Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) Radio – October 15, 2012

Attention OATH KEEPERS at FBI/DoJ:

At 1400 EDT today, Monday, 15 October, 2012, Abel Danger Radio [ ] will broadcast an explanation exposing Blue Mountain’s Libya murder of Ambassador Stevens and linking it to Clintons, plural. Recall that in Chapter 11 we set 22 October as the deadline for removal of Pawlenty, Romney and Barry Soetoro.

This letter to FBI and Chris Hook will be posted on internet within minutes of my sending it. This letter, radio broadcast, and CHAT LOG will be sent to ‘all of you’ within 30 minutes of broadcast
end. You have been advised to listen and if you do not and you work for DoJ, you will be exposed as in receipt of information regarding Treason such as Tim Pawlenty received on 6 April, 2008
which caused him to be dropped like a hot potato from McCain’s flaccid campaign, caused him to be removed as a POTUS candidate in August, 2011 in Des Moines, and caused Romney to
terminate him as Treason doesn’t play well with America’s military, veterans, American Legion, VFW or those who read Veterans Today.

The Treason against America involving Barry Soetoro,
Punahou ’79 will be exposed TODAY.

Please see email address [ ]. That is Russia’s Air Attache in Washington and he will forward to his chain of command my opinion that the recent purchase of Embraer jets
following May’s purchase of Bombardier jets clearly sets Warren Buffett as someone who has profitted BILLIONS in the remote demolition of the Sukhoi Superjet on 9 May 12.

He has alot
of things to answer for regarding the profits made by Wells Fargo in the PASS THROUGH CERTIFICATES of Bldgs 1 and 2 on 9/11.

 It is now time to let you all know who I work for: see Isaiah 54:16-17 and then Psalm 91:11-14.

Field McConnell
U S Marine Oath Keeper 0116513



C2CSI- Broadcast and Transcript-October 15, 2012

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