Festival of Horrors

Source: TVOI News

Posted By: Vicky Davis • October 06, 2017

This article is my analysis of the Las Vegas shooting. It includes some info from the mainstream media added to other research I’ve done that I believe is connected to the event. Take it as such.

Like everyone else, TVOI News is trying to make sense of what happened in Las Vegas with the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock firing into a crowd of concert goers.

A couple of days ago, a link to a video was circulating. The video was taken down but it apparently has been restored. The following image was captured from it. There were four noteworthy things about it. (All four were noted even though one is about sound).


First, there is no static when the alleged police dispatcher says there may be somebody on the fourth floor;

Second, the pyramid (the Luxor Hotel) with the bright light in the eye of it

Third, below the pyramid, there are people holding signs that look like a dollar bill from a distance

Fourth, the name of the concert is Route 91 Harvest.

Route 91

Route 91 is the name of the original highway through Las Vegas. Before the Interstate system, the highways used to be the main road into town. The Interstate system bypassed the towns but the highways remained part of our transportation system and even if they are in fully urbanized areas, they are still significant arterials and retain their highway route number.

In a report by KTVB in Boise, the newscaster showed the location of the Mandalay Hotel relative to the Las Vegas Airport. The Airport is an international airport and there is no doubt that the hotels she names in the video are in an intermodal commerce zone. Intermodal means two or more forms of transportation coming together at a single location to form a transportation hub.

Mandalay Bay Location

The significance of these hotels being in an Intermodal Commerce Zone is in transportation legislation and history. In 1990 a new paradigm in transportation systems was announced. The new paradigm was a technologically enabled transportation system. This announcement came between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the re-unification of Germany. There was a parallel European transportation project that actually began in Germany before it began in the U.S. In 1991 when the August Coup in the Soviet Union happened and the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction legislation was passed, it wasn’t really talked about in these terms, but the result was justification for a fully technologically enabled global transportation system. Initially it was to locate, dismantle and remove nuclear and biological (WMD) weapons from the collapsing Soviet Union. The transportation technology centers aka Intermodal Commerce Zones aka transportation hubs aka inland ports serve the purpose of tracking, recording and monitoring movement – meaning anything that moves because if it (anything or anybody) moves, it’s a potential danger.

Please go to TVOI News to read this incisive and up to date material on what Las Vegas is really all about in the final analysis.

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