FBI Director James Comey Tells Americans Who Runs Their Country – The ADL-FBI Exposed by Eustace Mullins – Wolf Blitzer “Interrogates” FBI Director James Comey – Is This the Best America Can Offer the World: A “Holocaust” Museum While America Cynically Lays Waste to Iraq, Libya and Syria? – A Desperate Attempt to Create an “Ethical Jew” – Deconstructing Jewish Politics

This Is Who Runs America

The fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation requires all of its agents to visit the “Holocaust” Museum is a tacit admission letting the American people know who runs America. Imagine the scenario here for a moment before viewing this short video clip: FBI Director James Comey is being “interviewed” by Wolf Blitzer (please see Wolf Blitzer’s bio below) almost as if James Comey is being “interrogated” to divulge why FBI agents are required to visit the Holocaust Museum.

All FBI agents are required to visit the Holocaust museum

This is where FBI agents are required to visit: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, located south of the National Mall, on 14th Street, S.W., in Washington, D.C.

Quote by FBI Director James Comey (Roman Catholic) from the interview in the above clip with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (Judaic):

“We want them [FBI agents] to see, in a gut-wrenching, nauseating way, what the abuse of power on an almost unimaginable scale looks and feels like, because we’re about to give them extraordinary power, and then there’s a second reason. I want them to see what we are capable of… I want them to understand what human beings are capable of….” – FBI Director James Comey

The Aspen Security Forum (where FBI Director Comey and Mossad asset Blitzer are conversing in the video clip above) is part of the Aspen Institute where the Henry Crown Fellowship Program is located, with funding provided by the Henry and Gladys Crown Charitable Trust Fund. Henry Crown (his name at birth was Henry Krinsky) was born to Jewish immigrants from Lithuania. Henry Crown founded the Material Service Corporation (MSC), which merged with General Dynamics in 1959. Currently, General Dynamics is profiting nicely off large weapons sales, including a recent US$18 billion contract to build ten submarines. Most of the big defense contractors, including General Dynamics, have done extremely well with the “war on terror,” featuring the US bombing (or allegedly bombing) ISIS targets for more than a year in Iraq and Syria. It seems as though the only “winner” in the region around Iraq and Syria fighting ISIS is the “defense” industry, including large defense contractors like General Dynamics (a US$600 million contract for tank ammunition). There is also the Yinon Plan.

Here’s some recommended reading, written by Eustace Mullins in 1979. Perhaps FBI agents should be required to read this material rather than visit the “Holocaust” museum? If you don’t read, we don’t take responsibility for your ignorance:

The ADL-FBI Conspiracy Exposed by Eustace Mullins

Referenced in The ADL-FBI Exposed by Eustace Mullins (Wikipedia is used for reference only and does not mean Wikipedia is sourced as the final authority or truth of what happened to Sami Esmail, when the FBI tipped off the Israelis of Sami Esmail visiting Israel in 1978 to see his dying father in Ramallah):

In 1978 Sami Esmail, a 24-year-old American citizen of Palestinian descent, was prosecuted in Israel for membership in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The case generated a great deal of interest in the US, especially in the Arab American community and at Michigan State University, where Esmail was an Electrical Engineering graduate student.

Wolf Blitzer’s (“Foreign agent?” Journalist and television news anchor who has been a CNN reporter since 1990. Blitzer is the host of The Situation Room and the daytime show Wolf. Blitzer also serves as the network’s lead political anchor. Even the name, really? “Wolf Blitzer?”) bio:

Wolf Blitzer was born in Augsburg, Germany, the son of Cesia Blitzer (née Zylberfuden), a homemaker, and David Blitzer, a home builder. His parents were Jewish refugees from Oświęcim, Poland, and Holocaust survivors. He was raised in Buffalo, New York. Blitzer graduated from Kenmore West Senior High School and received a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University at Buffalo in 1970. While there, he was a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi. In 1972, he received a Master of Arts in international relations from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. While at Johns Hopkins, Blitzer studied abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he learned Hebrew.

Why was the Jewish FBI Agent Robert Levinson actually taken captive, or what were the actual circumstances surrounding his disappearance?

Robert Levinson, Jewish FBI agent becomes longest held American hostage in history after more than six years in Iran

Lest we forget:

Former CIA officer says Mossad posing as FBI agents In America

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Why I Left Judaism 
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  • Seems like the holocost was about jews. Who else is mentioned as having suffered in the massive WWII tragedy that required the sacrifice of 60 million lives? Anyone who knows of the chosen ones concept and that lending at interest and putting outsiders in to poverty would realize that technically it is OK. Approved to be done to anyone outside who is not one of the chosen ones.. Why would holocost of even billions matter as long as they were not part of the chosen ones? I bet Ben Netanyahu would understand this. He even said American oughta understand since they had savages on the land God gave them to live on that had to be pushed aside. Might it not be a better idea to simply use our heads to get along rather than argue over the writings of experts, followers and the words of official scribes. How often does a writer get what you say right?

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  • Prosecute Foxman and Comey

    Comey is saying, in effect, "We require you paid employees to be programmed with extreme emotional manipulation, so as to justify in your guts perpetrating 'in response' the sorts of atrocities we are showing you (despite the fact that the official "Holocaust" narrative has holes you can drive trucks through). 'The Jews' have a monopoly on human suffering; genocides of other groups (such as of Christians by Bolshevik mass murderers, or of Native Americans by European colonists) don't count for much. Because of what we tell you was done to 'the Jews', we hereby grant you license to carry out atrocities on victims we will identify for you, while absolving you of personal culpability for shedding blood for us. So don't think, but feel and obey instead."

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