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Sergey Badyuk is a famous Russian sportsman and television show host. As a special reporter for the ANNA-News agency, Badyuk decided to see for himself what was actually happening in liberated Aleppo. Within three days, Badyuk visited two main front lines near Al-Bab and Hanaser. He walked through the streets of the Old city. The demarcation line in Aleppo, Syria where vicious fighting took place between ISIS (US proxy mercenary terrorist army) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) saw heavy fighting over the past 5 years. Almost every building in that area was either demolished or had bullet holes in it.

The only building that went unscathed with the exception of having its windows blown out from explosive pressure waves when munitions exploded nearby, was the Sheraton Hotel. Sergey Badyuk says in the clip below beginning at the 30:10 point “we can solve a riddle.” The “contact line” between ISIS and the Syrian Arab Army was right where the Sheraton Hotel is located. Well, the “riddle has been solved” as to why the hotel went unscathed. “The Sheraton Hotel is owned by the Americans”, as the Russian Sergey Badyuk reported from Aleppo comments:

Special report: Sergey Badyuk from Aleppo

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  • Charles Christensen

    dont think so, any 4th grader can nuild these from COTS parts.

  • it was the american terrorist scum and their terrorist partners,,,degenerate filth and soon to be wiped off planet..lol

  • Charles Christensen

    I’m really not sure about that, as i can make a uav with a programmed flight path. i can buy or get my hands on all those parts especially if Hillary or Lumpjaw were helping. this build is amateur.

  • Charles Christensen soon to be agent (g-wizz)

    However a Poseidon is a submarine missile and way outdated replaced by the D5 class..I believe the British have some Poseidon types in their inventory. The drones capable of this are called predators they have a command and control ability…

  • Sergey’s documentary was really very good and highly professional. There are no chem trails there, sky looks so bright and clean- other than that, scum destroyed all they could have.

  • Charles Christensen

    really, some radio shack planes with little 2 cycle 4 servo rc is not a military thing… the end.