age six. The product of the distribution chain, the outlets for that, the electricity sub stations are in exactly the same place, they’re exactly the same, the product is identical to what we were using in our ____ homes when I was six years-old. Yet, the boss of Iberdrola gets €9 million Euros a year to steal from European citizens and he is Portuguese. He’s a visiting professor at Edinburgh University where a lot of the financial crimes are committed in the city of Edinburgh. We’ve talked a lot about 50 Lothian Road. He’s been pictured embracing Alex Simond(?) in a bond that is stealing from British tax payers and consumers. It is obscene and the truth needs to be outed. Those are the energy scandals that are happening on a daily basis.

50 Lothian Road

Iberdrola is a Spanish private multinational electric utility company based in Bilbao, Basque Country.

Gordon: Well, I would like to see the records for the outputs of Northern Iraq oil fields now controlled by our major energy companies. We are the people, Britain and America and Australia have control of Iraq oil fields. We are the people, or our countries, are the people who are reaping seventy percent of the profits from all the oil recovered from those oil fields. Now, they don’t have to give the true figures because who is going to check? Nobody is going to check. Nobody is interested. They’d rather watch Coronation Street. They are not interested in fact, in forensic fact. And this is what allows these people to steal trillions. Nobody checks. Nobody.

George: Yeah.

Gordon: Until you look at paperwork which is a very boring subject and that is why films are far better to retain the interest any public. You and I could make thousands of films of corruption in the oil, gas and mining industries which would bring politicians to their knees. But because we have no financial access to start a small company they will just carry on doing it.

George: Can we – we are nineteen minutes in now and it has been excellent. It’s quite shocking what you have exposed as usual but I would like to talk about – we are now engaging on anti-treason researchers all across the globe. They are really excited about the messages we are putting out because they share what is happening here. Basically, the political classes and the elites are stealing from tax payers globally. It is scandalous and more-and-more people in this world of education and communication are now waking up to that. The treason word scares the British Cabinet shitless which is why I no longer have access to my elected MP Michael Moore; because of the crimes that they are committing. In the directors from within that Parliament Building which are actually used as hosts for massive multi-national ponzi schemes. We mentioned a few days ago the Westminster Foundation for Democracy Limited?

Westminster Foundation for Democracy Limited
* * * * * * * * *  

Canon 5720 

Democracy is a term invented in the 16th Century as a claim to describe a theoretical system whereby all adult members of a society have an equal say in the affairs of state but in reality a system based on absolute allegiance of the elite to Rome, consistent with its traditions as a theocratic totalitarian fascist state.

Canon 5721 

The word Democracy comes from Ancient Latin democratis meaning “absolute, total fascist rule” and then backward engineered in the 16th Century CE to appear sourced from Ancient Greek from Latin demos meaning “remove, withhold, take away” and –cratis meaning “right of rule; sticks of even size used to mete corporal punishment; official name of fasces (bundle) of bound sticks and axe representing power of rule under Roman law”.

Canon 5722 

The claim from the 16th Century CE onwards that δeμος (demos) in Ancient Greek was the proper word for describing “people or nation” is patently false and absurd as the Ancient Greek philosophers had defined two thousand (2000) years prior two (2) specific words for describing groups of people being Kosmos and Ethnos:

(i) Kosmos (κόσμος) is the Ancient Greek term describing “a lawfully constituted government, state, population, people, rule of people”; and

(ii) Ethnos (eθνος) is the Ancient Greek term describing “a small group of people” and later as ethnikos (eθνικός) a “nation of people”.

Canon 5723

The claim that it was the ancient Greek philosophers that invented the concept of “democracy” is a totally false and absurd 16th Century CE fabrication to hide the deliberate contradictory nature of democratic models. Instead, the ancient Greeks invented aristocratic methods of governing society. 

* * * * * * * * *

Gordon: Yes.

George: And the fact that these things are happening out of our seat of government is absolutely obscene. We are getting news this very morning that the people in the marines and air force members in America that have been in other nations for the whole of their career, a bit like you, and they’re still waiting for their pensions, they’ve lost several limbs, they live a life in poverty. The marines now are aware that the president is a cheap shot crook and they are getting very close to that edgy era where it would be easy to collapse the regime because the troops that fight for them on a daily basis are now being stripped of their jobs and are having mercenary armies take their place from elsewhere. It’s fundamentally simple to see what the government is trying to do. They want the police jobs to be stripped out. They want people who can’t speak good English from Lithuania to have the Kalishnakov in their hand and they use _____ and the diversionary tools to get the ethnic hit ____ and the job loss issues aired on the tele with Nick Robinson’s implicit and complicit support. They are doing what they did in the 1930s all over again but they are doing it in a really dangerous way now because seven billion people can communicate with each other. But because we understand that gmail, McAfee, the search engines and the intel people who all use the Casio web site designers are actually monitoring our every conversation on Skype and they are monitoring our emails and all of the communication vents that we have like Facebook. Now this is a position of advantage of honest men like you and I. And this morning I am engaging activists who are pacifists, outspoken pacifists, in Japan and in America in Plum City. They are former military people themselves. They’ve been in the Air Force like you. They’ve suffered a lot at the hands of the government and the tyrants that rule the world and they are in the face now of those same tyrants. And they are informed by you and were increasing going to be publishing videos together provided the intel agencies that are run out of Baroness Black’s (Blackstone?) headquarters near Woolich. Remember the false flag bombing in Woolich?

Gordon: Well I can’t say it is a false flag.

George: No, no, you don’t want to get into that conspiracy theory.

Gordon: No, don’t label me as a conspiracy theorist. I’m a good researcher in a field that I can give good comment on and I don’t want to go down that route. All I can say is that with my research…

George: But it is not a conspiracy that two mosques were burned within a fortnight of that event taking place? And it is not a conspiracy theory that the company ISIS is listed along with McAfee and those other companies in the lists that use Asque(?) as their web site designer. There is an intel surveillance network that is stealing from the people and is part of the treason word that is now making them panic.

Gordon: I, look, George, you go on about various subjects which I’m not an expert on. All I can quote on is my life skills which enabled me to do the research work I’ve done over fifteen years….even with Tony Blair, I would rip him to pieces because of his involvement in that South Korean energy company because he is a disgrace to this country. David Cameron…

Tony Blair with Kyu-Sun Choi who has reportedly served a two-year prison sentence for corruption (UI Energy)

George: I’m not sure that I’ve heard of the South Koreans. What’s the name of the company?

Gordon: UI Energy.

George: Oh yeah.

Gordon: His other co-advisors were, sorry, ahhhh, George Bush’s senior republicans and Bob Hawke, the ex-prime minster of Australia. So what you have is politicians who are public servants who are nothing more than scheming conniving money laundering line your own pocket scum. Now, I don’t care as an individual whether they lock me up for the rest of my natural life. There is one thing that I cannot be bought from and that is my soul. And those people have betrayed myself as a serviceman. They betrayed the nation’s servicemen. These people have done it just to line their own pockets and they’re the biggest syndicate who manipulate their mouth pieces and that’s the biggest crime for anybody that’s ever put a uniform on.

George: It’s not only the – I want to emphasize that Baroness Blackstone is the boss at a university like Miss Manningham-Buller. You mentioned GCHQ in the video we had shut down. They are now university leaders. Family leaders are not allowed to smack their children but the boss at the university who is a former intel presence or who is currently still involved with it, is now taking £50,000 Pounds from every British student for a job that will get them – for a future that will make them homeless and jobless because of the greed of these sectors. Lord Patten, we’ve talked about him at length, the boss at Lunrov (?), the boss at Lundman (?), the boss at Oxford University.  He is a criminal and he is doing the same thing to his student charges even in Oxford. The parental generation are stealing from their own children and they have no shame about that. But they are going to develop it really, really soon as we continue this dialogue with Japan and America. And innocent people that are being abused and sent to the DSS department because our government is hell bent on dismembering our future. They do not want Britain to be a respectable sovereign state that is capable of feeding itself, heating itself and defending itself. They want that to be in the hands of private militias so that they can just get the numbers down.

Gordon: George, do you know Nick Clegg was paid prior to his election as the deputy prime minister £250,000 Pounds a month into his personal bank account by an ex-mining boss? And I also find that Miriam Klegg was paid £400 Pound an hour by a mining giant accused of trampling on the rights of Saharan tribesmen. These are the leaders. No wonder he sits there like a muppet behind David Cameron. These people, they are vile money laundering scum.

George: Well, when you told me about the Right Honorable Sir David Steele of Aquid being involved with the legendary Flemming family that wrote the Bond novels, you know, the heroic tails about Britain’s sacrifice in world war which are actually told by profiteers and double-agents in world wars, and who are now responsible – what was the company that you revealed to me the other day that nearly knocked me off my chair? The Future of Syria Foundation or something?

Gordon: Yeah, yeah, when you check back on some of the directors for the Sade Foundation, you find that these people are all peas in the same pod. These people are the syndicate, these are the syndicate who are a transcontinental syndicate of the rich and famous.

George: So you’ve got the Flemming author, the famous spy team, you’ve got David Steele who initiated the breakaway government in Scotland, and all of the same that led to the massive overspend on the Parliament Building. That same David Steele has stripped out all decent funding of science the chairman of the Welcome Trust and now British universities who are engaged in decent activities get no funds for the research which is why I am doing this now rather than teaching nuero-pharmacology and how the brain works at the cellular level…

Gordon: Can I just give you a quote, George, because I just had it up in front of my eyes when I was trying to resort back to Nick Clegg getting £250,000 Pounds a month into his personal bank account prior to the general election which took him into power into the coalition as the deputy prime minister. There was a report in the Mail Online and I think that was…ahhh…let me see the date. That was – it can be received. It was the 14th of April, 2012 where Nick Clegg’s wife, Miriam, was paid £400 Pound an hour by a mining giant. I mean, how can these people stand up.

George: Well, the treason researchers in America have revealed that Nick Clegg’s wife is much more dangerous than Nick Clegg. She is the boss of an assassination bureau in Belgium. And you know all about the potency of assassination bureaus in Belgium because of Britain’s  munitions scam that revealed Jonathan Aitken and Mark Thatcher in the killing of British scientists.

Gordon: That was General Bull [super gun] that they assassinated. He was the chairman of Astra Holdings, or Astra… [MI6, Astra, Gerald Reaveley James & the war in Iraq]

George: Yeah.

Gordon: …which was – one of the directors who wrote the book in the public interest highlighted our MI6 infiltrated his basic firework company which turned into a munitions company and then used it as a smuggling tool for corporate slug BAE Systems to move vast amounts of munitions through Jordan into Iran and to Iraq.

George: We’ve talked about this at length and we’re now over dirty minutes. So that reference to BAE Systems and Britain’s munitions production units takes me back to Baroness Blackstone in Greenwich where the admiralty used to thrive. She is a director of Babcock, the munitions giant. She is steeling from children in the UK and she’s killing children all over globe because she sits on the Eastern Europe manipulation committee along with the Anglo-French profiteering effort. In the things that we talked about yesterday we have families of the magnitude of the Bismarck’s in this network talking with the Flemmings as if they were still bosom friends. The whole thing is obscene. It is a massive crime against the world’s people and it will be outed really soon. Thanks for your help, Gordon. I think we’ll stop there because that’s thirty-three minutes now and that’s an important Freemasonic number as you know. Bye.

Gordon: Bye.

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