Ebola cover-up revealed! Pandemic news ordered shut down by feds as NYC Ebola watch list explodes to 357 people

Source: Natural News

Thursday, November 06, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Natural News readers were told this two weeks ago, but now it’s official: the federal government has ordered the mainstream media to stop reporting on suspected Ebola cases.

“At the urging of the Obama Administration, the Associated Press and other news outlets have agreed not to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed,” writes the Gateway Pundit. [1]

Apparently, all the negative Ebola news was causing potential voters to lose faith in government… and hence lose faith in the governing Democrats as well.

So Fox News, CNN, and all the other mainstream media outlets simply decided to stop reporting on Ebola news. “This story is officially over,” said Sean Hannity of Fox News in applauding the work of the Fox Ebola Team. [5]

Meanwhile, Ebola news has all but disappeared across the entire national media, even as the pandemic is exploding at a 900% increased rate of infection in Sierra Leone.

“… the sudden departure of Ebola stories from the state-corporate media doesn’t pass the smell test,” reports Downtrend.com. [2]

NYC Ebola watch list explodes to 357 people

One piece of news that did slip out via a local NBC affiliate is quite telling. The CDC’s “active monitoring” watch list of at-risk Ebola carriers exploded from 117 to 357 people in just the first two days of this week.

This is a clear indication that some new person with Ebola has potentially exposed hundreds of New Yorkers to the virus, yet there isn’t a single news report about who this person is, how they got here, where they traveled, or who might be exposed.

At the same time, nearly all Ebola news is being officially censored in the press; the CDC, NIH, and White House are actively dismantling isolation quarantines, opposing air travel restrictions, and arguing against increased medical security at border crossings. The intention is crystal clear: these people are “Workin’ for Ebola” as the title of my hilarious new music video explains.

If people knew the truth, they might panic 

What you’re witnessing here is a government-controlled press that has fallen into line with the twisted thinking that it’s better to keep people in the dark than tell them the truth.

You’re also witnessing the mainstream media playing its role of an obedient lapdog to a corrupt, incompetent, lying government that actively seeks to prevent the public from learning crucial information that could adversely affect their health. This international Ebola pandemic is nowhere near over, and there’s no question new Ebola carriers will be traveling to the United States and bringing Ebola to more U.S. cities in the months ahead.

Has the media been ordered to cover up the truth about Ebola patients who test positive, too? After all, the U.S. government already has a history of covering up a previous pandemic that killed 50 million people. [3]

As the U.S. National Academies of Science wrote in 2005: [4] (h/t to WashingtonsBlog.com)

In the United States, national and local government and public health authorities badly mishandled the [1918 “Spanish Flu”] epidemic [which killed up to 50 million people worldwide], offering a useful case study.

The context is important. Every country engaged in World War I tried to control public perception. To avoid hurting morale, even in the nonlethal first wave, the press in countries fighting in the war did not mention the outbreak. (But Spain was not at war and its press wrote about it, so the pandemic became known as the Spanish flu.)

The United States was no different. … The U.S. government passed a law that made it punishable by 20 years in jail to “utter, print, write or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the government of the United States”.

One could go to jail for cursing or criticizing the government, even if what one said was true.

Routinely, as influenza approached a city or town – one could watch it march from place to place – local officials initially told the public not to worry, that public health officials would prevent the disease from striking them. When influenza first appeared, officials routinely insisted at first it was only ordinary influenza, not the Spanish flu. As the epidemic exploded, officials almost daily assured the public that the worst was over. 

As the Ebola outbreak unfolds, you won’t be told the truth by the government or the media 

The conclusion from all this? The government is now in active cover-up mode. The media is dutifully censoring itself, obediently following orders from a government that sees the public as “useless eaters” to be lied to, exploited, and then consumed by an uncontrolled viral pandemic.

Once again, this opens up a huge opportunity for the alternative media, because that’s the only place where you will read the truth about the Ebola outbreak. Websites like www.TruthStreamMedia.com www.SteveQuayle.com www.SHTFplan.com www.TheDailySheeple.com www.TheLibertyMill.com www.TheCommonsenseShow.com and similar sites will bring you the real story on Ebola even as ABCNBCMSNBCCBSFOX runs around pretending there is no Ebola.

Before long, those of us who remember the Ebola outbreaks in Dallas and New York City will be openly called “conspiracy theorists” or “anti-government terrorists” for daring to claim that Ebola has already come to America and infected people in America. The real history of what happened with Ebola in America will be memory-holed by the media and the government, in precisely the same way the CDC already memory-holed its own admission that up to 98 million Americans were infected with cancer-causing SV40 viruses in polio vaccines. The CDC scrubbed that from their website over a year ago, just like it recently scrubbed its admission that Ebola can spread via aerosolized particles from coughing or sneezing.

You are now living under the Orwellian Ministry of Truth where all history and news is frantically revised and controlled to reshape the collective memory of what the public thinks happened. He who controls history controls the present. And he who controls the present controls the future, as Orwell noted.

By agreeing to engage in this Orwellian news censorship of the truth about a deadly global pandemic, the mainstream media reveals just how incredibly irresponsible it is, and how easily it will betray the safety of its own readers in order to obey orders from Washington. This is why such news outlets – who also censored the CDC vaccine scientist whistleblower story earlier this year – can never be trusted. Regardless of what news they might be running on any given day, the real question is, “What news are they actively covering up and NOT telling us?”

And if they will actively censor the truth about Ebola, wouldn’t these same media players also censor the truth about Fukushima? Chemtrails? Vaccines and autism? GMOs? Deadly medications?

Now you cannot depend on the media to tell you anything about the spread of Ebola 

Now more than ever, you’d better get prepared. Download all the free audio MP3 files at www.BioDefense.com which teaches you how to survive a viral pandemic outbreak.

Stop looking to broadcast news to tell you anything truthful about Ebola. They’re all censored at this point. Ebola could now infected a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand people, and you’d never hear a peep about it from the news. This story is now officially memory-holed, just like it was in the Spanish Flu of 1918.

Fortunately, today you have more choices of where to get your news. While it’s fine to watch mainstream news sources to get a sense of what government lies are being promoted on any given day, if you want real news and information, you’ve got to get it from alternative news sources like Natural News.

That’s why more and more people are rushing to alternative media sources while abandoning mainstream media. There is a massive “attention shift” under way in western culture, and people are paying more attention to decentralized, free speech news sources that aren’t controlled by the White House, the CDC, or powerful corporations.

Here in the alternative news media, we also like to have some fun with all the madness in the world. Because as the insanity expands, sometimes we have to step back and laugh at it all. Watch my hilarious new music video “Workin’ for Ebola” here:

Workin’ for Ebola song music video by the Health Ranger

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