Dick Cheney Preparing Americans For Another 9/11 – Gee Dick, Do You Really Think So? – Seeding The Minds Of Americans – Weaponization of Airliners Is a Global Deployable 24/7 Threat

Source: Business Insider

DICK CHENEY: There Will Be Another ‘Massive Attack’ On America That’s ‘Far Deadlier’ Than 9/11

Brett LoGiurato
June 24, 2014

Former Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday predicted there would be an attack on the United States within the next decade that is “far deadlier” than the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

“I doubt it,” Cheney told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, when asked if he thinks the U.S. would “get through this decade” without another “massive attack on the homeland.”

“I think there will be another attack. And the next time, I think it’s going to be far deadlier than the last one. Imagine what would happen if somebody could smuggle a nuclear device, put it in a shipping container, and drive it down the beltway outside Washington, D.C.”

Hewitt then asked Cheney if another attack would lead to “military rule” and the reconstitution of the U.S. government. Cheney detailed the “continuity of government” program, which he said was set up during the Cold War so that a “government in waiting” could be in place if necessary.

Cheney has come under intense fire from both sides of the political aisle this week amid a barrage of criticism of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. Fox News host Megyn Kelly grilled Cheney last week on his role in the Iraq War, after Cheney had co-bylined a Wall Street Journal op-ed with his daughter, Liz, saying Obama was “so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.”

Here’s the whole segment from “The Hugh Hewitt Show”:

Dick Cheney: There will be an attack on America within the next
decade; worse than 9/11


Abel Danger Update:

The weaponization of airliners is a global deployable 24/7 threat.

Three parties come to mind:

1) Dick Cheney
2) Kristine Marcy
3) Serco

Regarding the weaponization of airliners, that was the subject of three lawsuits I have filed and notice I have CCed this to FAA, ALPA, FBI and the Russian Air Attache. Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) was dismissed in a FRAUD UPON THE COURT by ALPA.
My 65th birthday is 2 October, 2014 and the lawsuit will be refiled.

In the meantime, Abel Danger has posted AD TW 090214 for time frame 0911/02Sep14 to 2359/02Oct14 for a Serco FALSE FLAG which should have been blocked by the exposure of the BHUAP and ATI back in September, 2008, but ALPA suppressed exposure.

google: buap + ati + mh370 + mh17

These airline flights have terminated in a manner consistent with the illegal modifications identified in my three lawsuits: AA77, AA11, UA175, UA93, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407 Air France 447, TWA 800, Speedbird 38, Air Afrikiyah 771, Turkish 1951, Sukhoi Superjet, MH370, MH17, Lethbridge CF18, Oceana F18 April 13.

The legal downside is so immense I believe they think they have
to do THE BIG ONE to cover 9/11 and the little ones. That is the same as MH17 being used to cover MH370, isn’t it? Rather sick, aren’t they? 

Field McConnell

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  • Dick Cheney and the Bush Regime are evil to the core and deserve to be treated as the criminals that they clearly are! They are the architects of terrorism, the true axis of evil and have done more harm to humanity and to the reputation of American's than anybody else in living history. I hope the time comes soon for them to be fully exposed, convicted, incarcerated or even sentenced to death for high treason! Where are the men in this country to get this done?! Humanity and the world would be better for it!

  • well, The Big "DICK" ought to know, now shouldn't he? I hope his new heart fails.

  • Quote from "1984" by George Orwell that explains the twisted minds of these men in POWER:

    "There are therefore two great problems which the Party is concerned to solve. One is how to discover, against his will, what another human being is thinking and the other is how to kill several hundred million people in a few seconds without giving warning beforehand. In so far as scientific research still continues, this is its subject matter. The scientist of today is either a mixture of psychologist and inquisitor, studying with extraordinary minuteness the meaning of facial expressions, gestures, and tones of voice, and testing the truth producing effects of drugs, shock therapy, hypnosis, and physical torture; or he is a chemist, physicist, or biologist concerned only with such branches of his special subject as are relevant to the taking of life.”

    Oaths Taken by them go something like this:

    ’You are prepared to give your lives?’

    ’You are prepared to commit murder?’

    ’To commit acts of sabotage which may cause the death of hundreds of
    innocent people?’

    ’To betray your country to foreign powers?’

    ’You are prepared to cheat, to forge, to blackmail, to corrupt the minds of
    children, to distribute habit-forming drugs, to encourage prostitution, to dissem-
    inate venereal diseases — to do anything which is likely to cause demoralization
    and weaken the power of the Party?’

    ’If, for example, it would somehow serve our interests to throw sulphuric
    acid in a child’s face — are you prepared to do that?’

    ’You are prepared to lose your identity and live out the rest of your life as a
    waiter or a dock-worker?’

    ’You are prepared to commit suicide, if and when we order you to do so?’

    ’You are prepared, the two of you, to separate and never see one another

    Bill Cooper had said that the fictional story coincides with secret documents he read while employed by The Office of Naval Intelligence. He assumed that Orwell had seen the same documents he saw. This IS one of the Fabian Socialists Play Books disguised as fiction.