“Foxy” Wizmo Timeline for Blue Mountain Lunatic Rape and Benghazi Crime Scene Enactment

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  • 1) During gov't ritual child abuse coverups, where babies dropping like flies and parent was kicking doors down even at FBI. Hershey is connected to Penn State, another child sex ring coverup. Penn State ownes some Hershey factions including Med Ctr. Fraud, golf, child slaves, and the like fraud investigation shut down by state AG Corbett w ties to elite political fundraisers. RELATED AZ + PA, rings moved around. – Arizona FBI Agent Arrested G-Man Jackoff Incident in Tucson Arrested at Hershey School Pennsylvania

    2) 7 get prison, fines in 'Lively Green'; G-men gone wild & shorter sentences. Tales of strippers, prostitutes + FBI informants gone wild are emerging in court records related to the Operation Lively Green cocaine and corruption sting. Lawyers for several defendants have filed court papers stating what legal experts long have suspected: that government-offered plea bargains in the case were a direct result of misconduct in a Las Vegas hotel room, where FBI informants paid for prostitutes and possibly sexually assaulted a hooker who appeared to be unconscious.

    3) FBI agent pleads guilty to corruption
    March 23, 2009
    and http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2009/03/23/20090323agentplea-ON.html
    PHOENIX (AP) A special agent with the FBI has pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges related to his improper sexual relationship with the wife of a man he investigated in two separate matters.

    and it goes on

  • It was Karl Rove who orchestrated the assassination of Ambassador Stevens in the Benhgazi attack by dispatching CIA, with the help of General David Patraeous, to discredit Obama on security.