CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

Dane Wigington

Published on Aug 23, 2017


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Kevin Shipp was a decorated CIA officer who refused to look the other way in regard to government criminality and cover-up. At a very important public awareness event, held by in Northern California, on July 28th, 2017, Mr. Shipp presented a shocking and compelling presentation on numerous, horrific and ongoing government crimes. The total persecution of anyone who dares to tell the truth about rampant government tyranny is also fully exposed. The paradigm we have all known has been built on deception and the dark agendas of the global power structure. The courage Kevin Shipp has shown by doing his best to expose government criminality and tyranny serves as a stellar example to us all.

We desperately need other individuals in government agencies and the US military to follow Kevin’s lead. All of us are essential in the battle to help wake the masses to the truth so that the whistleblowers have the support they need to come forward. If we have any chance of stopping the completely out of control criminal cabal that currently runs our country and much of the world, we must all make our voices heard, we must all join the fight for the greater good.

Dane Wigington

Note from Robert O’Dowd, author of “Treachery: Murder, Cocaine, and the Lucifer Directive”

Great video presentation, which clearly demonstrates the tyranny of the shadow government. Kevin Shipp is a hero for speaking the truth. He runs the risk of sudden and unexpected death for doing so, and ignores it. We need more men and women to do the same. His presentation supports why Colonel Jim Sabow was murdered at El Toro, despite the wealth of evidence of homicide and crime scene tampering by government agents, why 256 Americans were killed in the crash of Arrow Air 1285 from an airborne fire and explosion with the Canadian Air Safety Board calling it an accident due to icing, why Arleigh McCree, the head of the LAPD bomb squad, was killed in a booby-trapped pipe bomb after reporting the CIA connection to the crash of Arrow Air 1285, why Donald Lee Morse, a black Hollywood make-up artist with no known bomb-making skills was convicted of McCree’s and Ron Ball’s (his LAPD bomb squad partner) deaths, etc. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Bob

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