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The Pre-Crash Warnings Begin

by Jeff Nielson – June 1, 2015

As regular readers are well aware, the bubble-and-crash cycles manufactured by the Western banking cartel and its central banks are nothing but organized crime. What makes this scripted financial theater so absurd and infuriating is that there are very rigid and obvious patterns as these systemic crimes are perpetrated.

The most obvious and rigid pattern to this organized crime is timing. The bubble-and-crash cycles are almost precisely eight years long, reflecting the U.S. presidential cycle. For administrative convenience, each U.S. puppet-president now serves two terms apiece. The corporate media (another tentacle of the One Bank) blames the outgoing regime as the villain/scapegoat for the crash, and hails the incoming regime as the white knight who will fix everything.

For this banking crime syndicate, which has literally bought and paid for both parties, nothing changes except the color of their servants’ stripes. Neat and tidy. The perfect crime. The scapegoat is conveniently banished – but not punished – for precisely eight years. At that point in time, all is forgotten/forgiven by the braindead electorate, and then the former villain is rebranded as the new white knight.

Meet the new boss;

Same as the old boss.

However, that is only one of the repetitive aspects of this surreal theater of corruption. Another aspect of this pattern which is always present, because of its extreme importance, is the pre-crash warnings. With the banksters (and their most highly-placed servants in the corporate media) fully aware of the scheduled dates for these crashes, such “warnings” are Machiavellian exercises in pure cynicism.

Goldman Sachs sent a note to clients Monday that said the U.S. stock market is the most overvalued in 40 years, excluding the tech bubble.

Then there was this more impromptu theater between Glenn Beck and Jim Rickards, a few weeks ago:

[Beck] … an event unlike anything at least this generation, and I believe anything like the world, has ever seen before.

A catastrophic failure and reset, in a way that we don’t know what we’re doing for a while. We all kind of have to – kind of figure it out on our own. And most likely it, at least for a while, ends in martial law. And ends in some pretty frightening times. The Great Depression would look like a picnic, quite honestly. And James is here to comment on that. Do you agree with that?

[Rickards] I agree, Glenn. I think we can see it coming. One of the things is – let me talk about what it’s not going to be like. I don’t think we’re all gonna be living in caves, canned goods. It’s not the end of the world.

[Beck] Right. We make it through this.

[Rickards] We make it through, but it’s a different world when we come out the other side [i.e. more of “the New Normal”]. You know, Mussolini’s mantra was, everything in the state, nothing outside the state. That was their succinct summary of what fascism was. Well, you get to a world where the government controls all the money. Everything, first of all, is all digital. [emphasis mine]

Note how we have the lackeys here not only “predicting” an economic collapse unlike “anything… the world has ever seen before”. We also have them predicting social engineering and political oppression, unlike anything ever seen before in our (supposedly) democratic societies.

Martial law. Fascism. A ban on cash. But also note how these dutiful lackeys make their predictions about these “frightening times”:

We don’t know what we’re doing for a while.

Not only do they predict that this imminent martial law, fascism, and related shredding of what’s left of our democracies/economies/societies will be an “accident”, but it will be almost an involuntary accident. It’s a pre “mea culpa”: don’t blame the U.S. government for what it is about to do, because it’s about to become temporarily insane “for a while” (sound familiar?). In typical perverse Machiavellian fashion, we’re told by these lackeys that it won’t be our (corrupt) governments who are imposing their fascism upon us, but rather our governments are going to trip and fall into this fascism, by accident (perhaps via another “terrorist attack”?).

One glance at the real world immediately exposes this revisionism for the cynical lie that it is. Since the day after 9/11, the U.S. government (both parties) has been furiously constructing hundreds of “detention centers” all over the country. It has eviscerated the “Constitutional rights” of all Americans. It has instituted (illegal) saturation “Big Brother” surveillance. And, again in violation of its own laws, it has begun deploying military units on U.S. soil.

Does this sound like a regime about to “accidentally” trip and fall into fascism and martial law? It’s already there. Note the inadvertent logical disconnect, produced by the exchange between Rickards and Beck. We have Rickards saying that “we can see it coming”, while we have Beck lamenting that (supposedly) “we don’t know what we’re doing for a while”. And the two of them emphatically agree with each other.

How can the U.S. government descend into a level of shock to the point where it literally doesn’t “know what it is doing” (i.e. temporary insanity) “for a while”, with respect to an obviously foreseeable crisis? It can’t. The “shock” will be feigned, the pretext for overtly embracing the fascism which these regimes already implicitly embrace.

Instead of acknowledging that they are pseudo-whistleblowers, simply reporting a premeditated crime (their Master’s crime), these frauds depict themselves as market/economic savants, the few visionaries who can “see” what remains invisible to the rest of the herd. These phony “warnings” serve several purposes, but to properly understand this propaganda shell game, it is necessary to consider how the corporate media operates, as a whole.

One of the most important traits of this 21st century propaganda machine is selective memory, otherwise known as revisionism. This is how that trait relates to these scripted warnings: Six to twelve months before the full detonation of the crash event, a small number of the One Bank’s lackeys in the big banks and corporate media (and the charlatan discipline of “economics”) are instructed to cease being cheerleaders, as the bubble-blowing of various asset classes reaches its insane peak.

Instead, these lackeys are given the role of contrarians. They “sound the alarm”, warning people that they see cracks in the Goldilocks economy (or in this case, never-ending recovery) which the Fed-heads, and government, and media all claim (on a daily basis) has been achieved in the U.S. Meanwhile, 95% (99%?) of the lackeys in the big banks, government, and mainstream media continue their inane cheerleading. “Woo-hoo! Pedal to the metal. The good times are never going to end!”

Note also that these (pseudo) contrarians are carefully distributed amongst key tentacles of the One Bank. There will be one or two contrarians in the Federal Reserve. One or two contrarians in each of the most important big banks. One or two contrarians amongst the charlatan economists, and one or two contrarians in the corporate media. There are rarely any contrarians placed in the (outgoing) government, since it has already been cast as the scapegoat for the crash.

This is where we get to the revisionism, and the main reason why we see it in such a relentless, endemic form, in virtually every facet of our societies: “controlling the message”. First of all, what is meant by this term/concept?

The meaning and purpose of controlling the message is very simple. With any authoritarian regime which uses propaganda as one of its primary weapons (i.e. all authoritarian regimes), it is necessary that its media propaganda machine, and key institutions attached to the regime, retain credibility, at least with the majority of the oppressed masses. How do serial liars retain credibility? Through the process of controlling the message, via revisionism (i.e. selective memory).

It is here where we see the primary reason/purpose for pre-crash warnings, as part of the process of controlling the message. In real time (meaning the weeks/months immediately prior to the scheduled crash), we will see the vast majority of the big bank lackeys, government lackeys, central bank lackeys, and media lackeys continuing to play their parts as shameless market-pumpers.

This occurs in the context of a general population of lemmings that has been conditioned to always trust the herd. This is why the One Bank doesn’t worry in the slightest when its sends out some of its own servants to “warn” the lemmings about the imminent, scheduled crash of our markets and economies. It already knows, via its own conditioning, that nearly all of the lemmings will ignore those warnings – and instead will trust the herd.

The scheduled crash then takes place, and as part of this surreal theater, it is universally characterized by the corporate media as “a surprise”, to (supposedly) exonerate all of the market-pumpers. Then, immediately after the crash, while the vast majority of the population are still in a literal state of psychological shock, we get the revisionism and selective memory.

“The Federal Reserve was right!” proclaims the entire flock of corporate media parrots, in unison. “Goldman Sachs was right!” “JPMorgan was right!” Forgotten, entirely, are all the thoughts/words of the vast majority of lackeys in these institutions, cheerleading until the very eve of the crash. Instead, the corporate media is instructed to carefully pluck out the scripted “warnings” of the contrarians, and edit out permanently that the vast majority of these lackeys remained shameless market-pumpers, right to the bitter end.

This same process also takes place on an individual basis. “So-and-so was right! [insert name of lackey-economist]” chimes the corporate media. These designated contrarians then get to bask in their new (financially lucrative) role as “economic savants”. They were right when the herd was wrong. With populations brainwashed into believing that the herd represents ultimate wisdom, nothing could possibly impress such lemmings more.

Trust the Federal Reserve. Trust Goldman Sachs. Trust JPMorgan. Trust these economic rapists before, after, and while they are raping you. This is one of the underlying themes/purposes of this relentless revisionism. The term “con game” is short for “confidence game”, because in order for any gang of financial charlatans (i.e. thieves) to be successful in fleecing large numbers of people, they must retain the confidence of the lemmings from whom they are stealing. To do that, they must continue to control the message.

The next crash has already been laid out to readers, in commentaries going back several years. The event itself was never in doubt, merely the timing. Could these Ponzi-scheme economies be held together (through market manipulation, and smoke-and-mirrors “statistics”) all the way from the Crash of ’08 to the end of the current U.S. presidential cycle? Improbably, the answer to that question appears to be affirmative.

All is presently proceeding according to the script, and thus the pre-crash warnings have now begun, in earnest. The big banks (and Bubbles Buffett) are already positioning themselves for the next crash, while their market-pumping lackeys do their best to ensure that the lemmings keep most of their money in the various asset bubbles about to be detonated. Business as usual.

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written by dgierl, June 04, 2015

I didn’t realize that Jim Rickards was one of the lackeys (as I should have) until I read in his “Death of Money” book that he believed the government’s line on 9/11. How anyone with above an 80 intelligence CAN believe the government story is the question. Their intelligence level should be reevaluated.


written by Jeff Nielson, June 04, 2015 

No shame there, dgierl. Rickards is one of the more successful of the Disinformation Artists, and he CONTINUES to fool a lot of sharp people. Indeed, it’s only a couple of years ago that I finally saw through him. And (notably) it was in a similar manner as with yourself.

I was following along one of his analyses, and I suddenly encountered a logical disconnect. In order for him to deliver his (hidden) propaganda message, it required him to CONTRADICT (directly) some of the near-truths he had delivered to win my trust.

This is how we ferret out these lackeys: CLOSE observation. It’s not enough for a commentator to “mostly” make sense. LOOK FOR logical slip-ups, where (as with your own example) you obviously conclude that “no reasonable person” could actually believe what is being said.

The slip-ups almost always occur when they are defending the status quo. But note even here these propagandists can be slippery. They will “condemn” the present system – but then (absurdly) say right after that all we need to do is “fine-tune” the status quo.

Given the hopelessly rancid nature of our present system, ANY commentator who does not advocate dramatic, wholesale changes cannot be trusted.

Ron Paul, Nigel Farage, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards – grinning like gold-plated Freemasons
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