Christopher Bollyn: “Was Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot Used In Egyptian Plane Crash?”

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  • Obuma is playing haarp US Navy flotilla operating off the Southern and Central coasts of California had closed the airspace over their operations area and notified their nations civilian authorities.

    Even more concerning to these Space Forces experts, this report continues, was that at the same time this vast US Navy flotilla was preparing to fire a Trident II missile, Federation satellites operating over North American detected an enormous energy surge (plasma discharge) emanating from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory located in Menlo Park, California.

  • THE UK is trying to get permission to bomb Syria . Defence Secretary brands British failure to bomb ISIS in Syria as 'morally wrong'

  • I dont agree , its true they are trying to muddy the waters , but how do you explaine 2 jets , no wings no engines the engine planted was the wrong type for those jets and only 1 engine , not possible , those engines are neverr destroyed completely in any crash . The video's show the jets were pasted in after very clearly .

    • Who says plane engines/wings/parts didn't end up inside the towers that were then demolished ? The 'wrong type' for what — for the official conspiracy theory ? for your uninformed theories ? Do you know what type of droned planes were used ? No , obviously not . How's the air up in the peanut gallery ? Mind the elephant droppings . . .

  • The nukes are very debatable , have you seen the rock under the trade centres ? it sure takes a lot to melt rock like that . on vet affairs duff

  • Mercenary, contractor shoot down. See captured Yemen spooks and five dead in Jordan. Bitch/please. They are exposed in real time. Minute by minute. A blind man could see it.

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