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Abel Danger Broadcast October 17, 2012

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Attention Chris Hook at DoJ and “”:

Regarding the murders of Ambassador Stevens, Pat Tillman and Chic Burlingame, Abel Danger Global Intelligence is inviting interested parties to listen to our three hour radio show today linking
the ‘cabal’ to these three murders all carried out by elements deployed by City of London.

Truth Central Radio  1300-1600 CDT 17 October, 2012

Your unwillingness or inability to ‘listen and act’ will be accommodated by our forwarding to you a full recording of the three hour dissertation as well as the entire CHAT LOG of our global participants in the exposure of the BLUE MOUNTAIN assailants who anally raped this deceased servant of the United States of America. It is believed this ‘service’ murdered Pat Tillman. Associates of this ‘service’ murdered Captain Chic Burlingame, USNA ’71. One 9 June, 1971, 5 members of the Annapolis Class of ’71 began careers in ‘special operations. Chic Burlingame and Al Shauffelberger were murdered. That leaves 3. I suggest those trying to plug leaks in the ‘ship of state’ review Matthew 25:40 in the New Testament of the HOLY BIBLE.

40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” 

If any persons working in official capacity of the United States of America wish not to receive the audio recording and CHAT LOG
please respond with a ‘negative’ prior to 1630 CDT today, 17 October, 2012.

Consider the fact that Abel Danger has posted THREAT WINDOWS prior to Mystery Missile ( 8 Nov 10 ) and against USS ENTERPRISE ( 24-27 September, 2012 ) prior to ‘opting out’. So far only the Romney Campaign has opted out. Their worker Fifi Knott ( ) can confirm that after receiving information exposing Tim Pawlenty’s Misprision of Treason as filed 6 April, 2008, Romney’s campaign asked us not to keep them informed of other skullduggery. 

Today’s show will focus on: Persons wishing to participate in ‘chat’ can be accommodated at:

Best regards,
Field McConnell
Abel Danger

PS google [ Agent Chips + Pat Tillman Trio ] and be glad your last name is not Kensinger, McChrystal or Petraeus

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