Do You Love God?

How do you express your love of God?

August 4, 2015

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

This is a question I am asking myself. It’s comforting to think God loves me, but do I love Him?

Well, I do… but not wholeheartedly. To love is to worship, and to worship is to obey.

I do not completely obey God. My love is half-hearted.

Lucifer was a rebel against God. The Illuminati are Luciferians. They want to turn God’s Order upside down. This is the real occult meaning of Revolution.

But in some ways, I am a little rebel myself. I don’t obey. Most of us don’t. We have all been inducted into their cult.

A part of us cringes at questions like, “Do you love God?”

We have been reformulated to reject God, to be selfish and seek money, sex, and recognition before all.

I rail against the Illuminati, but I forget how the satanic agenda works on a personal level. They want your soul.

We feel helpless fighting them in the political arena. They have all the power.

But they’re just as helpless in the personal sphere, where we have the power.

They suffer ignominious defeat when we eschew the pursuit of money, sex, and recognition. The sad part is that most of us don’t use this power.

In a previous article, I pointed out that 9/10 of worship is what we refuse to do:

Have you noticed that nine of the Ten Commandments are proscriptions? They tell us what we shall NOT do.

Surely this is an important clue. We worship God by disciplining and controlling our lower nature.

The only affirmative Commandment is to “honor your father and mother.” The other nine are concerned with obeying, i.e. self-discipline:

You shall have no other Gods; not make idols; not take His name in vain; not work on the Sabbath; not commit murder; not commit adultery; not steal; not bear false witness (lie); and finally, not covet your neighbor’s wife or possessions.

What are positive ways we can express our love of God? I try to be a witness of Truth. But what are some other ways? Loving our fellow man? (Jesus loved the lepers.) A parent’s love for children? I welcome your suggestions.

We have been brainwashed to seek happiness through money, etc. That gives us a temporary charge.

God is Goodness. We cannot feel good permanently until we are good. Until we partake in Him.



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First comment, from Robert K:

The commandments that Jesus expressed were purely positive: “Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” (Matthew 22:35-40)

He warned also that “the letter killeth, but the spirit maketh alive”, so he was talking about a new mode of being, superseding elitist-prescribed laws and strictures – in effect, being “born again”, which meant becoming, in purity of heart, simplicity of trust and lovingness, “as a little child” – without which transformation, He said, one cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. This state (which is true freedom) is the one for which we are designed, but from which Satan would distract us with phoney burdens, woes, and feelings of guilt imposed by a perverted, pharisaical money system.

Tony B:

You just hit almost every living one of us where it really hurts. Otherwise we’d all be saints. It’s the great personal battle; more accurately, the reason we are here. To overcome the worldly and live for the spiritual. To understand and obey God’s meaning of love, which all his rules are designed to bring about.

Thanks for a good reminder for each of us in our worldly struggle to not get caught up in the minor problems of the world, but live for the next, the one that matters.

Being for most of my life “self sufficient” in my modern day short-circuited mind, it has come hard for me to recognize that I have never done a single thing except by the grace of God. Growing old and finding I’m not able to do many of the things I always took for granted has been my first real education on the subject. Before that it was just words. Words that were easily blacked out as inconvenient.

It’s humbling to gain this understanding, but still very hard to break the old habits and actually obey God’s commands. Like you, I fit the half-hearted category but dislike that more every day, which hopefully leads to total obedience.

JG said (August 5, 2015):

Henry my good friend, if we keep following the designs of the devil it will drive us crazy. There is no making sense of it because it’s rooted in deception.

I spent almost a lifetime trying to find those answers, while remaining oblivious to so much of the good that was around me. I’m sorry I gave it the time that I did.

It’s the study of what is righteous and holy that leads to our salvation and comforts our soul.

DD said (August 4, 2015):

Some positive ways we can express our love to God are:

– Be thankful, and thank Him both verbally and with our attitude towards Him and others.
– Compliment God. Tell HIM you love HIM.
– Be good to the poor. Giving to the poor is like giving to God.
– Encourage others, and not just yourself and your family.
– Love your wife (if you have one) and your children: they are both gifts from God.
– Try to enjoy your work and do it to the best of your ability.
– Give more than people expect (time, money, effort…).
– Perform random acts of kindness.
– Listen.
– Have self-control in all circumstances and watch how you conduct yourself. You are an ambassador for Christ.
– Share the word (in love, good attitude, and no condemnation) with others when the opportunities present themselves.

PS said (August 4, 2015):

As I became more aware of the satanic agenda, I realized our problems are too big for us, and that’s what brought me back to my spiritual nature. God has wanted a relationship with us since the garden. It’s just hard to remember this and to keep our focus on him with all the shiny stuff in our world.

An ongoing thought I have had regarding the “chosen people” part of the old testament was God saying “I love you all so much, I even love this group that continually turn their back on me and pray to anything that shines.”

The meaning of the prodigal son really came home to me recently; when we turn to God, he does not stand there, he runs to us. As the story goes, as long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he could walk on water. When I have my focus internally on my spiritual nature, I am not as focused on selfish pursuits.

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  • There appears to be thousands of gods which one are we talking about ? One can hardly say the Royals who are head of one of them are role models , nor the Catholic priests who burnt people at the stake because they would not believe . You are an extemely good writer and well balanced .

  • And, Henry what makes you not think you are looking at God when you look in the mirror?

    That my introspective friend is a very important question you should wrestle down to an understanding for your soul. It is your soul you are trying to feed with understanding buy publishing this article are you not?

    Let me give you two hints to help you on your way.
    Hint1: Fictions are created my men. Fictions must be administered to by one that enslaved them selves to it. A fiction cannot, I repeat, a fiction cannot sit down to eat with you AND most important of all; you cannot make a memory with a fiction. This leads to my second hint.
    Hint 2: It is said there is nothing new under the Sun, also said is something cannot be created out of nothing. My hint to you is memory are created from nothing. This you know to be a true statement, your reasoning will show you this.

    I would admonish you to ponder these truths because once you understand them you will see this life we inhabit for what it really is. A true and wondrous life.

    We need not change others, we only need understand ourselves.

    I would like to speak further with you and most likely will contact you at your web address.

    michael 59