Crown sister Linda Pickton – controlled crime scenes – family pig farm – sharing bordereaux receivables

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September 02, 2010

Dear Lord Pearson and Mr. Farage:

Did Crown Sister Pickton’s AirPatrol kill Williams in ADT?

Hawks CAFE is asking UKIP to investigate Crown Agents’ Sister Linda Pickton and her colleagues (see notes) for the apparent use of AirPatrol in an ADT security network for a contract killing in which Gareth Williams’ body was allegedly transported in a padlocked sports bag between crime-scene properties controlled through Crown Agents’ bordereaux.

Our KSM agents have evidence that Williams was killed while monitoring an AirPatrol / ADT security network, allegedly launched in 1996 by Linda Pickton with the Worshipful Companies of Security Professionals and Information Technologists to track `sextorted’ victims, killers and snuff-film content through her family’s pig farm in British Columbia.

KSM also has evidence that Crown Sisters used AirPatrol / ADT networks to reward City & Guilds’ livery companies, including Scriveners, Hackney Carriage Drivers and Launderers with a share in bordereaux receivables for a snuff film produced where Williams was killed and where his body was found in a padlocked sports bag.

“[Mirror UK] MI6 spy Gareth Williams was ‘padlocked’ in sport bag By Jon Clements 2/09/2010 An MI6 codebreaker whose decomposed body was found in a holdall in the bath had been padlocked into the bag, it emerged yesterday. .. Gareth Williams, 31, was found in his flat half a mile from MI6 nine days ago in Pimlico, West London. .. But an inquest yesterday revealed that a cause of death has still not been established despite two postmortems. Coroner Dr Paul Knapman said police went round after colleagues had not seen him at work. He said: “The holdall was padlocked shut and inside was a lifeless body, and it appeared the body was in an advanced state of decay.””

“`A disaster in every way’ Pickton sister Suzanne Fournier and Steve Berry The Province Sunday, June 23, 2002 Their family roots date back 100 years, their history steeped in the rural traditions of hog farming .. This property became known as Piggy’s Palace after the Pickton brothers turned it into an after-hours club. ‘We had 1,800 people at one of my parties and my parties were cleaner than any bar downtown,’ says Dave Pickton. The club was run by a non-profit group called the Good Times Society that the brothers founded in 1996 to hold “fundraisers” for women’s groups and minor hockey leagues. Dave equipped Piggy’s, which attracted a varied crowd ranging from bikers to the local mayor of the day, with a dance floor and sound system and hired security from White Knights Security Services. “We had 1,800 people at one of my parties and my parties were cleaner than any goddamn bar downtown,” says Dave. The club was eventually shut down by bylaw and fire officials in a zoning dispute. The society [allegedly controlled through a Pickton Family bordereaux set up by Linda Pickton in Kerrisdale and the Worshipful Company of [Loan] Scriveners in London] dissolved in 2000 .. Another woman who lives down the street from Piggy’s Palace praised the brothers generally, noting that she “used to take my 90-year-old dad to their parties. These were excellent parties where local people used to go . . . Now it’s so tainted a lot of people don’t want to admit they went there. “This is impossible — unless we’ve got a real Jekyll and Hyde here.” While her brothers opted to stay on the farm for most of their adult lives, sister Linda left behind the squalor of the barns and junked cars to become a well-educated businesswoman [Kerrisdale Realtor and therefore expert user of Crown Sisters’ MindBox – an automated debt recovery bordereau system] who leads a very private life in an affluent part of Vancouver. While she insists that she is not wealthy and that the siblings have not made any money from subdivision of the family farm, she lives a comfortable life with her children in a beautiful home. Linda says that she has never been close to her brother Willie, whom she calls Robert. She was sent away to school at 12 and now sees Willie only in lawyers’ offices to sign papers, she says. Land records show the Pickton siblings sold the north end of their farm in 1994 for $1,760,000 to Eternal Holdings, which built the townhouse development now known as Parkside Place. In July of 1995, the city of Port Coquitlam paid the Picktons about $1.2 million for a site that became Blakeburn Park. The Coquitlam School District then bought the Blakeburn Elementary School site from the Picktons for $2.3 million. Last March, the Pickton siblings sold a chunk of land for $769,469. It has become Heritage Meadows, an attractive subdivision of townhouses — some with a view of Willie’s trailer, stripped to its studs by police. But development costs for landfill, hydro, roads and other infrastructure averaged $196,000 an acre, says Linda Pickton, for a total cost of almost $5 million. That wiped out much of the subdivision sale profits, she says. The siblings, whose names are still on a development permit application posted on their property, had hoped they’d finally make money from the sale of the remaining farm site — the one on which police plan to dig and sift for at least a year. In the end, says Linda, the family has been left nearly broke, without enough money to cover Willie’s legal bills. His lawyer, Peter Ritchie, has placed a $375,000 lien on the property. The total value of all the sales is close to $7 million and the farm itself is assessed at more than $3 million. And the family owns other property. Linda Pickton confirmed that although she still owns the Dominion Road farm with her brothers — “it was an inheritance from our parents” — she is not an owner of the Piggy’s Palace Burns Road site, but “I do have a mortgage on it because they [her allegedyy sextorted men-in-the-middle brothers] couldn’t afford to pay me.”

“The AirPatrol Wireless Locator System is a comprehensive security offering that enables businesses to protect sensitive data and proprietary systems against wireless enabled network and endpoint attacks. The proliferation of wireless technologies places business interactions, infrastructure and data at risk—even when a wireless LAN has not been `officially’ deployed. AirPatrol’s Wireless Locator System delivers a unified Wireless Threat Management strategy that meets the security, affordability and manageability requirements of today’s enterprises. AirPatrol Corporation Public Sector Sales: 9861 Brokenland Parkway Suite 204 Columbia, MD 21046 USA Phone: 1-866-430-4227 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-866-430-4227      end_of_the_skype_highlighting Research & Development: 203-8525 Baxter Place Burnaby, BC V5A 4V7 Canada Phone: 604.298.4227

“ADT Security Services, originally American District Telegraph now also known as simply ADT, is a division of Tyco International and a worldwide supplier of electronic security systems, fire alarm systems, communication systems, and integrated building management systems. In 1977, the UK’s Lord Ashcroft had bought under performing outdoor equipment maker Hawley Goodall, and transformed it through acquisition into business services group, registered in Bermuda. In the early part 1987, Hawley bought Crime Control Inc. based in Indianapolis for $50 million, placing the company fourth place spot in the U.S. security market. Later in the year it bought ADT. This purchase transformed Hawley into the leading security services business in the United States, and resulted in the majority of its revenues coming from the North American market. As a result of the acquisition, Hawley changed its name to ADT Inc. and decided to refocus its business around security services. At the end of 1987, the company sold its North American-based facility services business to Denmark’s ISS A/S. During the 80’s, convicted serial killer Dennis Rader (a.k.a. the BTK Killer), worked for the company. By the mid 1990s, ADT surpassed the 1 million customer milestone. In 1997, ADT was purchased by Tyco but means of a reverse takeover, thus allowing Tyco a Bermudan tax status. Lord Ashcroft joined the board of Tyco, although he had quickly disposed of a large amount of his Tyco stock taken in payment for the purchase of ADT. In May 2010, ADT acquired competitor Broadview Security for $2.0 billion dollars. Broadview’s services will be transitioned to the existing ADT brand. ADT provides monitored burglar, fire and video surveillance systems. ADT has branches in 50 different countries, with over 62,000 employees. ADT had gross revenue of $8 billion in 2008. ADT has branches covering the United States, Canada and Latin America, as well as 21 countries in Europe. ADT UK and Ireland has 23 branches employing around 5,500 people. ADT Europe has annual gross revenues of at least $2.6 Billion. ADT has branches in seven Asian countries, one branch in South Africa, and branches in Australia and New Zealand. ADT is the largest security company in the United States, serving over seven million customers (with an additional 1.3 million being added after the Broadview Security acquisition). As of 2004 ADT holds 35% market share of the North American market and has six monitoring stations, four in the United States and two in Canada. ADT is the UK’s leading security company, helping to protect over 250,000 UK family homes and 160,000 businesses across the country. ADT UK has also a specialist vehicle division tasked to create and maintain CCTV and riot control vehicles for police forces around the country. In 1989 ADT Fire and Security was granted a 45 year contract to maintain the security of the British and American Governments. [Quo warranto?] This is why employee vetting is so in depth and conducted by external sources [Which?] Phone : (778) 371-9862 (888) 711-7888 Address : 8500 Baxter Pl Burnaby , BC , V5A4T8″

Named below are some of the City & Guilds Livery Companies which we associate with Crown Agents’ Sisters and their alleged use of murder-for-hire bordereaux to reward sextortionists who have generated man-in-the-middle propaganda over the last 500 years.

Security Professionals (AirPatrol/ADT at Pentagon, WTC and Logan Airport on 9/11)
Scriveners (Crown Sisters control bordereaux as `Loan Scriveners’ since 16th Century)
Information Technologists (Williams CRYPTOCards to monitor AirPatrol/ADT snuff)
Hackney Carriage Drivers (Unwitting transport of Williams in padlocked sportsbag?)
Butchers (Williams body dismembered (?) per M.O. of Sextortionists at B.C. pig farm)
Launderers (Cleaned up Williams’ apartment and planted evidence of padlocked S&M)
International Bankers (Mortgage bordereaux Pimlico house, GCHQ and Obama mansion)
Insurers (Lloyd’s of London and Oracle administer family bordereaux insurance frauds)
Stationers and Newspapermakers (Copyright Dr. Faustus and 9/11 snuff films)
Cordwainers (Tools fit description of wound which allegedly killedKit Marlowe)
Brewers (Set up Deptford tavern of Dame Eleanor Bull for the murder)
Plumbers (Put Gareth Williams’ body in bath while Launderers cleaned the evidence)
Haberdashers (Paisley pattern stranglers’ scarf at United 93 crime scene, poss GW)
Fuellers (Diesel in WTC7, Murder of Carlton Bartels, founder of
Air Pilots and Air Navigators (Synchronized attacks with Femme Comp C4)
World Traders (Event arbitrage in London, Naked shorting DJIA in Chicago on 9/11)
Armourers and Brasiers (Molten metal incendiary demolition of WTC#7)
Gardeners (Sextortion – By the sweat of thy brow thow shalt eate thy bread)
Apothecaries (Production of Bodkin heroin – Dope – near Calvi Blackfriars Bridge)

“Crown Agents is exactly what its name implies, an agent of Her Majesty the Queen. It was founded in 1833 as Crown Agents for the Colonies, and historically played a vital role in the creation and management of what British historians call the Third Empire .. Crown Agents printed the stamps and banknotes of the colonies; provided technical, engineering, and financial services; served as private bankers to the colonial monetary authorities, government officials, and heads of state; served as arms procurers, quartermasters, and paymasters for the colonial armies .. Her Majesty’s Murder, Inc. .. Crown Agents’ range of “services”–arms procurement, border controls, offshore banking–also nicely fit the “administrative requirements” of the world’s organized crime cartels .. review of some of the more sordid aspects of the recent history of Crown Agents, suggests that the firm has been at the center of the British Crown’s highly sensitive patronage of global organized crime–what EIR long ago dubbed Dope, Inc.”

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