CREDIBLE: Attack on subways IMMINENT


Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has made a formal statement declaring that his nation’s intelligence apparatus has revealed a plot by ISIS™ which involves bombing subways in New York and Paris. He says the attack has not been thwarted. This is credible, and if Iraq could figure it out, it is cold hard proof it is Israel and America setting this up, NO IFS OR BUTS. The only way a comparatively pathetic intelligence apparatus could have the goods on it and know it is not being stopped is if the nearly infinitely greater intelligence apparatus in America and Israel is directly responsible for doing it. And now that it has made mainstream news, if it is not stopped by even local police departments it is clearly sponsored by those who have America and Europe in their death grip, and that certainly is not a group of rag tag arabs who will no doubt take the blame.

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ISIS plot uncovered to attack U.S., Paris subways, Iraq PM Haider al-Abadi says

UPDATE: American intelligence, as of 3pm Eastern time, claim they have no leads. RIGHT. What about their hacks on Iraqi intelligence which they own lock stock and barrel? would it be any other way so soon after a war?

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  • In 1980, he earned a PhD degree in Electrical engineering from the University of Manchester.Al-Abadi remained in the UK, in voluntary exile, until the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.[8] His positions during this time included:[3]

    Director General of a small high tech vertical and horizontal transportation design and development firm in London (1993–2003).
    Consultant, in London, to the industry in matters relating to transportation (1987–2003).
    Research leader for a major modernization contract in London (1981–1986).
    Registered a patent in London relating to rapid transit system (2001).
    Awarded a grant from the UK Department of Trade and Industry (1998).
    You cant tell me he is not working for the UK and the UK is behind everything .