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What lies behind the anti “conspiracy theorist” discourse

The State Against the Republic

by Thierry Meyssan

Voltaire Network | Damascus (Syria) | 13 March 2015

At the request of President François Hollande, the French Socialist Party has published a paper on the international “conspiracy theorist” movement. Its goal: to prepare new legislation prohibiting the movement from expressing itself. In the US, the September 11, 2001 coup established a “permanent state of emergency” (Patriot Act), launching a series of imperial wars. Gradually, the European elites have aligned themselves with their counterparts across the Atlantic. Everywhere, citizens are worried about being abandoned by their States, and they question their institutions. Seeking to remain in power, the elites are now ready to use force to gag their opposition.

On January 27, 2015, President François Hollande made “conspiracy theorists” of today responsible for the crimes committed yesterday by the Nazis against the Jews of Europe. He called for a ban on their freedom of expression.

The President of the French Republic, François Hollande, likened what he terms “conspiracy theories” to Nazism, and called to prevent their dissemination on the Internet and social networks.

Thus he declared, on January 27, 2015, at the Shoah Memorial:

[Anti-Semitism] maintains conspiracy theories that spread without limits. Conspiracy theories that have, in the past, led to the worst” (…) “[The] answer is to realize that conspiracy theories are disseminated through the Internet and social networks. Moreover, we must remember that it is words that have in the past prepared extermination. We need to act at the European level, and even internationally, so that a legal framework can be defined, and so that Internet platforms that manage social networks are held to account and that sanctions be imposed for failure to enforce.” [1]

Several ministers also decried what they called “conspiracy theories” as so many “catalysts of hate and social disintegration”.

Knowing that President Hollande calls “conspiracy theory” the idea that States, whatever their regimes – including democracies – have a spontaneous tendency to act in their own interest and not in that of their constituents, we can conclude that he availed himself of this linkage to justify a potential censure of his opponents.

This interpretation is confirmed by the publication of a paper entitled “Conspiracy Theories: Current Status” by the Fondation Jean-Jaurès (Jean Jaurès Foundation), a Socialist Party think tank of which Mr. Hollande was First Secretary. [2]

Let’s leave aside the political relations of François Hollande, the Socialist Party, the Fondation Jean-Jaurès, its Political Radicalism Observatory, and the author of the paper, and let’s focus on its message and its ideological content.

Definition of “conspiracy theories”

The terms “conspiracy theories” and “conspiracism” have developed in France in the wake of the publication of my book on US imperialism post-September 11, titled The Big Lie [3]. At the time, we had trouble understanding what the terms meant because they referred to American political history. In the United States, those according to whom President Kennedy had not been assassinated by one man, but by many, thus forming a conspiracy (in the judicial sense), were commonly called “conspiracy theorists”. Over time, these expressions have entered into the French language and have overlapped with memories of the ’30s and of the Second World War, those of the denunciation of the “Jewish conspiracy”. These expressions are, therefore, now polysemous: sometimes evoking the American code of silence and, at other times, European anti-Semitism.

In its paper, the Fondation Jean-Jaurès gives its own definition of “conspiracism”. It is:

an ‘alternative’ narrative that claims to significantly upset the knowledge we have of an event and therefore competes with the ‘version’ which is commonly accepted, stigmatized as ‘official’” (p. 2).

Observe that this definition does not apply solely to the delusions of the mentally ill. Thus, Plato, through the myth of the cave, affirmed his challenge to the certainties of his time; Galileo, with his heliocentric theory, challenged the prevailing interpretation of his time of the Bible; etc.

For my part, and since they see me as the “pope of conspiracy theorists” or rather the “heresiarch”, in the words of Italian philosopher Roberto Quaglia, I reaffirm my radical political commitment, in keeping with the French republican radicalism of Léon Bourgeois [4], of Georges Clemenceau [5], of Alain [6], and of Jean Moulin [7]. For me, as for them, the State is a Leviathan which, by nature, abuses those it governs.

As a radical republican, I am aware that the State is the enemy of the common good, of the res publica; which is why I wish not to abrogate it, but to tame it. The republican ideal is compatible with various political regimes – including monarchies, as was enacted by the authors of the Declaration of 1789.

This opposition, which the current Socialist Party challenges, has so shaped our history that, in 1940, Philippe Pétain repealed the Republic to proclaim the “French State”. Immediately after his assuming presidential office, I denounced Hollande’s Pétainism [8]. Today, Mr. Hollande claims to be of the Republic to better fight it, and his inversion of values ​​plunges the country into confusion.

Who are the “conspiracy theorists”?

The “conspiracy theorists” are thus citizens who oppose the omnipotence of the State and who wish to place it under surveillance.

The Fondation Jean-Jaurès describes them as follows:

[It’s] a heterogeneous movement, heavily entangled with the Holocaust denial movement, and where admirers of Hugo Chávez and fans of Vladimir Putin mix. An underworld composed of former left-wing or extreme left-wing activists, former ‘Indignés’ [Occupy activists], sovereignists, revolutionary nationalists, ultra-nationalists, nostalgists of the Third Reich, anti-vaccination activists, supporters of sortition, September 11th revisionists, anti-Zionists, Afrocentrists, survivalists, followers of ‘alternative medicine’, agents of influence of the Iranian regime, Assadists, Catholic or Islamic fundamentalists.” (p. 8)

One will note the conflations and slanders of this description aiming to discredit those it designates.

Myths of the “conspiracy theorists”

The Fondation Jean-Jaurès continues its denigration by accusing “conspiracy theorists” of ignoring the realities of the world and of naively believing hackneyed myths. Thus, we would believe in the “world Zionist plot”, the “Illuminati conspiracy”, and the “Rothschild myth” (p. 4). And to support these three claims, it cites only one example relative solely to the “Rothschild myth”: blogger Étienne Chouard – whose work is not simply about the Republic, but goes well beyond to deal with Democracy [9] – affirms that the Pompidou–Rothschild law of 1973 is the source of France’s debt. And the Foundation goes on to refute this assertion by quoting an article published by Libération.

One will note here that the example of Étienne Chouard leaves one unsatisfied about the two other cited myths. Above all, the Foundation addresses ignorant people who have neither read the response from Mr. Chouard in the opinion column of Libération [10] nor the contribution of the “conspiracy theorist”, former Prime Minister Michel Rocard [11]. Indeed, from this debate it becomes clear that the 1973 law allowed the explosion of French debt in favor of private banks, which would have been impossible before.

The “conspirasphere”

For the Fondation Jean-Jaurès, conspiracy intellectuals would be:

essentially North American. Let us mention in particular Webster Tarpley and William Engdahl (both former members of the American politico-sectarian organization led by Lyndon LaRouche), Wayne Madsen (WayneMadsenReport.com), Kevin Barrett (VeteransToday.com), or Michel Chossudovsky (Mondialisation.ca). With their European counterparts, they form a kind of International to which Thierry Meyssan, president of Voltaire Network, tried to give concrete form in November 2005, by bringing together in Brussels an ‘anti-imperialist conference’ – ‘Axis for Peace’ – of which the list of participants reads like a who’s who of conspiracy authors most prominent at the time.” (p. 8)*

First, let’s observe that the Fondation Jean-Jaurès must only read in French and English, and have barely skimmed over the participants’ list of Axis for Peace, to believe that the phenomenon it describes only concerns France, Canada, and the United States; whereas it includes extensive literature in Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian – languages ​​which are, in fact, a majority in Axis for Peace.

Let’s note also the malicious nature of the reference to “the American politico-sectarian organization led by Lyndon LaRouche”. Indeed, Webster Tarpley and William Engdahl quit this organization more than 20 years ago. And at the time when they were members, this party was represented in France at an extreme-left organization’s congress.

A little further on, the Fondation Jean-Jaurès does not fail to mention the comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, whose shows the State seeks to prohibit, the sociologist Alain Soral, whose website (EgaliteEtReconciliation.fr) obtains audience records in France, and Alain Benajam (facebook.com/alain.benajam), chairman of Voltaire Network France and representative of the Novorossian Government of Donbass.

In 1989, the former head of US intelligence in Europe, Irving Brown, revealed to reporters Roger Faligot and Rémi Kauffer that he had recruited Jean-Christophe Cambadélis when he militated with the Lambertist Trotskyists. 25 years later, Mr. Cambadélis became First Secretary of the French Socialist Party.

The political ideas of “conspiracy theorists”

After these aperitifs, the Fondation Jean-Jaurès gets to the heart of the debate, that of political ideas. It defines those of the “conspiracy theorists” thus:

– “the erasure of any distinction in kind between authoritarian regimes and liberal democracies (deemed more ‘totalitarian’ than the worst of totalitarianisms)“;
– “[opposition to] any antiracist legislation under pretext of defending ‘freedom of expression’“;
 – “[rejection of] the relevance of the left–right divide – the real divide being, according to [their vision], the one that separates ‘the System’ (or ‘the Empire’, or ‘the Oligarchy’) from those who resist it“; (p. 8)
– “the idea that Zionism is a ‘project of domination’ of the world” (p. 9). 

The Fondation Jean-Jaurès specifically targets areas of conflict, but exaggerates to discredit its opponents. For example, no one opposed antiracism legislation, but only and exclusively the provisions of the Fabius–Gayssot Law that punishes by imprisonment any debate about the extermination of the Jews of Europe [12].

What is Zionism?

The Foundation then engages in a very long analysis of my works on Zionism. It disfigures them, then comments:

The anti-Zionism claimed here by Thierry Meyssan bears no resemblance to criticism of an economic policy, that of the governments that have succeeded one another at the head of the State of Israel. It does not arise from an anticolonialism that Israel’s withdrawal from the territories occupied after the Six-Day War and the creation of a Palestinian State would satisfy. It also does not proceed from an internationalism that would hold in suspicion, in principle, any national movement wherever it comes from, precisely because it does not take Zionism for a national movement. This paranoically constructed anti-Zionism does not pretend to fight Zionism considered in the diversity of its historical expressions, but a fantastical hydra that would be at the source of evil in the world.”

In wanting to conclude this debate by giving it considerable space in its analysis, the Fondation Jean-Jaurès highlights its importance. I indeed defend a position thus far absent from Western political debate [13]:

– The first head of State who affirmed his intention to assemble Jews from around the world in a State that would be theirs was Lord Cromwell in the seventeenth century. His project, clearly explained, consisted of using the Jewish diaspora to extend English hegemony. This project has been defended by all successive British governments and registered by Benjamin Disraeli in the agenda of the Berlin Conference.

– Theodor Herzl himself was a disciple of Cecil Rhodes, the theoretician of the British Empire. Herzl had originally proposed to create Israel in Uganda or Argentina, not in Palestine. When he succeeded in getting Jewish activists to join the British project, he bought land in Palestine by creating The Jewish Agency, whose statutes are a carbon copy of the Rhodes society in southern Africa.

– In 1916-17, the United Kingdom and the United States reconciled by committing together to create the State of Israel, through the Balfour Declaration in London and Wilson’s Fourteen Points in Washington.

It is therefore perfectly absurd to claim that Herzl invented Zionism, to separate the Zionist project from British colonialism, and to deny that the State of Israel is a tool of the common imperial project of London and Washington.†

The position of the Socialist Party on this subject is not innocent. In 1936, it proposed with Léon Blum to transfer German Jews to the south of Lebanon to ensure that this territory would be annexed by Israel when that State was created [14]. The project was quickly ruled out, however, by the French High Commissioner in Beirut, Count Damien de Martel de Janville, because it clearly violated the League of Nations mandate. Today, the Israeli lobby, created in 2003 within the Socialist Party, while François Hollande was First Secretary, is therefore naturally called Cercle Léon-Blum (Léon Blum Circle).

Concluding remarks

In 2008, Professor Cass Sunstein, an adviser to President Barack Obama and husband of the US Ambassador to the UN, had written a similar paper [15].

He wrote:

What can government do about conspiracy theories? Among the things it can do, what should it do? We can readily imagine a series of possible responses.

(1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing.
(2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories. 
(3) Government might itself engage in counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories. 
(4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech. 
(5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help.”

Ultimately, the US Government had decided to fund individuals, both at home and abroad, to disrupt the forums of “conspiracy theorist” websites and to create groups to contradict them.

This not having sufficed, France is called upon to take authoritarian measures. As in the past, the French elites, of which the Socialist Party forms the purported left wing, have placed themselves under the orders of the principal military power of the time; in this case, the US.

For the implementation of this project, it remains to be determined which authority, necessarily administrative, will be in charge of censorship and what will be its criteria. Let’s not be naive; we are approaching an inevitable showdown.

Thierry Meyssan

Translation: Roger Lagassé | Additional editing: Abel Danger

* The first sentence excerpted here reads, in full: “Outside Europe, they are essentially North American.”

† Yet, alongside apparent Anglo-American imperial schemes, it is necessary to factor in the agenda of the usurious, racketeering cabal of Rothschilds, Montefiores, Board of Deputies of British Jews, and the interwoven designs of Benjamin Disraeli; then to consider the future Irgun bombing of Jerusalem’s King David Hotel in 1946, as well as the Lavon Affair of 1954, Israeli Defense Forces’ attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, plus a whole series of further false flag attacks perpetrated internationally by Zionist militants against British and American targets; and to grasp how blackmail, extortion, and bribery have been used by high-level, low-life Jewish organized criminals to expedite British and American compliance with elitist Jewish expansionist schemes. Who financed Oliver Cromwell? –Abel Danger

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[6] Alain, philosophe français (1868-1951), co-fondateur du Comité de vigilance des intellectuels antifascistes (CVIA). Il milita pour une république protectrice de la liberté, strictement contrôlée par le peuple.

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