Chicago’s Candyman and Her Short for Snuff Swaps – Chapter 10

Marine Links Chicago’s [Illinois] Partial-birth Pedophile Crimes To
Obama’s Sandy Hook DMORT V
Pat Tillman’s Ghost Haunts DMORT V RICO MURDER FOR HIRE

“Tillman’s Ghost” DMORT V Escort Vehicle

Brits ‘do a number’ on Russians and Polish?

Negress Exposed, she’s Porky Bloating of NSAWW
Pourquoi! Naître esclave!

Wish Stanley Had Considered This

Agent Akbash, LGD MIT ADG

Upside down flag signals EXTREMIS

Scripture of the Day: Matthew 7:15-20

15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 
16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 
17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.
19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them. 

Gospel Song of the Day:

Secular Song of the Day:


Chapter 10

In the previous Chapter, Chris Hook of USDOJ was afforded the opportunity to come up to speed on the murder of Helle Crafts as Stephen Harper was pissing like a little girl, see also “Oslo Al” Gore, windbag extraordinaire. Glamourboy at #24 called Whale Vagina, kindly note for the record I didn’t say Diane Finedickstein, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, Judge Jennifer McKinnon and no animals have been libeled in this run on sentence, and asked her to outlaw Chipper Shredders in all of North America as he suddenly realized why Laureen Harper kept a chainsaw in the garage, although, like Laureen, it was seldom lubricated.

Agent Bean Spiller Item in Pastel Siena


If you are a CEMAW type person you may recall that, overcome by desire, Bean Spiller had selected C6 on her Pastel Siena Spelunking helmet, turned the volume down to level 3, and came off the PTRC with her ‘two’ and settled on it with her ‘four’ much like a reproductively sound Mille Fleur hen might settle on a ‘fresh clutch’ for those who know anything about reproductive species and heterosexual practices. As Chips graciously accommodated Bean Spiller who, if a race car driver would surely be in the pole position, he knew that long before 2159, 1-1-13, EVERYONE WOULD KNOW that civil unrest would be calmed by Vladimir, Petraeus and Chips especially if they understood that Sandy, Sandy Hook, Hurricane Sandy et. al., is French for Sunday as is evidenced by this 1966 classic that was playing on the evening where Agent Bean Spiller was deflowered in the back of a 1962 Oldsmobile wagon at the drive in theater in Paducah, Kentucky, capeche. I would tell you what the feature was but we never figured it out as we were takin’ care of business before the popcorn ad was over.

Glamourboy also was concerned when he heard his beard talking to Lena Trudeau about a workshop at Crawley, England (number 2 Leopold Road) and a vague reference to a Persian Lamb Coat. Agent Chips of Abel Danger Global had been in Crawley on Father’s Day, 2010, where he stayed in Room 420, Arora International Hotel, and had met with an Iranian Christian shortly after Air Afrikiyah 771 had suffered a FADEC FADEOUT. Because Agent Chips had registered as FIELD McConnell, he had told the Iranian Christian that if he were to google four items, he may unearth some items of interest if one is concerned with the Irish economy or the gagging of the FBI investigative authority. Recall that when N007HT flew from Baltimore Martin to Northstead Field insisted that the catering included Guinness instead of Grolsch because of the aristocratic snob he was hauling after the testimony against HSBC, BBA and BBC. Etienne Lenoir has some very well informed descendents unlike the nuts of Gore and Soetoro that never descended, capeche?

[ northstead + fields + mcguinness+ aristocratic ]

Work-in-Progress: FBI TRANSFORMATION – FY 2010 

Oops, that didn’t work well, maybe DMORT V is tampering with my whistleblowing computer again. I would not have expected the result of FBI Transformation unless I had searched for these four terms:

[ NAPAWASH + Kristine Marcy + Rosemary M. Collyer + Smolich ] 

Ah, that’s better. Nowthat the Division 5 gremlins have been expunged from my HARD drive,let’s get back to some riveting revelation and please note for the record I did not mention Dianne Finedickstein, Mary Elizabeth Harper or Judge Jennifer McKinnon.

Agent Chips detected an increasing volume level of Bean Spiller’s well understood moaning and presumed she was within five minutes of her ‘war whoop’ which actually sounded more like Maria Muldaur’s moaning after Chips had given her a squirt in the whiskers at 837 Frankfort Street in Huntington Beach, California which is next to the Hill Top Liquor Store just off Beach Boulevard.

Hilltop Liquor 

It was around 4 in the morning of 5 July, 1974 when they had slipped off to the sand dunes to kick up a little dust as Chips’ roommates Wally Winslow, Tom O’Brien, Mel DeMars and Donnie Davis might have been awakened by Maria’s excessive moaning during pile driving, side oiling security debriefing in the interest of determining if Boeing could compete with the JT8D powered, straight winged Douglas YC15. Agent Chips would return to the area on 24 August, 1975 to spend a night aboard the QUEEN MARY while checking out the Douglas A4X which was to have an afterburner which is not a male STD although the BIG G does cause a stinging sensation that burns when one voids one’s bladder while squeezing the urinal handle and plumbing fixture as if that would less the pain, capeche?

He flew in the back seat of TA4J 159100,which had a rainbow tail for those with inquiring minds, and served as a safety pilot for Captain Puff O’Gara, Commander of the Training Wing 3 at NAS Chase FIELD which was a Naval Air Station a Stone’s throw from the McConnell Unit of the Texas State Prison system.

Agent Chips trailing a YC15 in August, 1975?

A TA4J from Training Wing 3 “C” denotes Beeville’s NAS Chase FIELD 

Agent Chips’ memory is so capacious that he recalls the name Joan but being a gentleman didn’t yell it out as Agent Bean Spiller’s dilator slammed shut as she launched a batch towards the PTRC to which Agent Chips, ever the gentleman, returned volley providing a ‘new home’ for some Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters, not to hark back to Danny Casolaro’s murder in Martinsburg, West Virginia in August of 1991. Back in 1991 Chips had adhered to the NFC date filter but as the years rolled by he became kindler and gentler, more accepting of even the mattress matrons.

Abel Danger Global Intelligence Hiring Policy 

Agent Bean Spiller lie there heaving after a thorough security debriefing and the timing couldn’t have been more tight as an Abel Danger knocker was sounding on the door to the Lady in Red’s closet. Chips handed Bean Spiller 13 NAPAWASHs and dimmed the light on her Clipper Cave Helmet as he admired the cave one more time before ambulating in an erect fashion to the closet door, which was green on the outside.

Chips was going to open the door when a hand written note was slid under the door. Sadly it was written in Russian. Bean Spiller had finished her Abel Danger PBPs and offered to interpret for Chips who was amazed at how she held her liquor. Bean Spiller swallowed, hard, and being reading in fluent Russian.

Чипсы ты там? То, что происходит за зеленой дверью, это звучит как Мария Muldaur кульминации или кит влагалище время gaffed по морским Trident. Впусти меня, у меня есть флэш-Фест из Казани

Chips was accessing her MI while she read and his TI was responding as any CEMAX security agent might expect. He had just located the Skene’s when Bean Spiller finished reading.

“Bean Spiller, that was great in Russia and I did understand much of it but because of the mention of Kazan please dick tate it in English this time.”

As she grabbed his ears she read again, this time in English.

“Chips are you in there? What has been going on behind the green door, it sounds like Maria Muldaur climaxing or a whale vagina being gaffed by a Marine Trident. Let me in, I have a flash festus from Kazan”

Bean Spiller let go of his ears as he needed to let Barn Swallow into the closet. Bean Spiller was happy they were not in a barn as she hated female competition.

“Chips and Bean Spiller, we are to be downstairs for a briefing from Umbrellaman and the CONUS Hammer, which I understand is either MacCheese or Rooster Cogburn. It appears that we are close to exposing the Brits behind the Smolensk ‘MitM’ event. The good news is that Marquis d’Cartier has sent out to Sorrentos for more Italian food and due to Region 5 of Abel Danger being the ‘response team’ for next 12 hours Umbrellaman has encouraged us to the ‘bottoms up’ mode for this evening’s briefing, follow me.”

Chips, Barn Swallow and Bean Spiller found seats around the AQWB27Z Omni Globe just as Marquis d’Cartier was delivering the first serving cart of drinks. As Chips was grabbing his 32 ounce CSM off the cart he saw Agent Ginger Cookie sit down across from him and give him a flash of Pastel Ginger Snap suggesting to him that perhaps some cookies needed to be frosted, dare I suggest glazed? Yes, I dare. Marquis d’Cartier dimmed the room lights as the AQWB27Z came to life with the image of Agent Mensa Max and the voice of Umbrellaman. A small, non trembling hand settled on Agent Chips’ refueling probe not quite as long as the straight probe on the TA4J Sky Hawk being flown inbound from (redacted) to (redacted).

As Mensa Max lips synched to Umbrellaman’s briefing just like BBC could have done instead of having that lesbian Jane fuck up the timing of the controlled demolition of Building 7 on the morning of 9/11 as rogue elements of the United States Senior Executive Services along with some Pastel Pride Candyasses killed Agent Chips’ Shipmate, Agent Fish, and his Classmate, Agent BBC Marquis passed out the ‘liner notes’ of the briefing while Chips did a BDE on a target area that needed no liner as the possessor of the non-whale vagina was being child bearing years but enjoyed keeping her hand, or his, in if you follow my CEMAW train of thought. Chips located the man in the boat as Umbrellaman’s measured tone and somber mood emanated, seemingly, from Mensa’s lips as Chips was working Barn Swallow’s lips while Bean Spiller had her hand on the tiller if you understand nautical hardware. 
“Ladies and Gentlemen deployed in Queen’s Pussy, FISH BALLS, Barn Swallow, I bring good news on the international front. This day I expedited a communiqué appearing to be from United States Marine Field McConnell reporting he had linked  
Bettina Jordan Barber’s sale of Bowman-in-the-Middle C4I radio key to Rupert Murdoch’s (PPE 1952) agents, to the alleged deployment by Radek Sikorski (PPE 1984), the former Polish Minister of Defense, of an Honourable Artillery Company surveillance and target acquisition team to engineer the 10 April 2010 crash near Smolensk of a Polish Air Force Tupolev Tu-154M aircraft and the murder of all survivors in the same mode as when the same deployers of evil had the military survivor of Ron Brown’s T43 crash in 1996 murdered in a military hospital in Germany just as they did to General George Patton in 1945, also in a military hospital in Germany. Agent MacCheese will provide details of Ron Brown’s enrollment on the Dead C Scrolls following my brief remarks. You should have in front of you another briefing regarding the HAC Negress.” 
Prequel 1:
“To continue giving the Criminal Cabal the bullshit idea that Field McConnell is capable of anything greater then selecting Pastel Colors and old music I had made it appear that McConnell invites Bettina’s UK MoD colleagues to investigate the Bowman C4I OODA loop to see if they can identify and plug the source of the Honourable Artillery Company’s leak using suggested clues below and recall that McConnell was in Astana, Kazakstan in April, 2009 on the day where both Iranian AF1 and Russian AF1 were on the ground at the same time. What many don’t recall is the ‘wee hours’ arrival of Polish AF1 which was made possible when Agent Chips gave a bullshit PIREP indicating the the weather on RW22 at TSE was overcast at 260 feet and one mile visibility. The Russians and French appreciate the work done on Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet hit by the Buffett Brigade and the interesting way that Agent Chips ensured Polish AF1 could arrive to meet with Vladimir, the Iranian team and the three fellows from Warsaw. MacCheese, over to you.” 
Katyn Massacre, Gabriele Taylor, Hitler Jugend and Murdoch, Clinton and Sikorski’s PPE. 
“Dangerettes, Abel Bodies and Agent Barn Swallow from Kazan, the expanded briefing on the Ron Brown murder follows off the top of my head: Bill “the Peronies’ kid’ Clinton had appointed Ron Brown Commerce Secretary, partly as a reward for Ron Brown’s success as a campaign fund raiser. From day one, allegations surrounded the exact means and methods by which this success was attained. Investigations into Ron Brown’s activities (his son would later plead guilty to money laundering) were nearing the point of indictments, and Ron Brown had publicly stated that he would not go to jail alone causing some to think he wanted a BOY TOY like Barry Soetoro of Piers Morgan. When the airplane carrying Ron Brown and about 30 other people crashed in Bosnia recall that our Agent Chips was dispatched disguised as a Marine Corps KC130 TPC to root out the truth, which was a slewable final approach course. It is worth noting that Ron Brown was just one of four Clinton campaign fund raisers to die under questionable circumstances. The others were C. Victor Raiser II, Hershel Friday, and Ed Willey, a total of three plane crashes and one “Fosterization” after Peronie’s breath came to belieave the manificently hung Foster had ‘toss the cookies’ into the Petrie Dish for the invitro work that GADGET BENT was incapable of doing himself, although he often resorted to do himself, see also Oxford Bullingon Law Firm of Wanker, Tosser, Shirtlifter and Jerkov where he was a jerk, excuse me, clerk for Judge Alban Garon later the victim of murder that leads directly to Project Hatfield, Julian Fantino, Jayne Pellerin and Jessica Lloyd. Please note I did not name Mary Elizabeth Harriman, Judge Jennifer McKinnon nor WHALE VAGINA ( Senator Diane Dickcheese ?). Once the Ron Brown file went ‘code blue’, the team similar to the MAG37 folks at NKX or for you gays and lesbians monitoring Abel Danger, KNKX, replaced the slewable centerline with the original so they could blame the hapless Air Force transport pilots, pardon the redundancy. Following Brown’s demise, his personal attorney as well as a co-worker at the Department of Commerce, Barbara Wise also died under questionable circumstances. As in the case of yet another “suddenly dead” member of the Clinton Administration, Vincent Foster, Ron Brown’s office was ransacked for files by Commerce staff immediately after his death and every thing incriminating GADGET BENT and THUNDER THIGHS was removed and destroyed except the two peni-cams disguised as dildos and the Ziploc bag of DNA rich fluid. In the wake of Brown’s death, even though the investigation into his activities was effectively closed down, allegations continued to surface that Brown had traded seats on trade missions for DNC campaign donations, and had even solicited money from Vietnam! At this time the only two NWA pilots allowed to ‘carry’ were Steven Lucky of Montana and Field McConnell of North Dakota. Now infamous security leaks John Huang and Ira Sockowitz were at Ron Brown’s Commerce Department at the times they were leaking classified satellite technology to the Chinese unaware of the FESTUS FILTERS which in 2013 will cancel the Canadian CF35 order. Brown’s closest associate, Nolanda Hill, admitted on ABC-TV that Brown was using drugs, and that the White House had ordered Brown to meet with Brown to meet with “some damn Chinaman”, a reference to John Huang known in Abel Danger as Studly Hungwell, which John was not. I see we are getting an urgent update from the Russian Military Attache named Nikolay regarding Project CIVIL REST 2013. Grab a drink, a crank or something warm and willing and take five.”

“OK gang, the reason I played that Brubeck song wasn’t because of the TAKE FIVE title but because in the Annapolis Class of 1969 there was a Gregory William Brubeck from Chicago who was in Chicago in the summer of 1966 when Field McConnell drove a 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 to Sue Sherrin’s parents house to pick up Kristine McConnell, his sister. Of course the next summer Field and Greg would be living one floor, or deck, apart in Bancroft Hall, the 8-Wing Dorm at Annapolis not to be confused with 5th Wing of Canada’s Queer Air Force that attacked America on the morning of 9/11 when sponsored to do so by the same group of Brits that set up the MitM attack of 10 April, 2010 on the Russians making it look like Putin’s GRU killed the Polish government who were telling the City of London banker’s to line up and kiss their shiny red rectums, see also, asses. Interesting that Canada’s 5th Wing and DMORT’s 5th Region were meeting in March and April of 2001 but that does not mean that HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson who lost an election in 2012 to a Lesbian had any knowledge of the reason why DMORT’s first director was added to the DEAD C SCROLLS in 2002. I frankly cannot remember, but Field is at 715 307 8222 if you need the information before it gets to USDOJ at 2359 on 3Jan13. I’ve just received notification that SONGBIRD in Chicago wishes to speak so please stay tuned after Songbird for my closing remarks. Songbird, over to you.”

“Greetings from Chicago where the Chi-Lites recorded HAVE YOU SEEN HER. You Abel Danger folks are aware the Chi Lites old tour bus was abandoned in Little Rock, Arkansas around the time that Agent Chips was forced to learn to fly the C130 as he had been kicked out of VMFAT-101 and sent to VMGR-352 as punishment for telling a Lt. Colonel to shove it up his ass. Well, I was working at DMORT 5 in 2001 through 2004 and I have encouraged Umbrellaman to publish this snippet before the ‘shit storm’ between HSBC and Wells Fargo is ignited regarding the RICO they participated in that is tied to 9/11. You have a copy in front of you but I will read it to you in my black Chicago accent and for the record, I am not related to Eugene. Plum City – ( – January 3, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Michelle Obama’s HSBC snuff-film archives – allegedly showing images of partial-birth abortions and pedophile oath ceremonies – to the DMORT War on a Sandy Hook God who, McConnell understands, is referred to with the phrase “Under God” in the enemy (?) State of Connecticut’s Pledge of Allegiance for schools. Umbrellaman has added a video tape supplied by our Agent Clinton Reuben in the Illinois Adjutant General’s Office entitled “Obama: Partial Birth Abortion & The Born Alive Infant Protection Act” Before you watch google these terms to demonstrate our focus and determination [ baby murderer + baby burner + Chips + pastel ] and you will find what caused Mittens to become terminally flaccid. Any suggestion that U S Navy SEALS were dispatched by Petraeus to FORCE OBAMA’s hand on NESARA will be tabled until after the activity scheduled for 13 January, 2013. It will include CIVIL REST but perhaps an arrest, or five. Thanks for your attention, and thanks Abel Danger for saving the Willis Tower twice from Obama’s City of London WRECKING BALL, apparently the only ball he can swing. Operation BLOAT has begun clandestinely in Chicago, more in Chapter 11. Goodbye, Songbird McCain.”

Ginger Cookie gave Chips another flash of Pastel Ginger Snap and mouthed morse code indicating ‘quickie’. Chips raised his hand and was recognized as was the protuberance in his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha. 
“We are sorry but Agent Ginger Cookie has just received a message regarding a family member’s health. So as not to disrupt this briefing, Ginger and I will repair to Barn Swallow Room for the message as that is the only room with a direct line to the Russian Military Attache both on Tunlaw Road and Wisconsin Avenue, NW, in Washington. We shall return as soon as the health issue is address.” 
Agent Chips found it difficult to walk and he felt that every eye in the room was on his PTRC not to evoke thought of the Agent MacCheese DMORT III Escort Vehicle.

MacCheese and Barry M. Hall in DMORT III Escort Vehicle

Chips was following Ginger Cookie of the BANGME office up the circular stairway and he noticed that her ‘target area’ was as succulent and svelte as in was in the summer of 1969 when she had a slight problem in the back of a 69 Camaro when her Cream and Maroon Cheerleader skirt flew out of a Z-28 after the Lewiston, Maine Sheriff recognized the 1940 TILLMAN’S GHOST and foolishly gave chase. For security purposes neither Ginger’s Z-28 nor Tillman’s Ghost are used in the visual hint.

Chips opened the door to Barn Swallow room however Ginger Cookie ensured it was locked, deadbolted and block by an overstuffed sofa as she prepared herself for operation stocking stuffer. As the ‘au natural’ CEMAW woman from the BANGME Office removed the Pastel Manly Mocha and saw that the TI was exceeding 122%, she thought to herself “Oh What a Night” and would have expressed it verbally had her mouth not be full.

Once the refueling probe was sufficiently prelubed Agent Ginger Cookie assumed her signature position, frisky floor show which she preferred to call SOUTHERN PLUNGE as she knew that when Agent Chips beat the Canucks in Willy Tell ’86 his F4 callsign was plunger. She remembered as he had the wooden handle and she had a supple cup, or three.

Ginger’s wrist got tired of holding her ankles so when the tempo changed from trot to gallop she put both hands on the floor as the plumbing was plunger by a pro-plummer or sorts. Agent Chips would have lost his ‘thrust’ had he been brief on upcoming Operation BLOAT exposing Bungling Lesbians’ Obama Assassination Team. Downstairs Agent MacCheese had asked Rooster Cogburn to speak regarding BLOAT, Jarrett and 13 January, 2013.

“Sorry Chips and Ginger aren’t here but family, health and libido come first as do the Dangerettes. Umbrellaman has authorized us to share this with USDOJ tonight at 2359. Marquis has placed printed copies, in Navajo, in front of each of you but I will read in English so the CIA knows that we know and everybody, including Leonard Cohen, knows. Recall Leonard is the singer in Canada, the ghoul in Virginia is Jay M. Cohen, capeche? Here come Umbrellaman’s message. “

“United States Marine Field McConnell, USMC 0116513 and Wisconsin DOJ 65229, has linked Bowman C4I radios deployed by the Honourable Artillery Company, to contract hits, allegedly arranged by Valerie Jarrett with Femme Comp’s paramilitary lesbians who appear to have given Hillary Clinton a post-Benghazi blood clot and removed Kristine Marcy from the murderous matrix exposing her to Fostercide.

McConnell invites Jarrett-Clinton community organizers in Chicago to investigate the Bowman OODA loop to see if they can identify and plug the Honourable Artillery leak.

Agent Chips would be available but he is plugging away on another project. A report from Plum City suggests that Sarah Ferguson double body double has been gaffed in the woods at the top of Pilot Knob, 2.3 miles north of US10 on Country Road S. Standby from a FLASH FESTUS from Umbrellaman”.

“All Agents in BARN SWALLOW, take cover immediately, Tango Whiskey and Dwarf overhead in the EF111 Raven have crickets and three EMP threats. They feel they defeat all, but again TAKE COVER. Lester Crown, the HAC NEGRESS and Jalerie Jarrett are going to throw the dummies under the bus prior to 21 January, 2013 if the cannot silence the Marine. Will send the all clear on Tango’s call, if it comes.”

Marquis d’Cartier pulled the main circuit breaker for the chalet electrical causing the cottage to go dark. MacCheese, Tillman, Barry M. Hall and NOTSO went to reinforce the defensive perimeter. Upstair, Agent Chips was address another perimeter, of shorts.

As the Chicago BLOATers recognized their gooses were cooked, they had no way of knowing Agent Ginger Cookie was about ready to stun the world with her reaction to the Chicago BLOATers upcoming arrests.

In an authoritative voice much like a school librarian back in the days when kids said the Pledge of Allegiance, Agent Ginger Cookie barked out “Switch, tail gunner, pile driver, finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer” as she selected F4 on her battery powered Clipper device. Chips, the Abel Swordsman, demonstrated he was also a satisfying equestrian, given half a chance.

Ginger Cookie climaxed leading Chips my a nose, or a whisker, ladie’s choice.

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