Chicago’s Candyman and Her Short for Snuff Swaps – Chapter 18

$econd Cowing Precedes LAST POPE PtR
The Queen of England Demands Her Colony De-arms or She Will Have Hissy Fit.
Agent Chips Demands Bellicose Bovine Remove Pope, Remove Boo Boo, Step Down
American Patriots, With Balls and Birth Certificates, Turns Queen’s Pussy Upside Down
Giving New Meaning to FIELD OF REMEMBRANCE as Chips Removes Pope Olive

Canton, Texas Keynote Speaker Issues 27 May Deadline to Evil Twins and Boo Boo

Agent Chips Exposes Vatican, Smolich, Rat’s Spynchter in Operation RATS ASS

Shithead, Don’t Cry, Sickness often precedes DIRTNAP

No Where Man ‘Pussy’ Joins No Where Man ‘Shithead’, Consort to The Cow

Sasquatch Monitors Barry Soetoro’s Shooting Practice

Furious Player in Arkansas Tainted Blood/Fast and Furious/Benghazi misses Weiner

Queen, Pope, and Bunglers of Benghazi/Fast and Furious Pursued by Tillman’s Ghost 

CUKC Excrement Draws Fly

Abel Danger Gun Victory Shootout, 20 July, 2013, High Noon, BYO bullets 

Elitist Europeans Dream Of Gun Control as Muslims Outbreed Them 7 to 2

Butt They Cannot Even Gain Control Of Their Own Waistline, Oink Oink Maggie, FatBoy and a Geriatric German Goose Stepping Soetoro Squelcher

Queen Recalls Royal Rug From Northern Pussy Over Exposure of HARRY CHAPIN 5 

Glamourboy Searches For Chainsaw’s MERKIN

Hillary’s Ship of State Misguided by Serco? Queen of the North, Costa Concordia…?

GLOBAL GUARDIAN to be Cut In Three: Panhead, Thunder Thighs, Soetoro

Fake Obama to Confiscate Nail Guns, Baseball Bats, Hammers, Feather Dusters, Gerbils

“All nailing of guilty people in public life has to be encouraged. Maybe a lesson to others thinking about doing bad things. The best nailing is the death penalty. Call me strict, but….” This may include a Royal Pedophile and a Punahou Graduate, capeche?

QE2 Has Two Pussies, One Has Gray Merkin

Guns in Wisconsin: Sold Out and Holed Up Hillary, Eric, Boo Boo, Here Kitty, Kitty

Like Cow, Like Calf, Belligerent Bovines Proliferate

Hillary Orders Holder To Beg Undocumented Tyrant To Never Release F&F Truth
Kristine Marcy Abandons Hillary-Holder-Soetoro Sinking Ship, USS GUARDIAN

Helo Pilot FADEC-ED After Hauling Royals to Elm House, Operation Fernbridge

Versatile Lady Exposes Target Area

Message to Dianne Finedickcheesesteinjewess: Hey Fat Ass, U. S. Service Personnel Are Looking For Ewe

Creature from Geriatric Lagoon ON NOTICE Assigned T-3
Chapter 18 

Warning: German Queen and CUKC Obama: I proceed IAW Psalms 91:13

13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra; 
you will trample the great lion and the serpent. 

And you cannot defeat me according to Isaiah 54:17:

17 no weapon forged against you will prevail,
and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. 
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, 
and this is their vindication from me,” 
declares the Lord. 

Внимание Виндзоров, вспомнить вашу гей-идиота и подготовиться к Отпусти мой народ. Агент Chips предоставляет Королевы пешка Соеторо


Scripture of the Day: Matthew 16:26 for Queen, Mark 8:36 for BS Obama, Punahou ‘79

26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? 

36 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

Gospel Song of the Day:


Secular Song of the Day:


He can turn the tides and calm the angry sea 
He alone decides who writes a symphony 
He lights ev’ry star that makes the darkness bright 
He keeps watch all through each long and lonely night 

He still finds the time to hear a child’s first prayer 
Saint or sinner calls and always finds him there 

Though it makes him sad to see the way we live 

He’ll always say “I forgive” 
He can touch a tree and turn the leaves to gold  
He knows every lie that you and I have told 
Though it makes him sad to see the way we live 
He’ll always say “I forgive” 

He forgives 

In Chapter 17 Abel Danger had revealed The Jesters in Vatican City and City of London would come to realize that, as Enemies of God, they would fall into the lake of fire. As JESTER ONE, Pope Ratzinger resents Thomas J. Smolich’s SLOPPY WORK at Georgetown University and decides to bring in the BLACK POPE, Peter the Roamin’. What the JESTERS did not realize that the same navigational interruptions that caused, in this order, Queen of the North, HMS Astute and Costa Concordia to be RUN AGROUND REMOTELY had received KU band communications similar to those that Abel Danger Cebu City office had monitered on 16 and 17 January, 2013. Those signals were consistent with Serco’s Greenwich FRONT RUNNERS to adjust military clocks and satellite positioning assets of targeted military vessels afloat. The Abel Danger WATCH CAPTAIN on the overnight of 16-17 January was SERIAL 2 for JASPAR and FESTUS communications but was known amongst Abel Danger as THE PACKAGE.

Innoventor, Inc. recognized by U.S. Small Business Administration

THE PACKAGE was aware of the E4B ‘cesium clock’ and the electronics warfare technology that allowed Serco and Queen Hornet to set up two VFM-VPN times zones at an intended crime scene; one for the ‘perps’ tied back to Greenwich Mean Time and one for the legitimate first responders of the targeted population to invoke disruption and confusion, or as the Geriatric Goose Stepper might say, “sixes and sevens” such as what occurred on 14 December, 2012 at the ‘out of use’ Sandy Hook Elementary School where Crisis Actors exposed themselves with some horse shit actors, see also John Simmons, Eugene Rosen and some wench named Rincon. I wonder if Governor Malloy of Doughnut Eater J. Paul Vance or Chief of Police Kehoe was aware that Eugene Rosen was a FEMA ASSET:

THE PACKAGE stayed in the Philippines only until the USS Guardian, built in Wisconsin in 1985, was warned that they were about to enter restricted sea space such as what underlay W386A airspace where GIANTKILLER accepted AA11, UA175 and AA77 on 9/11 but turned away the three F16ADFs flown by Derrig, Eckman and Borgstrom by order of Colonel Robert Marr a US asset controlled by the Harry Chapin 5 whose sloppy work had the Canadian Queen Pussy pulling his hair out as Pope Rats Ass was the first coward in 600 years to exit Hell’s Kitchen.

4th Reich Agent WOODPILE to officiate Project BLUEBEAM

Published at 0052/12Feb13 by Abel Danger Taldykorgan is report that next on deck, Black Pope “Peter the Roman” who in real life is another rat, Peter Turkson from Ghana. From our Abel Danger Command Post at the Kristine Marcy School in Mali we have concluded that MARCY’S WAR, the war in Mali–a country whose biggest export is gold–is just the beginning for all hell to break out in Africa as regimes are toppled and profits from resources are re-directed. Having an African-born pope will ensure the people of the African continent are more malleable and relinquish their resources not unlike the Australians, Canadians, English, Germans and Russians have relinquished their guns during evil regimes followed by genocides. Abel Danger Agents Trooper Campbell, Atomic Betty and “Trapper John” are keeping an eyeball on all these phony under the table cheap river boat card trick rat bastards; see also Queenie Breath, Ratzinger, Soetoro and (redacted) as Umbrellaman has rolled out Operation RAT’S ASS, as leaked on the Abel Danger C2CSI show of 8 February, 2013 available at this link:

Livestream 2-8-2013

THE PACKAGE had been flown from Cebu City, PI to the home of the Maricopa and Pima Indian Community via an unmanned aerial vehicle 50 years newer that this X-10 which in early 1950s could reach Mach 1.84 shortly after launch. The X-10 is not related to the E-10 which is the Darleen Drunyen era Boeing military drone that hit the south tower on morning of 9/11 after SAM CAM WAM BAM had set the ‘spread’ for the TOPOFF of America that was blocked by Abel Danger’s 41 minute delay of UA93. One might opine laconically that Agent Chips knows more about ‘spreads’ than this female issue of Astor knows about drones, capeche?

Recall that at the same time the USS Guardian was being remotely driven onto the coral reef in PI Agent Chips had seen that a Routine Clipper come into his Clipper Squirt Gun and intended to read it before a brilliant blue flash shook the aircraft which then went dark and silent causing Atomic Betty Skene’s Glands to ‘begin the process’. The message hopefully would be saved in queue, thought Agent Chips, as he felt a small hand on his tiller bar indicating that Atomic Betty wished to ROCK THE BOAT once last time knowing that the “SERCO STAGE” was set to put Hillary’s Boat (USS GUARDIAN) and her SHIP OF STATE onto the rocks also prior to Chips and Atomic Betty getting their rocks off, in a manner of speaking common to CEMAW Agents of Abel Danger.


As Agent Chips’ digits were probing forbidden places, he smiled thinking how Abel Danger was causing Ratslinger to be the first FUCKING QUITTER in the last 600 years.
Listening to the song Atomic Betty had played on her Clipper Pastel Easel, he noted that Conway’s fingers were probing at 1:09 and wonder if the BUM-BUM-BUM was for the Queen, Harper and Soetoro or the Bunglers of Benghazi ( Hillary-Soetoro-Panetta ) who would see their crime re-examined as in England Abel Danger had caused the murder of Dr. David Kelly to be reopened as the Pelindaba Nukes linking Dr. Kelly to Cameron, Zuma, Thatcher and Obama was rearing it’s ugly head.

David Kelly (weapons expert)

Helo Pilot FADEC-ED After Hauling Royals to Elm House, Operation Fernbridge 

Apparently Abel Danger’s linking of Vatican to Royals to Children’s Village to Sandy Hook to Elm Guest House ( Philip the Duck? ) to Hull House was causing the FAKE POPE to have a case of the Hershey Squirts as he thought of Matthew 18:6 and Hebrews 10:26-31; let’s look at the punishment first and then the sin of the SEX ABUSE POPE Ratslinger:


26 If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, 27 but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God. 28 Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. 29 How much more severely do you think someone deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace? 30 For we know him who said, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[a] and again, “The Lord will judge his people.”[b] 31 It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.


5 And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

Causing to Stumble

6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

To help THE PACKAGE get safely out of Philippines, Agent Chips had sent the Royals, see also royal pains in the ass, a warning to keep them off their timing in their thrice canceled plans for the Pelindaba Pickles, google that you goose steppers, and find out that Abel Danger is the only agency exposing the Pelindaba Nukes and their relationship to Cameron, Jacob Zuma and Barry Soetoro. 

Google [Pelinda Pickles]

Google [DHS + DMORT V + HSEEP + Crisis Actors + Vision Box + Valerie Jarrett] 

Attention Windsors: Recall your gay idiot and prepare to LET MY PEOPLE GO. Agent Chips exposes Queen’s Pawn Soetoro while posing online as Chris Spivey. Seems the goose stepping geriatric has her [Barbara] Boxer shorts in a bunch as Sam Cam’s limp beard gets his marching orders. Meanwhile, alone in the back of a balking Bentley Sam Cam Wham Bam dreams of Tricky’s massive…oops, incoming Clipper.

RAT’S ASS Agent Marquis d’Cartier Immediate JASPAR to all AD Agents in QUEEN’S PUSSY and RAT’S ASS, copy Corazon Dulce: This just in: Abel Danger to FIELD a team in the Pat Tillman Foundation Race 20 April, 2013: Operation FRONT RUNNER. This Operation will be in advance of Operation SKY EYE which will involve the Keynote Speaker at the Memorial Day Event in Canton, Texas where Field McConnell’s F4 Phantom is the ‘anchor attraction’. Early exposure of Peter the Roman and Project Bluebeam shall block the Elistist’s planned ‘double dark deception’ as written in John *;44. Please review the attached Post #1388 not to be confused with American Legion Post #365 which will honor Pat Tillman as TILLMAN’S GHOST, the DMORT V Escort Vehicle leads the parade in Plum City, Wisconsin on Friday night, 19 July, 2013.
Watch for Paul Ryan’s hometown to host a FEMA DHS Street Theater before Valentine’s Day
. Marquis d’Cartier, Vancouver Library. 

Sent: Saturday, February 9, 2013 11:21 AM
Subject: #1388 Marine links sister’s front-running Serco clock to Pat Tillman spot-fixed snuff shots

Plum City – ( – February 9, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s front-running spread-bettors’ Serco clock to spot-fixed times on the snuff film which recorded the money-shot death of Pat Tillman on April 22, 2004 in Afghanistan.

Marcy may be invited to provide advice to her brother on applying to Congress for “Letters of Marque and Reprisal” so that McConnell her brother and fellow retired Marines can confiscate and sell all of Serco’s domestic and foreign assets and thereby replenish the Department of Justice’s Asset Forfeiture Fund which Marcy has operated in joint custody with Eric Holder since 1984.

Pat Tillman Murdered?


Sour Kraut and Tricky’s Competition Cancel CS, BS, SH and focus on AC 

Agent Chips had accommodated Atomic Betty by saddling up in ‘side oiler, pile driver’ and as he hammered home his message another Immediate JASPAR came in, this time from Agent Little Feather from the Corsicana-Terrell office not far from Mr. Boo’s and Soulman’s B B Q.

Rats Ass Agent Little Feather IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agents Chips, Hamish, TILLMAN, Rooster Cogburn and Umbrellaman, copy MacCheese and Bean: Got a report from CRUSHER in U-2S 80-1076 that he is overhead Janesville, Wisconsin, specifically over the intersection of Hwy 14 and Hwy 90 in SW quadrant. Lot of industrial area. 3 Airports with in reasonable area. Fueling there is adequate and the Purple Limo has the Chicago Cabal thinking Chips is there to brief Paul Ryan’s humps just as in 1980 France shot down that DC9 flown by the now defunct Italian Airline as described in the Ustica Affair and the DC9 carrier was Itavia. MacCheese advises in has an oversized parking lot. While all eyes are on Wisconsin, your jet will be on the ground at old Navy Dallas in 3 minutes. Finish her off with a rimshot at the buzzer and prepare to make a trip to Canton and not the Hall of Fame. Little Feather, Secret Code DL.

New Black Pope Is Dangerous

Conspiracy Buffs Gain in Court Ruling on Crash

As Chips was waiting for Atomic Betty to fire her signature multiple, he wondered if G4S, MRO and Morin should be added to the google search that has exposed the Kid Killers of Konnecticut. G4S, Morin and MRO all in the same Connecticut City and Connecticut the only lower 48 state with no Sheriffs before Zionist Joe the Dummy hoodwinks Delaware Cops in next fortnight. Chips was brought back into the here and now as Atomic Betty’s Skene’s Glands performed a drenching maneuver, and Chips liked that, a lot. As he returned volley and saw stars, he recalled a headling from the Canton Herald that revealed his movement 9 days prior to his contact with the Texas Congressman willing to help TAKE OUT THE TRASH.


 Canton F4 Parade

Chips, ever the doting gentleman, handed Atomic Betty a gross of NAPAWASHes and a portable wet-dry vacuum as she performed standard Abel Danger Post Boinking Procedures. He heard the landing gear go down as he took a Marine Corps shower and put on his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster FCT in Pastel Manly Mocha. He saw and IM from White Feather that said simply EOR. Chips thought back to Chris Kyle the sniper who was silenced in Texas on Saturday 2 February, 2013 and hope his potential running mate might make an appearance as Chips, from Fort Worth, would be in Texas several times in the runup to the Memorial Day Speaking engagement at an undisclosed memorial in Canton, Texas where he may arrive in one of his four limos, all bought from Cherokee Auto Group in Canton, Georgia. Soetoro and Hillary, are you feeling me?

Chips showed the message to Atomic Betty, who mouthed E OR to indicate she understood. Chips took one last look at the target area of the versatile lady from eastern Canada but not as far east as Waterford, Nova Scotia where Schooner Beer might be available, capeche? She rolled up on her left hip to give him an uncluttered view of the ‘heat source’ in case his wish to launch his skinny wingman. As his TI increased and her yearning was visible, he left to advise the cockpit crew of the EOR swap while the wet and willing Dangerette wondered to herself if any airport anywhere had the words Love or Field in their name. Atomic Betty knew that NAS Chase FIELD had morphed into the MCCONNELL Unit and she wondered if McCain ever learned who told Abel Danger of the Treasonous acts committed by Hensley’s short, fat, beard. As she struggled to stuff her pair of queens into her over the shoulder boulder hold, in 44DD, she felt N007HT roll onto the runway ( 35 )f the now closed former NAS Dallas where Chips had seen the Marine Reserve F8 Crusaders in winter of 1973, capeche?

Versatile Lady Exposes Target Area as WMPFP Readies EOR Swap

Chips had convinced Skymaster and Stone that if they would taxi off centerline at the the diagonal taxiway that went northwest from the displaced threshold of Runway 17 he would be able to jump from the front door to the long grass along side the abandoned taxiway where the grass was lengthy, easy Ginger, but not as lengthy, thick nor heavy as the Pinnacles of America’s Pinnacle National Park, where on 2 August, 1975 Ginger Cookie and Chips shared a ‘lengthy portion’ [a yard of ale] before slipping off to a cave in the woods so Chips could do a little spelunking, or sorts, sans shorts.

Near left margin a Pinnacle resembling Chips’ great grandfather, Stubby the Turgid


Skymaster taxied with his left main right on the edge, but not the edge of wetness,which was a Johnny Carson sketch based of Agent Chips’ earlier days,and after seeing no ‘prying eyes’ Chips leaped into the long grass clutching only his leather bag from the Oberoi Hilton in Mumbai, India which was filled with was filled with NDSU Extend-0-peters, Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters, Astro Glide ( from and a shoe horn not to be confused with Tom Horn the last movie Steve McQueen made before setting a good example for Prince Phartingham who bears a wicked resemblance to the first pope in 600 years to quit and a recent US president with 4 initials, capeche?

Chips looked around and saw no one responding to either his lack of splendor in the grass nor the hastily departing N007HT which would likely proceed to Austin where inept DHS, pardon the redundancy, Agents would be frustrated in his not being on the jet when it would land. Pisser, Janet, now dye your hair, lose half your gross weight, and get a private sector job. Chips was wondering if PETA would represent Janet if Chips were to sue her over [DHS + DMORT V + HSEEP + CRISIS ACTORS + VISION BOX] if the google search term ended up fingering these morons from Connecticut:

Lacking Sheriffs, Connecticut allow Newtown Hosts to Party in Uniform (John Simmons) 

Chips felt his Clipper Squirt Gun vibrate just as he heard the call of the Night Crow, which seemed odd as it was still light at 1653 local Big D time. Hearing a second Night Crow call he turned towards Richardson and saw a colorful hot air balloon riding low and dangling a rope ladder and a Shiner Bock beer. With the third whistle he recognized the side profile shot of Agent 9 originally of Waxachacie but now of Richardson.

Pope Peter the Roman as painted by Agent 9 at Bob Marley Festival, Ghana, June ‘93 

The dangling rope was tracking almost directly towards Chips who also noticed a trio of Federal Police white SUV parked alongside the fence at the north end of the abandoned airFIELD formerly known as Navy Dallas. Chips heard the balloon burner ignite so he knew Agent 9 was compensating for his weight as he grabbed the rope ladder with both hands having place his right arm through the two straps to his black duffle much smaller than the North Face Hold All that Gareth Williams was stuffed into after he discovered the DEADFOOT computer virus linking some heavy women to the international pedophile trade with the motto 3s are platinum according to a disbarred Chicago attorney that resembles Sasquatch. As Chips started to climb the rope ladder Agent 9 shook her head left and right and pointed at an F350 King’s Ranch pickup just off the southeast corner of old Navy Dallas. Chips understood so he grabbed the Shiner Bock and, using his teeth, twisted off the bottle cap, spitting it out over the lake south of the runway. Chips heard the burner go silent as the balloon and gondola started a slight descent on a heading directly towards Ennis where there is both a Chili’s and a Cowboy Church according to folks in the Terrell, Corsicana, Bardwell triangle who very much appreciate that Agent Chips had the Masonic Temple shutdown prior to a Newtown Street Threater production put on by John Simmons’ Crisis Actor, Rincon’s Vision Box or Mason Cronies of J. Paul Vance, Sr, AKA ‘Doughnut’ not to be confused with Skokie, Illinois gay cutter H. Wayne Carver, aka ‘Pumpkin’.

Masonic Temple Bardwell TX Hiram Lodge Masonic Temple Sandy Hook CT

Agent 9 gave three sharp tugs on the rope ladder to alert Chips to finish his Shiner Bock before the ‘drop’. Chips was wishing she tug on something else, but not in a sharp fashion as, according to Agent Ginger Cookie, Chips was a Pinnacle off the old block harking back to the California National Park. As the rope ladder crossed the right edge of the eight foot box of the Diesel Ford Chips released his grip and landed in some straw that was scatter about 10 inches deep as a precaution. As soon as he landed the Ford was down the road as the balloon and gondola were up up and away.

The pickup was doing 69 enroute to Mr. Boo’s in Terrell, you know, near Soulman’s B B Q on I20 heading east towards Shreveport. Chips felt some movement in the box and saw Agent 80W arise from the straw, buck naked, and asking him “How ‘bout a roll in the hay”. Being a gentleman, he put the academic correction on the back burner as she presented him a doggie style presentation as she started to growl for attention. She did not have to growl long as she had placed her Cattle Dehorner Clipper on C + 30 and F4 as the pace for the first 30 minutes was established.


Chips was doing the boy part as 80W whispered “Did you see the video where Hillary Clinton went postal after a senator pointed out that she was an inept crunt to allow the Benghazi Rendition site to become a KILLZONE just like the Zionist Biden had allowed Newtown Connecticut’s [closed, out of service] Sandy Hook School to be used for some macabre street theater directed by John Simmons who can be reached his Colorado email address: If anyone wishes the email address of Chief of Police Kehoe, Spokesman J. Paul Vance, Sr, Governor ‘I was warned’ Malloy of H. Wayne Carver ( Pumpkin ) of Skokie Illinois just email Agent Chips at, capeche? Operators standing by. Chips was marveling at a item of anatomy when he say an incoming Immediate Festus come into his squirt gun which game he an idea he’d have to put off until his Little Texas Tornado ‘blew him away, again’ according to our last vocalist, not to be confused with our last hint that there are 10 FEMA Regions and 10 Jesuit Regions of the US. While I am busy burying the bone, google it and not that Wisconsin is in DMORT Region 5, FEMA Region 5, and WISCONSIN Jesuit Region. This will be briefed in Phoenix during the Pat Tillman Run on 20 April, 2013 and again at a Memorial Day celebration deep in the heart of Texas. Chips was more interested in 80W ‘torpedo tube’ than any cheesy drivel from Agent Hamish but he thought that if he distracted himself from the HOTTER THAN A PEPPERSPROUT 80W he could save himself the embarrassment of a premature exploculation. Interestingly enough, Hamish’s Clipper and 80W’s question were mirror images.

Rat’s Ass Agent Hamish Immediate FESTUS to Agent Chips and the Texas Team on Rat’s Ass as well as Global Participants in Operation QUEEN’S PUSSY, copy Corazon Dulce: Chips, et. al., Umbrellaman has sucked the British Crown into firing the Pedophile Pope just as we have planned and hoped for. However, why did the Pope announce 72 hours early when his ‘dead’ line was HIGH NOON on Valentine’s Day, 14 February, 2013? Rooster Cogburn, Dirty Driveway, Marquis d’Cartier and I believe that when United States Marine Field McConnell linked David Cameron’s alleged use of the Serco (NPL) atomic clock to synchronize packet-switched snuff films from Carlton Communications with sequential detonations of Twin Towers time-stamp bombs. The same Field McConnell, WMPFP, alleges that Cameron erstwhile colleagues at Carlton used Serco’s clock with Rupert Murdoch’s VideoGuard encryption systems in WTC#7 – the Salomon Smith Barney Building – to synchronize and conceal communications with the Naudet snuff film camera crews as they positioned themselves for the ‘money shots’. If you are not up to some Dangerette’s tonsils with the purple tipped red champion please review to SAM CAM WHAM BAM Dossier here in 2 parts:

#1392 Marine Links Cameron’s Black Wednesday Public Servants to HSBC’s Libor Front-Running Serco Clock

Treasury Solicitor’s ownerless VideoGuard hides Sam Cam Massive Attack 

ITV1 Carlton ident (2001/2002) [David Cameron, Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications just prior to deploying his wife for the Serco-synchronized Massive Attack in NYC] – Drama It appears to those 5 of us in the Canadian Brain Trust that the Queen is very upset that Harper and Ratslinger have exposed her consort Phil the Duck to indicatable pedophile acts dating to 1964 involving Native Children in Canada and that King Soetoro has not taken those pesky guns from the insolent Americans who, having brains, balls and birth certificates unlike her Punahou Pussy, now have the FEMA plans being scuttled for a 3rd time as Abel Danger continues to be as hard on, I say again, hard on the Royals as Chris Spivey is. Chips, et. al., watch this one minute video and then ponder a question; if Secretary Clinton wishes to find those responsible for the Benghazi Rendition Site that needed to be vaporized to spolate evidence of the illegal torture, she needs to be flanked by Barry Soetoro and Pinhead Panetta and look in the mirror. Her own words will haunt her as Fast and Furious is reopened before Team Abel Danger runs in the Pat Tillman Foundations Annual ‘Pat’s Run’ on 20 April, 2013. Tick tock, Hillary, tick tock. Hamish, on location Newtown.


Question for the Chief Bungler of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Arkancide, Arkansas Prison Tainted Blood ( Ed Boyd Graves ), and 9/11; regarding your suggestion that four American lives don’t matter and your BULLSHIT suggestion that we need to “go get the perps and punish them” would you stand by that verbatim quote if, in fact, the perps were Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, Barry Soetoro and Eric Holder? My sister Kristine Marcy believes, as do I, that you are the perfect example of canine excrement and should answer that in one word: Yes or No. If this question is not answered by 2159/16Jan13 anticipate an ‘adjustment’ to the AN/SSN-2 Precise Integrated Navigation System (PINS) installed in the CIC of the USS GUARDIAN. When the ships was built in Wisconsin in 1985 Abel Danger added a few ‘bells, whistles and back doors” to the PRECISION INTEGRATED NAVIGATION SYSTEM that our KU triggers on Johnson Atoll, at Cebu City PI and Ofuna, Japan have the corral reef triangulated, capeche? Huma Weiner may have jilted your aging, sagging, lying and totally unattractive body and mind, but is that any reason to Bungle Benghazi and then claim a fainting spell? Speaking of spelling, your horrendously horrid female impersonator, I believe your brand of ‘fainting’ is spelled ‘feinting’ as in deception, as in deceitful, as in dishonest, as in disgraceful and as in an ABOMINATION TO GOD. You are a disgusting waste of oxygen, please hold your breath, forever. Thank you, and by the way, your ship of state, like the USS Guardian, is full of holes, leaking and going down faster than a heterosexual female’s prom dress not that you’d know anything about that. I think your Lavendar Merkin at the State Street Bank no longer yearns for your loins as neither does Huma Weiner. What difference do four Americans make? Kiss my rosy red rectum you worn out wind bag. If you don’t understand the relationship between Romondt Budd, Eugene Bennett Fluckey, Field McConnell and Chic Burlingame you will never understand how you have just been FRONT RUNNERed, or by whom.


And one more thing you sexagenarian flea bag, I think Rand Paul has a comment in support of the Plum City Preacher and Chaplain of the American Legion Post #365 who in May of 2007 handed a 115 page document to Rand Paul’s father, Congressman Ron Paul, and that 115 page document had the investments of all states who reported the investments of the Public Retirement Funds and how they related DIRECTLY to the FALSE FLAG ATTACK OF 9/11 and so it gives Field McConnell, 583 09 9001, Wisconsin DoJ #65229 and USMC 0116513 GREAT PLEASURE to see Senator Rand link Benghazi to 9/11 because you, Thunder Thighs are that STINKING LINK. Senator Rand, over to you:


Way back on 17 January, 2013 when the Nazi’s overplayed their GOLD HAND in suggesting they might try to remove Gold for the US, Umbrellaman had called Rooster Cogburn and Agent Tillman to deploy a classic ‘pince’ military action putting the Goose Stepping Pedophile Prince Phartingham squarely between a rock and a hard spot as his Nazi butt buddies were blowing up Algeria to keep attention of the Bungler of Benghazi Hillary Roadhog Thunder Thighs Clinton and her inept personal downside which might have caused another ‘feint’ if she hadn’t stricken “Prince Philip is a gangster, a bloody Nazi German bastard scum from no where….” from her testimony with fingers crossed and hopefully her legs also, yukky poo.


Chips’ mind had wandered as he tried to keep his mind off the pleasant area where his forward mounted skinny wingman was currently probing a CEMAX heterosexual woman from the Lone Star State however, the sound of a siren caused 80W to exploculate early, a gambit which our man Chips honored with a return volley. Chips reached into his black Mumbai bag and grabbed a handful of NAPAWASHes with the names Courtney Bank and Deb Brown written on every other absorbent towelette. Chips got a good look at the whisker biscuit as 80 closer the tonneau cover and grabbed a potato sack that looked like there was a live cat or kittens in the bag.

The King’s Ranch Diesel Ford was stopped and Chips and 80W provided each other pleasure as they waited to see how Sicilian driver handled the traffic stop. They could hear clearly the conversation.

“Registration, license and insurance please.”

“Here you are officer, sort of a warm day for February, ain’t it?”

They heard no response from the Texas Highway Man who had already run the plates and determined there were not wants or warrants for the true owner of the pickup, which our Sicilian heavy was not.

“I see the truck is registered to a Canton address and your license doesn’t match. Can you explain that and why you were 3 miles per hour over the Speed Limit?”

“I am the hired man for a rattle snake breeder in Terrell and I was kind of in a hurry to get the live snakes in the back of the truck to my boss’s ranch before sundown as you must be away that the snakes crawl at night?”

“Well let me just take a look see at the snakes to see if you are being honest with me. Funny you should refer to a country song by a black man.”

“Well if you think a black country singer is unusual, you will be flat footed when you see who the next Pope is” as the Sicilian turned on the red flashing light in the pickup box and 80W emptied a bag of 7 rattlers from just over the top of the tailgate.
Trooper Campbell of the Texas Highway Patrol had picked a bad day not to wear leather boots and he was all ‘6s and 7s’ at the sight of the 7 six footers slithering down the back of the King’s Ranch Ford in Manly Mocha. Hastily returning the license, insurance and registration to the Sicilian, Trooper Campbell had the last word “ keep it under the limit until you hit the Van Zandt County Line. And unless you have a good repoire with Judge Kooches in Van Zandt I suggest you play by the rules until your are at your bosses house.”
“Yes sir officer, yes sir” while under his breath the Sicilian knew that most Judges and LEOs in his part of Texas were Constitutional Oath Keepers. The Sicilian selected ‘3’ and stepped on it as the Trooper did a u-turn crossing the median to get to the doughtnut shop on the other side. The Sicilian used the intercom to communicate with 80W and Chips.
“Sorry for the delay, we will be in Terrell in 15 minutes for a pit stop and Mr. Boo’s and Soulman’s BBQ.”
Chips turned on the nightlight on his Clipper Squirt Gun and saw there were no more bags of snakes but that Agent 80W was in a position she called ‘watermelon’ and she was selecting C6 and C 0+15 on her Clipper Cattle Dehorner.

The Ford was doing 83 in overdrive as Agent Chips realized 80W was about to deliver something he was never going to forget. As he saddled up in Watermelon-pile driver, he missed an incoming Priority Clipper from Hammer MacCheese near the Redstone Arsenal. Before he could listen or read it, he heard an extremely loud explosion and felt something collide with the King’s Ranch Ford. As he tried to disconnect to check the status of the truck, 80W cooed “Hang in their Chips, in the briefing guide it said that 5 miles from Terrell Tillman’s Ghost would join in support with Tillman at the wheel, Sluggo in the trunk and a debriefed Dangerette riding shotgun, now back in the saddle, cowpoke, this quivering cowgirl will do the thinking, you just do the boy part.”

Chips was hanging in their in the interest of pleasing his little Texas Tornado and missed an incoming Clipper from Sluggo who was in the trunk of the 1940 Super Trick, Piss Wicked Studebaker Commander Coupe with the 413 MOPAR. The Clipper from a ‘lefse cook’ not far from the Benedictine St. Johns, Minnesota, where WWII Nazi Plunder was stored until 1978 was regarding the term BLACK POPE.

Rat’s Ass Agent Sluggo Immediate JASPAR to Hammer MacCheese, Rooster Cogburn, Agent Tillman, Chips, Hamish and Dangerettes aField and aBroad in Queen’s Pussy-Rat’s Ass: The term “Black Pope” pertains to the head of the Jesuits. It has nothing to do with the color of ones skin. Until recently his name was Hans Klovenbach. I don’t have the name of the new Black Pope available right now. He was replaced within the last year sometime due to coverage by Chris Spivey, David Icke and Abel Danger. It is believed that the Black Pope answers to no body. In fact, the “Pope” is subservient to the “Black Pope”. The Jesuits are the CIA of the Vatican. The next pope according to St. Malachy will be called “Petrus Romanus”, “Peter the Roman”. It sounds like there is a front runner already for the next Pope!! That would be unheard of at such an early date. The name bandied around right now is from Ghana and his first name is Peter, who not surprisingly is a black man! It’s too early to read too much into this, I wouldn’t expect an announcement until April sometime. We will wait and see. The best website for more info on this subject is with Tom Horn, a brilliant bible scholar. We live in interesting times, do we not? Sluggo, in the trunk of Tillman’s Ghost

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