Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook MI6 Psyop


Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook MI6 Psyop

Source: Left Hook 

March 20, 2018 

If ever there was smoking gun evidence as to who is behind the constant manipulation of global geopolitics, it is the emerging scandal involving Facebook & Cambridge Analytica. The case unravels the Gordian knot which binds British and Israeli intelligence in the service of the City of London bankers. 

I have long contended that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is an Israeli Mossad intelligence operation designed to gather a dossier on every person on the planet while destroying both the social fabric necessary to challenge banking hegemony via disinformation, division and conflict creation; and the emotional well-being of humanity through cleverly orchestrated psychological warfare.

Cambridge Analytica is a British “data mining” firm, whose logo is a brain with vectors connecting dots. It was spun off from its parent firm SCL (Strategic Communications Laboratories) Group in 2013 to “participate in American politics”.

Cambridge & Oxford Universities in the UK are incubators for the global banking elite, producing – as do Harvard & Yale in the US – the managerial class for the Illuminati. 

Cambridge Analytica insider Robert Mercer was an early pioneer in artificial intelligence and is a major funder of far-right US groups like Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, and Club for Growth. He resides at “Owl’s Nest” mansion in New York. 

Mercer was also the major funder of Brexit, via Nigel Farrage and the UK Independence Party. While many see Brexit as emancipation from EU tyranny, I have long contended that it was orchestrated by the elite to cement the Anglo-American alliance and to insulate the City of London banks from incoming EU regulations on their dirty activities. Mercer himself was named as a director of eight different Crown-controlled Bermuda-based firms implicated in tax evasion by the Paradise Papers. 

But a recent British Channel 4 undercover investigation has revealed far more nefarious activities which make Cambridge Analytica & Facebook look an awful lot like a well-orchestrated British/Israeli intelligence operation. In fact it is a textbook example of how the now-very silent British Empire still runs the world using its Israeli and US surrogates. 

About 12 minutes into the interview Cambridge CEO Alexander Nix is caught on camera bragging about how British companies often “subcontract” work to Israeli firms since they are, “very effective in intelligence gathering”. 

The undercover reporter for Channel 4 News posed as an operative for a wealthy client hoping to get certain candidates elected in Sri Lanka. Nix told the reporter: “…we’re used to operating through different vehicles, in the shadows, and I look forward to building a very long-term and secretive relationship with you.” 

Nix then brags about how Cambridge and its parent SCL Group have secretly manipulated elections in over 200 countries around the world, including Nigeria, Kenya, Czech Republic, Argentina and India. 

Cambridge used bribes, prostitutes and fake IDs to engineer election outcomes. Nix describes the honey traps his firm set to discredit certain candidates where they would, “send some girls around to the candidate’s house. Ukrainian girls are very beautiful. I find that works very well.” 

It is no coincidence that one of the biggest MI6/Mossad operations in recent years was the Ukrainian coup which brought billionaire Petro Poroshenko and his mafia to power. White slavery is a trademark of British intelligence, where pedophilia is rampant. 

Please go to Left Hook to read the entire article. 

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