Broward County: Backtracking the Programs

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By Vicky Davis • March 05, 2018

The shooting at the school in Broward County blew the lid off the technocratic tyranny that has been implemented in our country. People have jumped on the elements of the Sheriff’s Department that effectively neutered the law enforcement. Community Oriented Policing (COPS), the Promise Program and federal incentives money provided for economic development and social programs caused a fundamental shift of focus of the Sheriff’s Department to be concerned with the reduction of crime statistics rather than on policing to make the county safe.

Low crime = successful community programs = more federal money.

Since the Sheriff’s Office controls the statistics, lack of law enforcement reduces the statistics and they are rewarded.

Broward County Crime Commission

On the Broward County Crime Commission’s website, there is a page titled, Business Intelligence Policing/Predictive Policing. They say:

“crime science is a radical departure from old ways of thinking about the problem of crime in society”.

The idea embedded in that concept is that computer systems can be used to locate and target high crime areas and using methods of data collection and analysis to not only solve crime but to predict where criminal activity will be occurring. If you scroll down on that page, you’ll see report titles and webpages including the links. The reports that go to the US Department of Justice have been scrubbed from the internet since I first looked at them. But it doesn’t matter. Look to your right and you will see them.

The Broward County Crime Commission was established in 1976 following the examples of Chicago, New Jersey and Kansas City.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police was established in Chicago in 1893 to “serve as a means to apprehend and return criminals who had fled across law enforcement jurisdictions. It’s not clear if the original organization was a Port Authority but that would be a good guess. It may be that the FBI grew out of that organization. That’s not clear but they’ve had an association with the FBI since the FBI was formed – assisting with policy and technologies for policing.

Community Oriented Policing (COPS)

July 10, 1991

In 1991, the Congress was focused on crime. The Brady Bill had been passed and legislation passed for mandatory death sentences in certain cases. On July 10, 1991, Senator Chuck Schumer, Chairman of the Crime & Criminal Justice Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Community Policing. Lee Brown, President of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police and New York City Police Commissioner was invited to testify on Community Policing. The following is a brief clip. The full hearing can be viewed on C-Span HERE.

1991 Hearing on Community Oriented Policing

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