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re: letter to The Power Hour

I understand my name may have been mentioned today on Power Hour. You may enjoy reading that the City of London has been put on notice by Master Mercer, Mr. Simon Wathen, that Abel Danger has linked them to 9/11 and MH370.

Further, you may enjoy hearing my remarks which I will deliver at Van Zandt County Memorial’s Memorial Day Observance next Monday. It will include some truthful comments about Extortion 17, who benefitted, who paid when the SNOOKERED CHINOOK was taken down on 6 August, 2011 killing 38 men, one of the Special Operations Chief Aaron Carson Vaughn, whose pack and weapons I now pick up. Any SERCO-Livery types may wish to review the words of Isaiah 54:17:

17 no weapon forged against you will prevail,
and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, 
and this is their vindication from me,”
declares the Lord.

Thank you, Joyce, for mentioning my name. Now let me mention the name of He whom I serve in the spirit of John 10:18. JESUS.


Please sing along with Tennessee Ernie and I in boldness:

This is my country! Land of my birth!
This is my country! Grandest on earth!
I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold,
For this is my country to have and to hold.
What diff’rence if I hail from North or South
Or from the East or West?
My heart is filled with love for all of these.
I only know I swell with pride and deep within my breast
I thrill to see Old Glory paint the breeze.
With hand upon heart I thank the Lord For this my native land,
For all I love is here within her gates.
My sould is rooted deeply in the soil on which I stand, 
For these are mine own United States.
This is my country! Land of my choice!
This is my country! Hear my proud voice!
I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold,
For this is my country! To have and to hold.


This is Pat Tillman’s country, this is Aaron Vaughn’s country, this is my country and Obama, Serco, and the Master Mercer need to find their place. Their place is not paid for with the blood of the patriots.


If you communicate with folks in UK remind them of the words of Master Mercer Mr. Simon Wathen spoken last month:

“Take for instance the Innholders – I should say that the Master Innholder does know this is coming – now you might think that in the old days innholders ran an innocent activity, providing bed and board for travellers and their horses: but there was also a theory that they were an arm of the government, in practice informers paid by the authorities to pass on tales and gossip picked up in their inns.

The Master Innholder perhaps unwisely asked me to speak at a recent Court lunch, so I set about my research on his Company, pursuing that theory. Looking for inspiration, I typed the phrase “were Innholders spies?” into google, the result was explosive, the web is heaving with conspiracy theories about the Innholders.

I refer you to one Abel Danger, whose website alleges that the Worshipful Company of Innholders is an arm of the British security services, the so-called MI-3, and was deeply involved inter alia in the attack on Pearl Harbour and the assassination of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald, that the order to kill Oswald was relayed over Innholder communication systems via madams operating out of a Hotel in the Bahamas and the Lexington Hotel in Chicago, which Abel Danger asserts was a homosexual brothel and command authority base for Al Capone and Jack Ruby etc.. 

The company you keep, Master Innholder! But of course understandably you hotly deny this connection. But a caution to you all, beware of what you do in an Inn these days. To pick up my thread, some companies may have gone too far in reconnecting with their trade.”

Abel Danger suggests that the City of London review the behavior of Worshipful Companies chartered in 1928 and later. Activities of GAPAN and WORLD TRADERS in reference to 2001 might be a good place to start the ‘house cleaning’.

I yield the floor to my esteemed colleague, Mr. David Hawkins, the Cambridge schooled Forensic Economist with who I labor. I put in a couple of hours last night reviewing current projects of Churchill’s Red Switch Grandsons and The Crossed Keys Contract Hit We invite interested parties to join us on our live radio show tomorrow, Wednesday where we will explain what happened to MH370 at BITOD waypoint.

Abel Danger:

Churchill’s Red Switch Grandsons and The Crossed Keys Contract Hit – Chapter 4 – Book 14

Thank you,

Field McConnell
Plaintiff, Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)

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  • Always " spot on" . We are lucky to have these two geniuses working for our country. I am so sorry to miss your Memorial Day speech. Please broadcast it for us.

    Prayers all around