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Making Sense of Ottawa Shooting

Source: Henry Makow

October 22, 2014

Everything was calculated to exaggerate the threat. Here’s why.

If Bibeau was working for ISIS, and ISIS is Western-backed, then this indeed was a false flag.

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Because I am a Canadian, some readers have asked for my take on the attack Wednesday on two of Canada’s national institutions.

First, an honour guard at the National War Monument, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, was [apparently] shot and killed. Afterward, the shooter, Michael Abdul Zehaf Bibeau, whose father is from Libya, was able to enter the Parliament Buildings where he [apparently] fired off some rounds before [apparently] being killed.

Bystanders tend to Cirillo at War Memorial

The fact that Bibeau was able to enter the Parliament Buildings with a rifle is highly suspicious. He ran in the main door, pursued by RCMP.


I see this incident in the context of what Albert Pike predicted in his famous letter to Giuseppe Mazzini. The Third World War would be between Zionists and Islam.

There is a need for all Westerners to feel like Israelis, under the constant threat of terror. This goes a long way toward meeting that demand.

In order to have a confrontation between Zionists and Islam, you need to build up an Islamic enemy. ISIS fills that role.

It was created by “Zionist” intelligence services: CIA, CSIS, Mossad, etc. (They can’t demonize all Muslims, because then they would have to explain why they are importing so many.)

Then you have the Zionist-controlled nations — the US, Canada, UK, France, etc. — declare war on ISIS. Thus, even though Canada has just extricated itself from Afghanistan, and never participated in Iraq, Stephen Harper is sending six jets to Iraq and 600 support staff to make sure they run.

In response, ISIS has warned of terror attacks — and right on schedule, there have been two now. Two soldiers were hit by a car in Quebec on Monday. One [apparently] died.

ISIS apparently posted this image (at 3:55) of Bibeau. If Bibeau was indeed working for ISIS, and ISIS is Western-backed, then this indeed was a false flag.

As we all know by now, the mass media is a collaborator in present and future wars, including all false-flag terror.


What gets me is the exaggerated sense of danger and media hysteria Wednesday, as if the purpose was to just plain frighten Canadians.

Although the incident took place at 10 AM, the whole downtown was in “lockdown” until evening. They acted like there was another shooter on the loose, when there was zero evidence of one. How hard is it to count the shooters?

Why pretend there are more than one, unless you want to exaggerate the event?

Members of Parliament, office workers, etc. were stuck inside all day, for no reason. Children in the Parliamentary daycare were stuck there until early evening.

The hockey game between the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs scheduled to take place 25 miles away was cancelled. How better to make Canadians feel threatened than to take away their hockey?


Bibeau was killed by the Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, age 58. The old guy felled the shooter using his antiquated handgun. Where were the tactical squads and SWAT teams with their automatic weapons?

Meanwhile, the Members of Parliament cowered in their locked caucus rooms, while the nation’s figurehead leaders were whisked away to safety. Stores were closed. Downtown office workers waited anxiously for news, while other buildings were “evacuated”. Everything was calculated to exaggerate the threat.

In the evening, Prime Minister Netanyahu — I mean Harper — went on TV and said Canada would not be intimated by the Islamists. The whole exercise seemed calculated to make Canadians feel threatened like Israelis are, and more committed to the Israeli cause, which Harper has said he would defend to the last Canadian. I guess that war has begun.



What is the explanation for this cop’s antics? Taking aim, noticing cameras, laughing it up? How do we know Bibeau killed Cirillo?
Canadian Terror Wave: a Modern-Day Gladio
A List of Zionist False-Flag Operations

Note: “Canada Enacts National Anti-Terrorism Plan”

The lockdown remained in effect throughout the afternoon and early evening, ending only at 8:30 PM. According to one news report, police were stopping vehicles leaving Ottawa in the direction of Montreal and questioning their occupants.

The emergency measures extended well beyond Ottawa. In Toronto, additional police were deployed at the Ontario legislature, City Hall, government and military facilities, and on the subway. In Montreal, City Hall was closed to visitors, and at the Quebec National Assembly in Quebec City, security was doubled and a helicopter circled the building.

All Canadian Armed Forces bases have been placed on high alert, and NORAD, the joint US-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command, has increased its “alert posture,” placing an increased number of fighter jets on high alert. The US has also heightened security along the Canada-US border.

First Comment from V:

Very suspicious events in Ottawa yesterday including:

* Ottawa Police, RCMP asked public not to post photos, videos of supposed shooting.

* Ottawa Police, RCMP pointed guns at some journalists not to take pictures, video.

* Supposed suspect had a double-barrel shotgun inside the Parliament Buildings. How can you have a shoot-out with a gun only holding 2 bullets at once?

* ISIS P.R. department (CIA, MI6, Mossad) [Rita Katz’s SITE?] tweets photo of supposed shooting suspect before Ottawa police know.

* Police said initially that there were multiple shooters and then changed to the lone wolf shooter. First reports about shooting at Rideau Centre (shopping mall) then changed the story to no shooting at Rideau Centre.

* The police have the suspect’s cellphone. This as laughable as the mint condition passport of one of the supposed 9-11 hijackers:

“Associated Press Television News journalist Jorge Barrera reported that police are in possession of a photograph of one of the gunmen, who reportedly has dark skin and long black hair. Barrera also tweeted that police have the suspect’s cellphone.”

Great info on the link below:


The real terrorist is Harper and his minions, but he gets his marching orders from the higher-ups in Ottawa, Washington, and especially London, UK.


Images by Montreal Simon:

A Tale of Two Patsies (by One Gang of Lazy Scriptwriters): Michael “Abdul” Zehaf-Bibeau and Martin “Ahmad” Couture-Rouleau 


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