#1346 Marine Links Obama’s Honourable Artillery Spread-Bet Targets to Day of the Jackal’s Swearing In

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Barack Obama’s Honourable Artillery Company’s spread-bet targets to a ‘Day of the Jackal’ swearing-in ceremony where cross-dressing U.K.-trained (Turdi) snipers appear to have infiltrated the same-sex bodyguard detail which takes care of POTUS 44.

Obama was allegedly trained in use of Racal’s Clansman target acquisition radio systems by HAC officers in Quetta 1981.

Obama has allegedly been paying spread bet vig to hit teams since 1984 when he worked for the HAC front company BIC in New York, 1984 where first target was Union Carbide Bhopal Plant.


“Reggie Love: My most embarrassing & memorable tales with Obama”

More to follow.

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