False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria – El Kaide Teröristleri Sınırda Türk Malı Kimyasallarla Zehirli Gaz Üretiyor 05.12.2012

The very real possibility that these weapons are going to be used on Syrians and then Bashar Assad will be blamed. 

Translation: Al Qaedan Terrorists Producing Chemical Weapons Against Syrian People

In Arabic

This video is from north Aleppo near the Turkish-Syrian border. The chemicals seem to be from Turkey. “Tekkim” is Turkish for chemical factory. 

They will in all likelihood use chemicals manufactured in Turkish chemical factories.

In the audio, it begins with: “I want to give you a good eveing you enemy of god nusayriyeh (Alawites& Shia) nusayriyeh (Alawites & Shia).” The male voice in the video is saying: “This will be your fate you enemeies of god. Like rabbits I swear to god this is what will happen to you all.” His words seem to be threatening words and the voice continues to repeat: “Enemies of allah nusayra (Christians).”

Thousands of US troops arrive near Syrian shore on USS Eisenhower

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