Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) – Fraud Upon the Court – Colgan 3407, Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet and MH370 – October, 2014 – FIELDs of Fire

To anyone mildly concerned with air safety:

Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) was dismissed in a FRAUD UPON Judge Rosemary M. Collyer’s COURT. She will have another chance as soon as
a certain action in Malaysia is completed.

Colgan 3407, Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet and MH370 would not have been possible if pilots were aware of the existence of the BHUAP.

Russia and Malaysia are aware and have taken/ are taking action. Meanwhile, US and ALPA have heads in the sand.

Field McConnell
Plaintiff, Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)
715 307 8222

Agent Chips,

I’ve just undone the last screws of LRU (line replaceable unit) on AIMS Cabinet One inside the avionics bay of the Tel Aviv Twin 777-2H6ER, same as MH370. I FLASHED you a week ago as soon as I suspected the AIMS might have an “extra” box. Happy and sad to report there was an extra box – it was labelled “Honeywell International Inc – Flight Control Module”. I tested the paint and it dated back to a time when Honeywell and Boeing first installed the avionics for another B777 delivered on 31st May 2002.

On opening the LRU the microchip was stamped with patent number “WO2002006115A9” 14 July 2000. [ perhaps ALPA can understand the impact of that ]. My Fully Integrated Gspot Googler System (FIGGS), of which I have one (no general confusion with the alternate FIGGs system of which I have two) was aroused by the words “Flight control modules merged into the integrated modular avionics – Honeywell Int Inc”.

Reading the patent detail will reveal the significance of the date July 2000 but you’ve guessed that already. I believe that you contention that if ALPA hadn’t perpetrated a FRAUD UPON THE COURT, Colgan 3407, Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet, MH370 and the ‘October Surprise’ could have been avoided. Still time for event penciled in for 2 October, 2014.

Remember, IMA = AIMS in the patent text: “In an aircraft using fly-by-wire technology, the flight control functions have been integrated into the integrated modular avionics (‘IMA’) (410). The new flight control module (‘FCM’) (402) resides on the same data bus as the other modules in the IMA and receives power from the same power supply.
In addition, the FCM is also connected to a separate power supply to add redundancy to the system.”

Looking back to the schematics the Flight Control Computers providing Pilot Authority (the yoke, rudder and throttles) connect directly to the ACE (Actuator Control Electronics) which move the control surfaces when the aircraft flies in DIRECT mode. L-NAV and V-NAV or FULL Autopilot modes still allow input from the Pilot Ace as if in DIRECT mode but you need to give the yoke a bit of stick if you’ll pardon the pun.

In BHUAP Mode I told you the AIMS takes over the FCC function when Pilot Authority has been denied. Well this is exactly how it is done, the FCC lives in AIMS now, and has a completely separate power supply to the cockpit. Rather than BHUAP switching bits and pieces off here and there, like it had to in BHUAP 1995 – 2002 (Honeywell AIMS-2), for MH370 it just hit the cockpit main switch and ran the AIMS on the redundant UPS (uninterruptable power supply). Keep it simple stupid – BHUAP only needs AIMS to run. AIMS contains everything needed, including the SOFTWARE ROUTINE Unauthorised Flight Detector.

Here’s how Honeywell justify it:

“The BMA of the prior art did not include an FCC, because some argue that the critical components and the non-critical components should not be placed in the same IMA housing or cabinet, to avoid having the failure of a non-critical component effect the availability of a critical component. Because the Flight Control Computer directly controlled the primary control surfaces, the Flght Control Computer was Critical in the prior art.”

Oh, so when did Pilot Authority become NON-CRITICAL?…answer, sometime after Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) was dismissed in a Fraud against Judge Rosemary M. Collyer involving ALPA persons Rob Plunkett, Susan Kalfus, James Johnson, Pete Janhunen, John Prater, Randy Babbitt and, by extension, Lee Moak.

“Therefore, the prior art placed the Flight Control Computers in a separate module to ensure that the failure of the IMA would not result in the failure of the primary flight control surfaces. There are several disadvantages to this approach. The first disadvantage is the added development cost because of the need for similar redundancy. The development costs for the software is almost doubled because the software must be developed twice. Furthermore, there is extra weight on the airplane because of the need for a separate Flight Control Computer with a separate power supply and separate processing capabilities. The separation of the FCC results in another disadvantage because of the way a typical FCC communicates with the IMA over a standard ARINC 629 bus.

The ARINC 629 bus is slower than the bus internal to the IMA. Thus, for the IMA to transmit data to the FCC as it is being processed, either less data must be transmitted, or the same data must be transmitted over a longer period of time. Because of the importance of receiving information in a timely manner, prior art designers chose to transmit less data. Therefore, a separate FCC does not receive the full flight information generated by the IMA. What is needed is a system that alleviates or eliminates these problems.” [ thanks to your source Sandy at ARINC in Annapolis ]

YEAH, AND CHEAP USUALLY MEANS YOU CREATE A NEW PROBLEM. Something large should have been Fully Digitally Intergrated with their [redacted] (FDIA)!

Moreover this was the technology installed by Honeywell-PMA (parts manufacture authority) into the 757 and 767 fleet starting in 2000.

Nothing more needs to be said unless ALPA can prove 9/11 happened prior to 2000.

Three FIGG’d Wisers Deluxe in TA out.

FLASH2 – if you get in a fully programmed Sim that you can tamper with, program a flight route and then use the Maintenance Access Terminal through the CDA to enact patent “US 6470224 B1” and start turning off the switches.
I bet the Sim will still fly and land the route with only the AIMS running after cockpit avionics power has been severed from the main bus.

Rough schematics and instructions for the Secondary Power Distribution Assembly can be found at US 6470224 B1.

If you visit the region again suggest you speak to your former Singapore AF students; they and their observations were spot on.


PS, don’t discuss this on Friday’s show unless MASTERMIND 50 suggests we open up in flanking, grazing, interlocking and fusillade FIELDs of fire from FSB A, FSB M, FSB WR, FSB PC and your Marine Intel contact in the Big D, FSB D. MASTERMIND 70 supports Friday

PS2 Do you know a Mahle at Honeywell?

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  • Look who is trying to flog bio scanners in Australia which is the real game i believe , TSA THAT'S WHO . just like the fake crash in MALAYSIA not long ago i believe this is exactly the same , fake missing jet . THE OTHER JETS WERE CRASHED but not this one and i don't think it ever took off with anyone