Chicago’s Candyman and Her Short for Snuff Swaps – Chapter 12

Operation COOKED GOOSE/Queen’s Fowl Pussy
DMORT V and HSEEP 3 No Match for Abel Danger

“Every collectivist revolution rides in on a Trojan horse of “Emergency”. It was a tactic of Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini and Barry Soetoro.” Memoirs: The Great Depression, 1929-1941, p. 484—1951 (updated 7 December, 2012 by Abel Danger)
Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) 31st President of the U.S.

Jarrett, Holder, Soetoro, Clinton and (redacted) Goose is Cooked

PLUM Sauce anyone?

January 13th Event to Block January 21st Event?

Fat and Furious Lesbian Defendant #3, Bunglers of Benghazi

Piers Morgan ‘flight risk’ after Alex Jones and Chips expose Queen’s Fowl Pussy

Queen’s Pussy

Mikey “Little Debbie” Bloomers Can Eat The Chubby One, Capeche?

DC Death Cruiser

Two Beautiful Dangerettes. 80W Left, Bean Spiller Right, I’d Sooner Them Both

Leon County Judge Kevin Carroll Swallows Obama’s Fish Tale, Hook, Line and Stinker

Judgement Details ‘gagged’ in Sealed Settlement in Pilot Whistleblower Case 1-4-13

NSAWW Leaker May Get Plugged


Scripture of Day: Philippians 1:3-6

3 I thank my God every time I remember you.
4 In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy
5 because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now,
6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. 

Gospel Song:

Secular Song:

Chapter 12

Bean Spiller could feel TILLMAN’S GHOST slow for the turn into Tri Cities airport so she doubled her stroke to finish let the world’s lowest jet to jet refuel probe artist take car of business as some Smoked Oysters prepared to ‘launch’. As they approached the FBO, the staccato sound of what seemed like AR15 gunfire caused the driver to ‘stuff it’ and the 413 beat a hasty retreat from the FBO parking lot as Bean Spiller swallowed hard. As the staccato continued, a routine Clipper from Hamish to all players went to queue on Agent Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun and was immediately followed by a FLASH FESTUS from Umbrellaman’s Hammer, Agent MacCheese back at the sugar shack where he was getting some sugar from Agent Barn Swallow.

Barn Swallow Hammer MacCheese FLASH FESTUS to all Agents aField and aBroad assigned to Queen’s Pussy, Pussy Stretcher or Barn Swallow, copy Telstar in Lone Star: The Bungler’s of Benghazi ‘blinked’ and have cancelled the 2nd Connecticut KID KILL scheduled for 13 Jan 13. When Lieberman allowed Hillary a ‘get out of jail card’ he lied regarding his medical condition. This just in from Walter Reed Army Hospital in DC:

Due to testimony from Connecticut ‘insiders’ we believe that during the Abel Danger C2CSI show at 1400 Eastern, all incommunicado Connecticut Officials will have their names and email addresses announced on live radio and TV. Further, Umbrellaman will brief Operation NUTCRACKER once Agent Chips is level at flight level 350 and his NoRAD escort from Ellington replace the Spads from Duluth who stand alert at Tyndall AFB. This Operation is now CODE BLEU, ladies and gentlement in NUTCRACKER, Godspeed. Crack ‘em if you’ve got ‘em. MacCheese

Agent Chips stuffed his twig n’berries back in his Pastel Manly Mocha IOC as a MESSAGE IN SONG began on the radio in the 413 powered Tillman’s Ghost as Agent Tillman understood the significance of 2nd, or second, in the Flash Festus from MacCheese. He selected C2 on the Clipper device in the dash of the 40 Studebaker and didn’t have to listen more than 9 seconds to see the word ‘Audrey’ on the Tugboat. He knew what to do.

Before we begin Chapter Twelve in earnest become aware of the ADUC; Abel Danger Under Cover. Remember this Diane, Hillary, Michelle and the Queen’s Pussies you are bearded to, if you fuck with ADUC, or a duck, you’ll get the bill. You cannot, and will not, stomp us out because country folks can survive. You can have our guns after we spit Beechnut in your eye and shoot you with a .45. Dianne Finedick and Piers Morgan, go fuck a duck, notice I didn’t say Dianne Finephart, Mary Elizabeth Harriman or Judge Jennifer McKinnon; all complicit in the MOTHER OF ALL COVERUPS which Abel Danger, alone, has uncovered. Please note for the record that I did not link Dianne Feindickcheese to a Whale Vagina, that would be disrespectful to whales and vaginas.

When Agent Tillman saw the code word Audrey, he reached under the driver’s seat for the USAA insurance policy and handed it to Bean Spiller. Chips was dressed and Bean Spiller had swallowed so she opened the policy holder as Agent Tillman had requested.

“Bean Spiller, in the song of Bocephus, Hank gave us an Abel Danger hint. See if there is a driver listed with first name Audrey, please, we are going back to the Tri Cities Airport if my hunch is correct.”

“Tillman, for this car all insured drivers names are redacted, but the home address for them all is 1313 Audrey Lane, Birchwood, Wisconsin.”

“That is what I was guessing. Agent Chips’ Blue Angel 7 is to depart at 1313 and the KC130 to refuel him is taking off from Carswell at this time. There is a female KC130 pilot in the Marine Corps whose father is an Attorney who works above the Wells Fargo Bank branch on Center Avenue, Moorhead MN, 56560. This operation will run like a Swiss Watch. Hand on tight, we need to expedite to the FBO.”

Chips and Bean Spiller fastened the seat belt around both of them as the 413 was taching at 6900 rpm and the Torqueflite was transmitting the torque not to be confused with Peter Tork, the former Monkey who had a monster hit about a girl who lived in a FIELD, or was it meadow, by a pond. Peter Tork, or was it Michael Nesmith? As Tillman kept the speedometer buried Chips noticed a pair of F16s loitering above the Tri Cities Airport which was just 3 minutes away. As a little hand was invading the EHP, Chips felt his Clipper Squirt Gun vibrating. Whipping it out, he saw an Immediate from Agent Hamish.

Nutcracker Agent Hamish Immediate JASPAR to Agent Chips and Bean Spiller, copy Tillman: Field McConnell, oops, I mean Agent Chips, to identify the perps, we should get Valerie Bowman’s same-sex associates at DOJ Pride to do a comparative crime-scene analysis for events associated with these three sets of BOOKENDS: Sandy Hook v. Beslan ( both schools attacked by prisoners intentionally released ), London Underground Bombing of 7/7/2005 v. Moscow Underground Bombing 3/29/2010,  Aurora Theater Attack (Denver) v. Dubrovka Theater (Moscow). It seems the evil cabalists using BOWMAN radios are trying to harm both the United States and Russia, DoJ’s sexualists (?) may uncover the crime-scene scripts of current or ex-cons shepherded through furlough frauds by Bowman surveillance teams. Remember the Honourable Artilllery Company is a private militia funded by the Worshipful Company of International (LIBOR) Bankers led by HSBC at 8 Canada Square where the D2 Banking snuff-film archives are housed and right next door is 1 Canada Square where D2 banking is based according to a hypothesis by our erudite butler Marquis d’Cartier. A fellow named Brian B has asked us if we know the significance of this google pairing: 

[ Field + Long Dong + F82 + Birchwood Wisconsin ] 

Oh, on you way back to the chalet can you pick up another case of Mineral Water and a bag of limes? Hamish 

Chips could detect a faint hink of clover as his TI was passing 101% as if being prepared for knight duty. Chips recalled that Bean Spiller was knowledgeable of Long Dong so he showed the message from Hamish to her and asked her what the google pairing might indicate. She had her hands full, in a manner of speaking, so with her left hand she called Agent 80W who lived near a Conderate Air Force outlet.

“80W, got my hands full, can you google [ Field + Long Dong + F82 + Birchwood WI ] and see if anything comes up?”

“Hands full, you are not fooling me. However, in the interest of your project and my next Operation WOODY, the answer to your question is the Long Dong was the radar that the F82 used on deep penetration flights as they escorted B29s and B50s during a three year period during the Korean War. I will send the information on to MacCheese but I believe we need to cross talk with Agent Kimchee Canama in Latin America and Agent Telstar in Austin as I believe Umbrellaman is expecting to brief NUTCRACKER once Chips is up, up, and away, capeche?”

“Thanks 80W, we are pulling up to the back door of 253 Airport Circle. Chips has been told to expect to be airborne at 1313, time now 1307 Keep the party going, we will be back soon.. Tillman and I will pick up more party supplies and Mineral Water for Hamish. Tillman asked me if I’d ever been to the submarine races. I told him no and then asked him if he’d ever checked a country girl for ticks. His answer was manual, not verbal. ”

Timman’s Ghost

Tillman and Bean Spiller watched Chips crawl in the back seat where upon the long hose became pressurized as the ground crew responded to a turning ‘two fingers’ signal from the helmet in the front seat as opposed to the helmet in the rear seat if you know the difference between helmets and anteaters, see also circumcision, capeche? As the watched the Sky Hawk taxi for a southwest departure the saw the two F16 descend from their high orbit to a position about 7 miles north east of the FIELD just as a Clipper from Atomic Betty to all players in Operation Queen’s Pussy came across as a Priority JASPAR.

“All players in Queen’s Pussy. God is definitely at work of our side. Ensure Agent Chips, Tillman, Barry M. Hall and Agent Bean view the entire set up by our man from Austin, Texas. Agent Telstar had suggested to Alex Jones that when he got on camera to send a subliminal message to the Royals and the Chicago Cabal. More later, Umbrellaman is calling me with an Immediate FESTUS. Atomic Betty.”

Agent Tillman spoke loudly over the roar of the J52-P408 as Blue Angel 7 took off on a southwesterly course.

“Bean Spiller, Agent Kimchee Canama and Telstar called earlier this morning and suggest we list to hear these words, and I quote verbatim ‘The Second Amendment isn’t there for DUCK hunting, it’s there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs.” This is a signal from Umbrellaman to Abel Danger that Alex Jones has now joined our effort as has Kristine Marcy and Lyn Sherlock. If I were a televangelist like Kenneth Copeland I would be very encouraged about what is to revealed, by God Himself, in 2013. Do you know the difference between a drumstick and a dick?”

Bean Spiller nodded ‘no’ shyly to which said they were going to share a picnic in that case. Tillman’s Ghost, Agent Tillman and Agent Bean Spiller were off to the races as the two Spad’s joined in left echelon to Blue Angel 7 as the silver wings headed ‘somewhere’ in flight. Bean Spiller selected F4 on her Clipper Spelunking Helmet to suggest to Tillman that she’d like a slow one. As the jets faded out of sight, Bean Spiller laid her head down as if suddenly tired.

Tillman was looking forward to doing some ‘tick checking’ during the submarine races when an Immediate Clipper gave Abel Danger a change of plans not to be confused with Denny Yost’s kickass crooning in the Classics 4 standard Change of Heart which was a song playing near Nob Noster the summer that Bean Spiller and Agent Chips enjoyed their first Jersey Milking for those of you who know anything about cows, dairy cows, udders and teats.

Umbrellaman Immediate JASPAR to all Agents in Queen’s Pussy and Barn Swallow, copy Vladimir: My disciple Kenneth Copeland has a message to share with you: The word of The LORD came to me a short time ago for this ministry and our Partners: 2013–The Year of Great GRACE, To My Partners: Stay where you are! Stay steady! Your greatest BLESSING ever is at hand. No one can stop My plan for you. It’s a BLESSED plan. STAY ON MY WORD. Stay strong in faith! Insist on walking in My commandment of love. NO DEVIL, NO GOVERNMENT, NO MAN CAN CURSE WHAT I HAVE BLESSED. Believe that. Know that! You belong to Me–not the world! We will carry out THE BLESSING plan together. I’m teaching you GRACE. Keep it on your mind throughout 2013, and beyond. Never, ever let it go. Please read THIS BLESSING EMAIL three times each morning and standby for Hammer Rooster Cogburn who follows immediately to brief NUTCRACKER. Umbrellaman.

Operation Nutcracker Dangerette Template modeled by Agent Vani of Paramus 

“Thank you Umbrellaman, and thanks for sending your son to take our place on Calvary. Fellow Abel Danger Agents, the Duluth F16s have RTBed and now the 147th from Ellington FIELD are hawking Blue Angel 7. Once Blue Agent 7 goes ‘feet wet’ I have been authorized to roll Queen’s Pussy into Queen’s Fowl Pussy as Agent Alex Jones has ripped ‘pussy Piers’ a new one. The servants of satan are scared shitless as Hillary and Shrub’s dad have been in the hospital recently. They should continue to be frightened as the IDES OF JANUARY approach with the Event of 13Jan13 which will be monitored by AD but we will not block it. We have communicated with the entire Chain of Command of the State of Connecticut and except for three ‘retirees’ living out of state, no one is talking to us. Good, they probably have bad breath. I’ve been noticing for a number of years now that there has been a “drive” of some type going on considering the current heightened awareness of “evil” in the world causing many people to be pushed back into the evil arms of the den of deception, the Catholic Church. The events in October and December convince me that the Petraeus-Putin-McConnell ‘civil rest’ transition bears as much similarity to “Coup d ‘etat in Slow Motion” by Ole Dammegard as the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, John F. Kennedy (what radios were being used by the shooters in JFK’s assassination?) and Abraham Lincoln for their “frightening parallels. According to a recent interview I listened to, Ole Dammegard couldn’t get his book published and has released it on the internet as an ebook following the Abel Danger motif. Looking forward to reading what he has to say about all this. Ole also discusses pedophile networks at one point in the book. If you view Youtube videos of services at Catholic Churches and read Catholic periodicals on line to get insights, you can sense this is what is happening. Now that economic circumstances have deteriorated to the point where they are now for many people in the U.S. there will be even more Americans pushed back into the waiting arms of the Church. However, Abel Danger will sound the alarm and ‘asshole’ the Roman Catholic Church and their Georgetown Pussies who kept giving the big banks a get out of jail free card. A anticipated reaction I suppose for people who feel dejected and in many cases in fear and uncertainty. The Catholic Church, at the highest level is the arbiter of dejection and fear. Fuck ‘em. Rooster.

I have ensured that all of you have a briefing package for Operation NUTCRACKER. Our purpose is to cause the event scheduled for 21Jan13 to be canceled entirely, or moved into doors. Remember, in the JFK silencing which occurred 10 days after he told the American people the office of President of US had been conscripted by the EVIL VATICAN BANKERS, pardon the redundancy. Please read all the NUTCRACKER documents and return for a brief by myself and Hamish at 1500, time now 1342. Rooster

NUTCRACKER 1. The Canadian Deception: Mark Carney, Governor of Bank of Canada who takes over his appointment as Governor Bank of England on July 1 spent a week-long holiday last summer at the summer home of Liberal MP Scott Brison. Brison was a former Conservative who switched sides to the Liberals in 2003 and was awarded a cabinet post, the first to be openly gay. Brison is a member of the Privy Council and Liberal finance critic. Now you might wonder why Governor Carney would place himself in a conflict of interest situation staying with an opposition finance critic. Media reports suggest Brison was trying to recruit Carney to run for the Liberal party leadership. But that sounds like a red herring and a fruit-less (no pun intended) endeavor as the leadership race is for show. Everybody knows it will be a coronation of Justin Trudeau, effeminate son of former PM Pierre Trudeau, Abel Danger code LOOSE SCREW. In December Carney was cleared of conflict of interest after an internal (Bank of Canada) investigation into his ‘holiday’ with Brison, Operation Tailgunner.

Mark Carney cleared of breaking rules on political impartiality

The happy couple Liberal finance critic and MP Scott Brison, left, and his husband since 2007 Maxime St. Pierre spent Christmas with Stephen Harper and Russell Williams and they reportedly dressed in items of clothing Colonel Russell Williams harvested during his time being a FUCKING USELESS wannabe for the Canadian Forces according to Angus and Lise. By the way, delete the G from Angus and what have you got, that’s right and Anus and a ‘g’ spot where the removed letter used to be. POC Note 1; Agent Kimchee Canama

NUTCRACKER 2: Umbrellaman has authorized this message to be sent once the Navy F18s replaced the Ellington F16 escorting Blue Angel 7: Plum City – ( – January 8, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked an MoD’s Bowman-radio hack for a Let’s Roll wag the story for Americans as they slept, to Barry Soetoro’s 1981 training in Quetta in the operation of the Clansman radio pack for deep penetration behind enemy lines. This syncs 100% with our linkage of Bettina-Jordan Barber’s sale of MoD Bowman-radio encryption keys to Murdoch Wag the Dog media, to wireless trigger signals relayed to bombs in the London (2005), Moscow (2010) Underground systems and are just ‘one off’ the technology China has put in the Boeing 787, we believe in the central wing box. Field McConnell, Wisconsin DOJ #65229 has linked Valerie Jarrett’s (nee Bowman!) alleged use of General Dynamics Bowman radios for a hack of the Racal Vodaphone/Verizon Airfone network on 9/11, to a “Let’s Roll” dive with a 100 ton plane (United 93) into a crime scene from which Jarrett’s DMORT Region V crew collected a red bandanna and just enough debris to fill half a dumpster according to Gerri Sollenberg, Lyn Sherlock or Kristine Marcy, pick one. Keep in mind that Sollenberg is not Sullenberger the USAir pilot or Sullenfurburg the naked female with a cross bow and a whale vagina. United States Marine Field McConnell ( Marine ID 0116513) has linked a Wells Fargo ATM card, tracked as a DMORT false-flag clue at the WTC Twin Towers crime scene where Wells Fargo ( Warren Buffett, Mike Heid, and John Stumpf according to our insider in Des Moines) was hired as a master servicer in a double-occurrence spread-bet insurance fraud, to Al-Qaeda Bowman radio operators, allegedly deployed by Valerie Jarrett (nee Bowman) in New York for a phony Tripod II exercise attended by representatives from a DMORT Region V Family Assistance Center Team. Google DMORT, HSEEP, and National Security Associates World Wide and the name Gerri Sollenberg comes up. Why? We expect the answer from Courtney Banks, Deb Brown or the Connecticut police dispatcher who is married to a General Electric big shot not to be confused with the 3-7 little shots that H. Wayne Carver delighted in spolating according to our Abel Marksman in Agawam who on January 3rd told United States Marine Field McConnell, ssn 583-xx-9001 that he/they had linked Field’s sister, Kristine Marcy’s crime-scene transportation system (JPATS) to Valerie Jarrett’s (nee Bowman!) alleged use of the Honorable Artillery Company’s Bowman radios to coordinate the shooting of school children at Beslan, North Ossetia in 2004 and near the Sandy Hook Elementary School’s DMORTII morgue in Newtown on December 14, 2012.

Field has been in contact with Putin’s Military Attache Nikolay, whose office is at 4409 Tunlaw Road in Northwest Washington, and Russia and France are ‘on board’ with the upcoming re-files of Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) and Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 as the ‘false flag’ disasters in Russia and United States have same tell tale ‘calling cards’, MO’s and radios. Agent Barry M. Hall, Fort McPherson-CDC-Dobbins and Warner Robins, GA AD Regional Manager.

In the back of the TA4J Agent Chips was reading along and formulating a plan for Hawaii wondering if Sasquatch and her queer beard had the balls to leave the protection of the 100% hub zone state that is sinking, literally. He wondered if he’d meet the MOK when his contact at the Shorebird, Coconut Willy’s and the Pink Sheraton would be sharing a GREEN FLASH with Chips. That caused him to hope they had Smoked Oysters at the commissary on Hickam AFB where they used to sell Peacock Redi-wet condoms when Chips was a senior at Punahou and the skinny queer was written King Obama in loose cement and Agent Chips was drawing a line in the sand with a STEEL ROD not to be confused with Tempered Steel, book on James Kasler, or the gang rape of an Indian woman with a 4 foot steel rod. Chips set his mental cross hairs on Piers Morgan and sent a text to Agent Vani in Paramus NJ to be ready for Pussy Snatch 13. Looking at his watch he saw that the time was 1449 so hoping to finish the intel updates by 1500 he went to number 3.

NUTCRACKER 3: The ‘nutless wonder Judge who, on Dec. 13, 2012, Florida Circuit gave the plaintiffs until Dec. 23 to respond to Obama’s attorneys’ motion to dismiss the case is not assigned to Name Dropper. However, Judge Carroll went against his own order and dismissed the case on the 21st as Soetoro told him to study up on the events at Iron Mountain Michigan and how they related to the 10 day redemption of JFK and to do the math and ensure all have read this link before the Umbrellaman briefing set for 1500: Umbrella man has ordered me to meet Agent Chips at the Shorebird at 1911 tonight. Umbrellaman also has ordered all Dangerettes in NUTCRACKER to dress in black Arabic clothing but retain our Pastel Prove Up Codes incase Agent Chips’ non trembling fingers ‘do the walking’. As you know my PPUC is Green, the correct AD shade is Pastel…………………….”

As Chips was reading the Pastel code that he’d be debriefing in Waikiki, the cockpit of TA4J Bureau number 159100, formerly the Wing Commander’s jet at VT-25 at NAS Chase FIELD in Beeville, Texas where today the MCCONNELL UNIT of the Texas Prison System is packed full, filled with smoke or fog. Agent Chips took off his mask and determined it was fog and as his ears detected vastly less cabin pressure, he start to drift off to sleep dreaming of the souls who winged their ways to Heaven from Beslan and in his sweet dreams he reviewed the pastel parade wondering which shade of green he be getting a GREEN FLASH from. In his vision of pastel delight, his mind went back to Red Square where he and Agent Surelock later reprised their roles on the hood of a super trick, piss wicked Chevelle sleeper hiding a Yenko 427 under the plain blue wrapper.

As Chips dreamed on, a Douglas DC-8-63F was being prepped for a flight into Washington, DC, for Monday, 21 January, 2013. The technicians at Fort Collins Airport were working different shirts and sworn to secrecy. Hmmhhhh!!!! A buxom lady in Phoenix was googling four seemingly unrelated search terms and licking her chops as she wondered if Barry Soetoro, Hillary, Piers Morgan and the Phartingham’s would like Plum sauce on their Cooked Goose. If you need more clues, add ‘accuracy’, something Abel Danger is known for, capeche?

 arrow air + goose bay + soldiers killed + 1985
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