Dirty Deeds Are Done In the Dark – UK Government Cashing In On Children – Secret Court System In the British State – Lies; Fraud; Corruption; Perjury

UK Column Live – “Thousands of children stolen by the UK government every year”

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  • One-third of the GDP are taxes: one-third is psychiatry and medicine; one-third is death. The economy has devouring itself and the courts and barristers are profiting off human trafficking. The children will be taken on any pretext to profit off in deals being cut between the courts and child protective services. They are getting huge kick backs. The same circumstances are going on in the U.S. The children are "prisoners of war" and parents have not claimed or "given life to their children" at birth. Once the birth certificate is signed the child is derived for value and hypothecated on debt. They want the debt paid off.