British Bankers’ C2 CSI Libor War with F—ing Americans – Chapter 11

British Bankers, Soetoro, Clintons, Romney, Pawlenty, as well and Heid and Stumpf at Wells Fargo,

In Chapter 10 Agent Chips gave the British Bankers Association a deadline to remove Pawlenty after Romney canned him due to Misprision of Treason re 6 April, 2008. The Bankers who think questions like “who are the fucking Americans to tell us what to do” failed to respond. Bad call you doorknobs. Chapter 11 will stave off any Mid East attack that Thunderthighs and the British Bankers thought would cover up FAST AND FURIOUS. Hillary’s BONER VACANTIA is her problem, not the problem of US Marines like Brandon Raub and Field McConnell or Army Rangers such as Pat Tillman and Kraig Peterson. New demand: Panhead Panetta can the PAT TILLMAN TRIO or invoke exposure of Michelle LaVaughan Robinson’s part in Operation AT&T Clipper and Bhopal. Your call, numb nuts.

As Levi Stub’s face was replaced by rows of crosses from Flanders FIELD, Eric Burdon’s voice was the last word heard in Chapter 10. The Chaplain of American Legion Post 365 Wisconsin suggests that the Ryans and Romneys make alternate plans, capeche? Barry Soetoro should prepare for:

FIELD MCCONNELL, Punahou ’67 v. BARRY SOETORO, Punahou ‘79

Chips had just finished his first CSM when both 80W and Firewalker reclined anticipating knight action, but not the type of Knight Action dispensed by British Royals to dipshits like Bob Hope and Henry Shelton who appear to be or have been TREASON practitioners as we reported to FBI on 28 October, 2011. Want proof?

Modified EC135C Speckled Trout – Staged Continuity of Government Exercise – Hidden Treason – SES Attempt To Overthrow US Government – 9/11

Bob Hope – Illuminati Pimp

As the CRF lights were dimmed, Chips missed an incoming Priority Clipper as his Immediate-Flash CEMAW filter had been selected by Agent Firewalker. An important message went to queue as in the CRF Agent Chips and his helmut went to work as a pair of lovely souls were being coaxed. Chips, ever the fair gentleman, suggested they do ‘rock-paper-scisscors’ to see who got the first fifteen minute portion, to be followed by a lengthy portion once in the company of Agent Duncan Donut from the Newnan, Georgia reserve office where she and Barry M. Hall had a TRAIL CAM on the back door of the Cremation Service linked to Sioux Falls, Hayward Wisconsin, Chicago’s foul Willow Creek church not to mention Eagle Sky or Michelle LaVaughan Soetoro or Romney’s Stericycle which is not a wheeled vehicle for fat oafs, be they black, white, mulatto or quadroon, see also Warren Buffoon, capeche?


Into the Clipper queue went two time sensitive messages which Chips would see after calming two CEMAW sensitive Dangerettes. As he saddled up on the divine and reclined consensual heterosexual Ass Set from the Lone Star State, Agent Creekwalker in

Georgia and Agent Bean Spiller in the SHOW ME state monitored chatter involving odd

C130 variants transitting Crete enroute location OCTOBER SURPRISE and leaks from the WH and 1950 Old Gallows Road where NSAWW rats were hoping to desert a sinking ship of (privatized) state run since 1979 by someone whose DNA is a perfect match with Agent Chips. As Chips was sharing the FULL MEASURE of his attention with Pepperbush, he missed an incoming BARRAGE CLIPPER from Global in Plum City, where Rooster Cogburn had Agent Grapevine sudsing like a Maytag.

Operation BONER Hammer Rooster Cogburn BARRAGE CLIPPER to Agent Chips and 100,000 BCC via and Chips, Operation BONER got a shot in the arm from San Francisco SEC White Hats not fooled by attorneys like Tony at BLBG Law in New Orleans, see below:

Wells Fargo Sued in Reverse Mortgage Dispute; next up McConnell v. WF in Clay County

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Field Mcconnell


Julie A. Anderson, Attorney at Law

5 More…

Minn FBI

8 More…

Message flagged

Monday, October 8, 2012 6:55 PM


I am going to Texas tomorrow to work with a legal team to

present a parallel filing FIELD MCCONNELL w. WELLS FARGO

and hope to attach John Stumpf and or Mike Heid as defendants.

 I have three legal issues on my October calendar:


FIELD MCCONNELL Punahou ’67 v. BARRY SOETORO Punahou ’79

Refile Treason and Misprision of Treason re: Pawlenty, McCain and British Bankers Association.

If any attorney involved with AARP wishes to speak to Abel Danger Legal I hope you can share this message as I am in the Purple Limo with Plum One plates and carrying IAW Wisconsin CC 65229.


Global Ops Director
Abel Danger
100,000+ BCC via Chapter 11 going up at these two websites yet tonight:

715 307 8222

NOTICE TO ANY CROOKS: See Psalms 91:11-14 before attempting anything RASH. Forewarned.

Knowing you probably have some tiger, or cougar, by the tail, I fired a shot across the bow off FBI and Chris Hook at DoJ encouraging them to cancel NEW MADRID ASSUMPTION regardless the dictates of the haggard and flat chested, wide bodied Thunder Thighs. Rooster, The Plum

Modified EC135C Speckled Trout – Staged Continuity of Government Exercise – Hidden Treason – SES Attempt To Overthrow US Government – 9/11 

Chips was hammering home his message into the Pepperbush when another missed

Clipper came into his Clipper Squirt Gun while he considered a shot in the (half) dark, a shot in the arm, or a squirt in the whiskers. The faint hint of clover revealed a stimulated Skene’s Gland in a heterosexual, consensual, Agent of Abel Danger, Global, on duty aField.

As Agent 80W called “switch, side oiler, pile driver”, Agent Chips repositioned for an unobserved stern shot as Agent Switchblade Cross in Cebu City threw more gasoline on the Geddes fire that was burning down the British Bankers faster then they burned down Chicago the FIRST TIME in 1871 or burned down Atlanta on 11 September, 1864. As Chips prepared to launch a LOADING DOSE of Smoked Oysters, he wondered if the Queer in Canada wanted pâté de foie gras tout court with his THANGSIVING GOOSE from Abel Danger.

Invitation to Chris Hook and FBI to address Treason and Misprision of Treason before the False Flag NEW MADRID ASSUMPTION untilizing either 80-1067 or 80-1076 (the one used in HAARP HAITI FROM RAMEY, 2010, capeche?

Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) Radio – October 8, 2012 

Abel Danger invited Chris Hook at USDoJ and 11 FBI Field Offices to listen to our live radio show that aired from 1300-1400 CDT today, 8 October, 2012.

FBI and DoJ, we are on air at discussing Janna Ryan’s linkage to Wells Fargo, FBCA, Pawlenty, Marcy, Hellerstein, Clinton, Bruce McConnell and 9/11 Feel free to join us on the radio after you research where Mrs. Ryan was working for British Bankers Association from 2000-2002 and now the BBA are trying to get her beard into the VPOTUS slot. Listen up.

Items below in Chapter 11, going up tonight pending approval at Quantico

Fatal error when you arrested Brandon Raub

After no response from Chris Hook and favorable response from Quantico, now up goes Chapter 11 to block the CHAPTER 11 of AMERICA by agents sucking the tit of the British Bankers Association ( Pawlenty, Soetoro, Romney, Clintons-plural ). Abel Danger Global sent this messate to FBI (7 FIELD offices) and Hook at 1447 CDT today.

Let the Chips fall where they may.

Attention Chris Hook at DoJ-CBanks at NSAWW

PM Harper, PM Cameron, and Barry Soetoro, it is

thanksgiving day in Canada and the GOOSE IS COOKED.

Please have the British Bankers Association terminate

Pawlenty, block Romney and expose Soetoro. If you need

help the contingent suits are in Fargo while I travel

to Annapolis, Virginia, DC and other pivotal points in


We invited Chris Hook and 11 ‘white hats’ in FBI to listen

live but the recorded radio show is here:

C2CSI 8th October 2012

And the accompanying chat log is here. Have a good

Thanksgiving GLAMOURBOY, you Canadian Turkey.

Field McConnell
US Marine
715 307 8222

[ Maurice Baril + Charles Bouchard + Rick Findley + Russell

Williams + Robert Marr + 9/11 + Jana Ryan + British Bankers

Association + Wells Fargo + Pawlenty’s WIZMO ] 

Google [ Tim Pawlenty + McCain + Treason + Field McConnell ] 

Play it again SAM CAM wham bam, where were you and Tricky at

2311 the evening of 10 September, 2001. Want video?

C2CSI Broadcasts October 8-2012

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