Col. L. Fletcher Prouty on the Bay of Pigs and Vietnam – Kennedy on Putting the CIA Out of Business – $570 Billion on the Line – Substantive History – 2.6 Million Soldiers Cycled Through Vietnam

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  • After watching this video all I can say is wow! wow! wow! the average citizen doesn't have a chance at anything.

  • Commerce is a war on you beginning with…

    1) Communism;
    2) Terrorism;

    Ready for the war on…

    3) Asteroids;

    Then in the final phase the war on…

    4) Aliens.

  • Did James Files or David Ferries make the fatal head shot from the front? Files claims he bit a spent .223 casing after the hit. He told where it could be found. They did find it. True?

  • For an in-depth analysis of the many players and theories surrounding the JFK assassination, I recommend reading JIm Marrs' updated version of "Crossfire: The Plot The Killed Kennedy," or "JFK and the Unspeakable," written by James Douglass.

  • re: comment above on the 4th aspect of commerce.

    Here comes the psychological persuasion of the public of aliens to prepare humanity for the next war.

    ABC Developing Alien Drama From 'Under the Dome' Writer (Exclusive)