British Bankers’ C2 CSI Libor War with F—ing Americans – Chapter 22

Election 2012 Has Given Christian Patriots 

Hillary and Tammy Baldwin on the down low

Way back in Chapter 21 recall that, before Bean Spiller called for ‘switch’ to Pole Sitter, Top Oiler, Agent Stone turned on the NO BOINKING SIGN while advising. “Seat belts, Tillman to cock, I say again, COCK pit, on ground at Albemarle in 5 minutes. Agent Bean Spiller cooed ‘quickie authorized, no fisting or rimming like Tammy Baldwin and Callista Gingrich might prefer”. As Agent Chips repositioned for an unobserved stern shot, in his excitement he failed to see an Immediate Clipper from Hamish who was having trouble with his Skype connection and had run perilously low on Mineral Water and fresh out of sliced limes. The message went to a queue, as per Abel Danger standard protocol. Agent Chips and Bean Spiller were so happy that they had answered the Master’s Call when they were offered a FULL PARDON. The Benghazi Butt Rapers, Soetoro and Panhead, will not be so graced.

Chapter 22

On the night of 1 February, 1994 the Saviour called my name, Field McConnell, USMC 0116513. I answered the call unlike Soetoro and Panhead, who along with Bill Clinton’s beard failed to answer the call. Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods also answered the call.


Panhead said that he, Panhead, didn’t want to send U S Marines into danger without complete grip on the scenario. First of all, since November 10th, 1775 at Tun Tavern, Marines have be more than happy to go into harm’s way with no knowledge other than their country needed them, like Tyrone and Glen needed the Marines on 9/12/2012 when the U S Department of Sissies failed to provide. When other loyal patriots aware of the MUTINY BOUNTY CHRISTIAN issue they said ‘screw it’ and for that we now have a retired Ham and Gaouette Omelete. Check six, Panhead.
Well, enough about me, let’s get back to Chips who was busy ensuring the JERSEY MILKER, who is going to cross the river and be received by Agent BP34 someday, according to God’s Grace, not her preference, had something to stick in her coffee if she didn’t drink it black like most Abel Danger Agents now do after seeing the video of Mitt Romney, AMERICA’s BIGGEST LOSER AND SLOWEST CONCEDER, milked a bull in Chapter 20 or 21. Look for ROMNEY BULL MILKER VIDEO, you’ll find it or my name is not Barak Hussein Obama and neither is the BOY 12 years behind me at Punahou. Gotta love Barry Soetoro, assuming you like BS and lightened loafers in a color other than black perhaps OXBLOOD like what will flow in the streets when Gabrielle Taylor Five PPE Oxford perverts ( Clinton, Heath, Wilson(*), Cameron and Edwina Currie are exposed in Chapter 23 from the obelisk monument where my photo will be taken on the Marine Corps Birthday. As Bean Spiller had been ‘milked’ so to speak, it was just in time as the VC40B rolled up to Landmark FBO for a gas and go, however, when it ‘went’ it had two less passengers as Agent Chips and Dangerette TBA had been collected by a 1996 Limo driven by a Rutherford but not Al Rutherford of Jacksonville, Florida who flew the F106, F16 and F15 according to Agent Stone Kohl.

As Chips and his DoD, Dangerette of the Day, settled into the back seat of the 9 passenger stretch, Chips got an eyeful of Pastel (redacted) and sensed a modicum of clover from the lady who would be enjoying crimson and clover, over and over at the Westin Annapolis by 2111 on the evening of 7 November, 2012. Of course, the room is reserved in a Somalia name that translates in to CHICKEN CHOKER according to the briefing guide of Operation SPHINX HEAD 2012. Remember that Ham and Gaouette omelette? Here kitty, kitty, kitty. If you expect to hear Tommy James sing Crimson and Clover you must know that being unpredictable is a mighty weapon.


Camp Mirage is where the DNA of the fallen Canadian soldier was flown out of UAE by Russell Williams under order of General Angus Shithead ( French for Watt ) who was the sponsor who had Russell penciled in to command CF someday if he wasn’t such a bad rapist that he, THE CANADIAN STALLION, allowed Marie Frances Comeau to overpower him and recognize his sick ass face, see also Prince Phartingham and Q1 of Canada who is such a fat sissy and fatter prize that the Geriatric Goosestepper ponied up a million Canadian fiat dollars to haul a Chevy Suburban and a short Cadillac to India in case someone should Sikh revenge for the downing of India Flight 182 in 1985, or is it 185 in 1982, do you feel lucky Glamourboy, well do ya punk?


Chips and the DoD Dangerette had provided themselves with Pastel Prove Up scans she finding him at TI 107% and he finding her sudsing like a Maytag. An apparent woman wearing one of those Muslim female things that the Minneapolis Airport still allows, and I should know I passed through TSA wearing one earlier this afternoon, 7 November, 2012, however Agent Chips noticed that the apparent females hands looked rather masqueline, like the hands of Janet. For this chapter Janet is not the airline that flew 737s from Nellis to Area 51 when Agent Chips was still a mere pilot.

The Burkha babe smelled of cous cous and garlic and had a AKC/PETA dog tag. Agent Chips was not impressed having seen Congressman Gohert have the ass of Janet 2, the bitch from Arizona, in the GANG of 53 ‘come to Jesus’ meeting in Chapter 21 which Agent Hamish still has not read. The apparently female with manly hands handed Chips a brief message written in French.

Fichas do agente, não se preocupe, eu tenho as costas, quando ficamos mais puxado por Clinton Maryland, deixe-me fazer a falar e você vai estar em um coma induzido, com um lote de molho feliz fornecida pelo Agente de feijão. Janet do Arizona não vai ser protegido pela PETA, AKC ou Bundas estupro Benghazi Barry. agente T
Agent Chips couldn’t read French but he thought this message was most likely from our man in Cebu City where Agent Chips had been called for an interview to fly in the summer of 2011 one year after he was called to Libya to explain the crash of Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771 which was an A330 registration 5A-ONG when it crashed on 10 May, 2012, 9 days later then the BBA-BBC-Reuters had it scheduled to crash. The prescient Bee Gees had fomented the crash years earlier in their song right here:


While Chips looked over the shoulder of his Dangerette of the Day, DoD, he couldn’t help notice her nice knockers. He thought he sensed more ‘clover’ but the hairy handed male in the Burkha had so much cous cous and garlic Chips couldn’t be sure so he performed a BDE and found he was right and she was hotter than a pepper sprout. And hadn’t been stretched althought the never ending and ever changing cover up of the Benghazi Butt Rape that has caused Barry, who was small when Christmas trees were tall, to replace the Haggard Thunder Thighs with Samantha Power but don’t anyone tell John F Kerry because he thinks his $500 receding haircut will allow him to disserve the US again. Not as long as Patriot Christians ‘down south’ and Agent Chips are ‘on the job’. Chips could tell that the train to grinder’s switch was running right on time according to the MI check he performed on Dangerette TBA, a sultry wench with an hour glass figure as opposed to Hamish main squeeze, an egg timer.

Mesmerized by the display of knockers Chips was delayed in seeing the translation into English as any Dangerette that Chips doesn’t like French, France, or the Auld Alliance between Scotland’s Cameron and the short guy from France who ran the HMS Astute aground.
Agent Chips, do not worry, I have your back, when we get pulled over by Clinton Maryland let me do the talking and you will be in a medically induced coma with a batch of happy sauce provided by Agent Bean. Janet from Arizona will not be protected by PETA, AKC or Benghazi Butt rape Barry. Agent T
As the Rutherford driver had the Fleetwood Stretch, but not a Pussy Stretcher, doing 85 he noticed a West Virginia State Trooper take the lead and the fellow looked a lot like Trooper Campbell who was not as ‘soupy’ John Heinz-Kerry-chickenshit. Chips saw a sign pointing toward Martinsburg where Danny Casolaro was silenced in 1991 while allegedly drinking Old Mil in the bathtube. Danny Casolaro was drinking an Irish Beer from St James Gate on the night he died and I would mention which beer but some guy with a cheesy accent might say ‘brilliant’.


Hearing the brilliant in his mind Agent Chips recalled where he had first sampled the wares of the lovely Dangerette with the hour glass figure. It was a 5 star hotel in Jo Burg and I cannot give more details or the lady in question, picture below, may got looking for Chips, and if you Sikh, you will find. The double breasted burger eater with the flashy tongue was mentioned way back when but to find her you’d have to google this Abel Danger Goggle Bait [ double breasted mattress thrasher + chips + pastel + Hamish ], capeche?


Now having ‘made’ the Dangerette and knowing her prowess he showed here the results of the GOOGLE BAIT to see how she’d respond.
While Sissy Gore Surrenders to Copenhagen Show Down at F-M Corral 
The lady was non plussed and reached into her bag and laid, I say again, laid three FCT IOC in size 28 inch waist in Pastel Atomic Tangelo, Paston Lemon Wedge, and Pastel (redaced) Green. Chips knew he made her right and knew she’d make his knight, but not the kind of knight the textile twirp from North Carolina became WITHOUT HESITATION after he did the Dover test not to be confused with the Ben Dover test which Rahm Emmanuel and Barry Soetoro did with Larry Bland, Nate Spencer, Robert Wone, Larry Sinclair and Donald Young who had all be provided by Reverend Jeremiah Wrong if I’m not mistaken.

“Chips now that you know who you just gave a BDE to, consider these unrelated items and tell me what you think they indicate. Here they come: United 93 Wag the Dog David Orchard is probably glad he is not named [ Pellerin-Reeves-Crowley-Foulkes-Beatty ] or [ Johns-Fantino ] as something is about to hit the fan.”
“Easy, the shit hitting the fan when QE2 learns of the wire tap that has put the Pellerin Reeves Crowley Foulkes Beatty Johns Fantino Johnston and OPP Project Hatfield at the center of proof regarding Canada’s attack on 9/11 as orchestrated by Russell Williams, Lord Garden and the Patron of GAPAN since 1952 the same year that Gabrielle Taylor and Edwina Currie were enjoying tongue lashings not similar to the tongue lashing I give Hamish when he runs out of Lime Slices, that was easy, do it again before we get near Ft Marcy Park.”
“Chips, if you think that was easy I will give you something harder if you promise to throw me a bone. Here it is:When Surrattsville changed its name after being linked to the assassination of Abe Lincoln on command of Crown Agents after they had burned down Atlanta on 11 September, 1864, what did they change the name of this Prince George County, Maryland village of 35,970. Hint, it is near Andrews AFB where you once probes the pleasures of the daughter of Nixon’s cardiologist after having martinis in your 1970 454/390 Corvette.”
“Elementary sugar britches, it is known today as Clinton, Maryland and is near Melwood and Rosaryville not to mention Camp Springs or Dripping Springs Vodka like I bought at Mr. Boo’s about 17 north of Canton, Texas on 11 October, 2012.”

“I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” Who are those works spoken about?”
“You are way too easy. That would be Agent Tillman, Hamish, Rooster Cogburn, Barry M. Hall and yours truly, me, the possessor of the Purple Tipped Red Champion”.
“Speaking for myself, I cannot wait to repossess the PTRC like I first did on the beach at Ramey AFB in later summer, 1964. However I will give you’re a harder one if you’ll return the favor. Here it comes: What comes to my mind when I think of you is George Orwell’s famous saying from the 1930s that the more he hears people screaming freedom, freedom, freedom, the more he hears their chains rattling. I think that about sums it up. Today we have people who think that they are wild and free and crazy because they are engaging in risky, insane, round-the-clock sex, using drugs, defying everything decent in society. But that’s not freedom, is it? That’s not even anarchy. What it is, is simple conformity. That’s all it really is. How does this differ from your modus operandi, Chips?”
“Easy, I don’t use drugs and I limit myself to 3 enduros a day, all with CEMAW Dangerettes who are FSD and MR, google it.”
“No need to google it as I’m living it and every time I think of you, it always turns out good, now what song did I hear that it?”


“I assume you are thinking of EVERY TIME I THINK OF YOU by The Babys but I like to broaden, I say again, broaden your musical horizons especially when it involves a flute, think skin-flute or one eyed trouser trout, your choice, next question.”
“Good, there is the sign to Ft. Marcy Park but if you liked my performance on the quizzy suffice it to say you’ll love my teste performance, if you think hard, I say again hard. OK please hold the hard thought while I see what cheesy drivel Hamish is spewing now, give me a moment to check this Priority Clipper on my Clipper Squirt Gun.”
“Fine and I will keep my head down and check the Zipper Squirt Gun so we are not seen driving by Ft. Marcy park together, if you know where my head’s at.”
Chips knew. How could he not.
“SPHINX HEAD Agent Hamish Priority Clipper to Chips, MacCheese, Tillman and all agents aBroad or aField in Pussy Stretcher or whatever Operation we are on. Sent this post to Chris Hook ( ) at the very time Trooper Campbell told me that the black chopper was trailing your limo, please review and approve, Hamish.”

Plum City – ( – November 7, 2012. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Standard Chartered’s use of Turdi – a transvestite prostitute nanny for “F#*king American” children in Jakarta – to the ’68 grooming of a seven-year old Barry Soetoro for his subsequent career in pedophile entrapment allegedly leading to the snuff-film rape in a Benghazi hospital of Barack Obama’s Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.

More to follow.

Abel Danger
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation
Agent Dangerette TBA had come up for air and said “Wow, that is a short one” referring only to the Clipper she saw, not the all day sucker not to be confused with All Day Peterson, #28. the running back for the Minnesota Vikings named Adrian.
Chips saw Agent T put his index finger to his lips as if to suggest the limo was being listened to by NSA or the Eco-banana man Eric Sauve of Tomoye in Gatineau according to our lady agent known as the Gatineau Bridge topper, Pastel (redacted). He thought to himself a question that Agent Bean Spiller had inspired in his mind. What makes people want to live forever? I don’t think it’s limited to our materialistic society of today. Let’s go back to even early Christian times. They were writing about eternal life after death. So even in death there was a discussion of eternal life. I think this is a universal human desire. It’s a horrible thought that this conscious being of ours — with our beautiful bodies — is one day going to decay and die. I don’t think it so much has to do with the fear of meeting God, as it is just the thought that this all ends. Chips knew that a puddle of tears would be replaced by MIGHTY CLOUDS OF JOY when Bean Spiller realized that she would see BP34 again on the other side of the River of Life and that GREATER LOVE HAS ON ONE THAN THIS; TO LAY DOWN ONE’S LIFE FOR ONE’S FRIENDS. John 15:13 if you want to check it out. Because this is a short chapter check the two commandments Jesus added to the 10 his father wrote. You will find it around Mark 12:31 or on the trunk of the Purple Limo that Agent Chips drives with bogus liscense plates that read PLUM 1, a reference to Purple being the Royal color of Jesus.
Chips saw Agent T take out his Sig Sauer P226 so he suggested to Agent TBA she keep her head down, in the interest of security and his libido. He played a song for all of his Dangerettes who had ever suffered the loss of a loved one, which is all of them.


Those old bad dreams
Been sleeping in your head
Those old dark clouds
Been hanging around your head
But all your hard times
Will vanish in the wind
When the mighty clouds of joy
Come rolling in
Ohhhh, Holy Jesus
Let your love seize us
Oh, let us find sweet peace within
Happiness begins,
When the mighty clouds of joy
Come rolling in.
Those old storm clouds
Are slowly drifting by
And those old raindrops
Are fading from your eyes
And oh, Mr. Sun,
Gonna shine on us again
When the mighty clouds of joy
Come rolling in
Ohhhh, Holy Jesus
Let your love seize us
Oh, let us find sweet peace within
Happiness begins,
When the mighty clouds of joy
Come rolling in
Holy Jesus
Won´t you let your love seize us
Let us find sweet peace within
Happiness begins,
When the mighty clouds of joy
Come rolling in

Chips recalled that a JERSEY MILKER had reminded him that Philippians 1:3 and also 1:6 were special scriptures for those of us who have previously had bad dreams sleeping in our heads. It is for this reason that as Agent Chips and the TBA Dangerette tour Weather Mountain to confer with SPHINX HEAD, Petraeus and Dempsey to discuss Operation BENGHAZI BUSLOAD, if the two Abel Danger Agents assigned should fail victim to ‘banana peel’, Chapter 22 is dedicated to the memories of a pair of Veterans resting at Arlington and Big Piney 34 who gave the greatest gift of all. 

Agent T gave Chips the all clear signal and spoke laconically so as not to distract Agent TBA from her delightful duty, at least from Chips’ perspective.
“Chips we are 5 minutes from Mt. Weather, they took the bait tell ‘sugar britches’ to COME ABOARD as we are being snatched, I say again snatched out of this Limo. The chopper from Ft. Meade is 60 seconds in trail will be here in one minute, we have one minute of play time of we get caught in JANET’s web of lies, just like Barry, Panhead and the outgoing Secretary of State. The moon roof is opening, lady first, then you, then me. If we become morts like BURLINGAME-TILLMAN-GARETH-TYRONE WOODS-BOYD ED GRAVES or become wounded wrongfully like Taylor Morris, Branded Raub and many innocent servicemen of all nations I will leave this world thinking of the Happy Trails we have ridden in the Ten book set of Abel Danger Slapfest books, capeche?”


Before Chips could answer he saw the south end of a north bound Dangerette and the PTRC achieved 113% TI faster than Bambino’s little brother slapped the Kansas City Faggot in Trinity, not to be confused with Trinity Halifax or Chalk River where the Nazi wife swappers began setting the trap that would endanger Q1 and L1 of Canada. Many amongst the Abel Danger Faithful would anticipate the slap fest video from Trinity, however Chips, ever unpredictable around dickable Dangerettes looked forward to getting caught in a web of something more pleasant than the web of lies that have the Mutiny on the Bounty back in play.


Moments later Agent Tillman secured the chopper door as the Ft. Meade whirlybird took up a course direct to Severna Park, Maryland. In his good ear, Agent TBA mentioned: “I’m hungry for some more, capeche?”
Chips grabbed her left hand and moved it over the PTRC and she got her answer while in booth 101 at the Rams Head Roadhouse at 1773 Generals Highway awaiting a pair of AD Agents wearing UNMISTAKEABLE Tshirts. Chips and TBA were mentally undressing each other as the guy in the right seat up front announced something scary.

“All assume the brace position we have CHIPS lights are numbers 1 and 2.” Moments later…. Oops gotta go this chapter is robust enough for one hour’s effort.

C2CSI- Broadcast and Transcript-November 7, 2012

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