Check for Christmas Day Treason at the U.K. MoD.

Source: Norman Tebbit blog

Check for Christmas Day treason at the U.K. MoD.

Lord Tebbitt:

Bettina Jordan Barber and her colleagues have been selling PKI keys to U.S. Small Business Administration protégée companies to help them produce Wag the Dog snuff films (cf. Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Rises, OBL hit).

Our counter-intelligence group
has evidence of an attempt to extort a stand down of the American government (cf. Candyman in Haawaiian HUBZone) on Christmas Day. 

Traitors in the U.K. MoD appear to be preparing a threat of a Christmas Day attack on America from Serco nukes (cf. 4 minute warning) to be delivered on Boeing aircraft guided through mentors of the GECAS/Oxford Aviation Academy (cf. GAPAN).

The former Grand Master of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (1954-2004) is Prince Philip; the current Grand Master is Prince Andrew; both men are compromised.

With your background in the RAF, commercial flying and government; you can stop this.

Do so.

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