British Bankers’ C2 CSI Libor War with F—ing Americans – Chapter 7

BIG IRON Marine responds to Queen’s Nipples and Ass in Operation ROYAL FLUSH. 
 Goose stepping Geriatrics, naked grandson and topless princess. Brilliant!!

Dear Tyrants or faux Royals collectively TURDS, meet Musolini.

First the nipples…

…then the ass…

CUNT Mittens, Complicit in United Nations Treason? 

Miriam Clegg disguised as Foghorn Leghorn 


In last chapter Chips was probing Atomic Betty while Hamish had infiltrated BBA handlers at DNC in Charlotte, the Marine who is opposing both the Muslim and the Mormon in the Erection of 2012 lays waste to the British Bankers Association and their ‘bit players’ Romney and Soetoro, exposing Royal Ass n’ Nipples, Lambeau FIELD thanks Veterans though media shunned it, Firewalker interrupts enduro when head board banging goes quiet, Atlanta’s Barry M. Hall swipes B717 from Delta maintenance, Agent Orange, Agent Bean and Sonny Spanner discuss Royal PITA ( pains in the ass), Fat Queer and Skinny Queer indicted as Department of State shredding machines exceed Watergate record pace as British Banker security in Libya sends a message up a dear queer’s ass, Janet Napolitano to be thrown under bus if a FF event comes to a shopping center near you patsied FBI Sachtleben and Ivens expose Kristine Marcy-Eric Holder BBA link to Jesuit slaughter, Umbrellaman sends warning to Faux Royals of Windsor tell your FUCKING BBA to turn over 51 trillion or we deploy Operation Royal MUFF, Hamish explains Gorelick-Marcy-Holden “30 hour furloughs” involved in 9/11, Aurora, Cudahy, and SSTL False Flags brokered by BBA, gigantic unsightly VPLs get Sasquatch tossed of Air Force One prior to her beard being bounced from 1600 by the Marine, NoRAD looks other way while BBA’s attempt EMP of EC Rider over North Carolina, Barry Soetoro (Muslim) and Mitt (CUNT) Romney told to stand down by Marine operating under protection of Psalm 91:11-4 or be cut down in October 2 non false flag event, Agent Tillman and MacCheese take down BBA sourced EMP platform, Stone sucks on a Grolsch while in after CRF a Mountain Pepperbush calls ‘switch, pile driver, jack hammer. 

Chapter 7

Crown Imperial Servant advises tyrants to STAND DOWN.

Psalm 94:16 summonsed us.

Who will rise up for me against the wicked?
Who will take a stand for me against evil doers?

Ephesians 5:11 charged us with our mission.

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Daniel 2:21-22 supplied us with the power and the Truth.

21 He changes times and seasons;
he deposes kings and raises up others.
He gives wisdom to the wise
and knowledge to the discerning. 

22 He reveals deep and hidden things;
he knows what lies in darkness,
and light dwells with him. 


Psalm 91:11-14 ensures our safety.

11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways; 

12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. 

13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
You will trample the great lion and the serpent. 

14 “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. 


VERSE OF THE DAY: Philippians 2:1-2 NIV

“[Imitating Christ’s Humility] Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind.”


As the last chapter finished, Agent Chips had offered to see Atomic Betty back to Room 274B of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville where in February, 2010 he had met with Orly Taitz to discuss allowing Obama to remain on the scene until he had led the British Bankers Association into the LIBOR-Iran trap arranged by Bibi who wrongfully thought his 1984 Boston ‘playmate’ Mittens would win the conservative endorsement of the 330,000 members of the national police union. They had sampled each other in the elevator and found that both items of plumbing were up to the task at hand but not in hand, capeche?

National Police Union Turns Down Romney and Obama

Agent Hamish had been on remote assignment in Charlottle, North Carolina where he was impersonating a British Bankers Association bigshot trying to manage their half white asset who was hamstrung by an enormous beard with disgusting VPLs and a serious case of lakaknockers, see also Princess Topless and haggard Hillary, yuk. Hamish had determined that the BBA was getting very sloppy in their ‘single shooter with triple doppelgangers’ as SAS or G4S hit teams left too many clues behind in Pat Tillman, Aurora, Cudahy, the dead Canadian Judge hits (2) and likely would again in the French transaction to cancel the Ba’athist Brit EADS/Airbus squealer. While in Charlotte, Hamish had learned of a whistleblower Ba’athist who was linked to SSTL and Airbus. The cloud-centric crime scene investigators assigned to Aurora and Cudahy had been spirited away to locations in France and England on a tip regarding an upcoming G4S ‘clean up detail’.

Agent Chips harked back to Gilligan’s Island and the shipwrecked MINNOW and thought perhaps Newton Minow of Chicago was foretelling his own demise. As Chips was aware there is no statute of limitations on murder or treason, he was looking forward to intervenor service if Judge Hellerstein were to allow a Jury Trial in Victims of 9/11 v. Boeing-American-United-MassPort. While Agent Chips had been the first to speak of the Twisted Sisters of City of London, he knew they were just ‘cut-outs’ and the real abusers of power were the Goosestepping Geriatrics that may wish their red headed love child be sacrificed to the non existence Taliban to keep the Opium spigot spewing vast millions and the non-Charles DNA a secret or perhaps the Royals would be again humiliated at 26 pages of photos of the most recent Princess Phartingham, topless sunbather of Cambridge. While Prince Phartingham was in hospital in England and Joe the Dummy was sucking up to bikers, Newton Minow’s comfort level was being tested by the sloppy work of Bill Ayer’s beard and the disbarred reprobate from Princeton and her very visible and humongous panty lines. Yuk!

In January, 1968, a ship’s captain was given over to the North Koreans in the breaking of a promise ( of air support ) caused by the breaking of a Treaty regarding nuclear weapons on Japanese soil ( nuclear armed F104s of USAF). The USS Pueblo has twice been offered returned to the United States and today lies in harbor as the only active U S Navy vessel impounded by a foreign nation. As the Marine who is opposing both the Muslim and the Mormon in the Erection of 2012 lays waste to the British Bankers Association and their ‘bit players’ Romney and Soetoro, Agent Chips has signaled North Korea that under his watch the USS Pueblo would be accepted back by the U S Navy as a sign of the end of the British control of the United States Department of Defense under the P-P perverters of Justice Panhead Panetta and Betray-us Petraeus, chief suppresser of the truth of the Pat Tillman assassination and most exposed member of the PAT TILLMAN TRIO, google it.

On Tuesday, 2 October, 2012, the world should anticipate that Agent Chips and Agent Tillman of the VETERAN FORCE of Abel Danger shall call upon both the Muslim and the Mormon to STAND DOWN or be taken down by Chips and Tillman. This assumes that the FALSE FLAG event scheduled for 27 September, 2012, can be blocked by release of plans gleaned, perhaps, by Abel Danger representatives at 1950 Old Gallows Road, Vienna, Virginia not to be confused with Vienna sausage or other stocking stuffers or world reknown, capeche? When the Royals leave us BREASTLESS, “Fumbles” Romney will looking to put behind him a turbulent week that saw him stumbling to respond to an ongoing crisis in the Middle East created by desperate and hopeless ROYALS who cannot stop Abel Danger Operation ROYAL BVR. The Queen’s Mormon dummy may spend hours preparing for debates, mindful that they may be his last best hope of overtaking Barry Soetoro, but the effort will be for naught as Obama will be exposed in Treason charges to be filed in Fargo by Field, notice the alliteration of the F-words against the F-Wads?

FIELD MCCONNELL Punahou ’67 v. BARRY SOETORO Punahou ‘79


As oath keeping Americans position themselves to defend America from the ‘hacked and exposed’ British Banker Associations’ two “perverts-in-chief” candidates, perhaps a review of how the Captain of the USS Pueblo had been ‘hung out to dry’ in January, 1968 will foment how Willard and Barry are now being hung out to dry in reports such as WND exposure of Barry Soetoro as homosexual. Expect a similar report on Willard NLT 2 October, 2012 as the British Bankers Association’s Queer Candidates are unmasked and pursued by Kevin Annett north of the 49th parallel and Abel Danger south of the 49th parallel.

Chicago homosexual community shocked he could keep it secret

Please listen to this Grand Funk Railroad song regarding the Pueblo as you read the thoughts of a young veteran from that era of American skullduggery crafted by the British Bankers and their Israeli proxies who are desperate to create chaos to coverup the British Banker Association actions involving LIBOR and MERS as Agent Chips encourages the repudiation of odious debt which would vacate $62T worth of illegal mortgages at same time as a $51T demand for payment for Frauds upon America, see also Warren Buffett and Judge Rosemary M. Collyer.


I left the Corps in August 1967 to go to college and I will never forget my dilemma regarding whether or not to study for my final exams at UCLA soon after the USS Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans. Commander Bucher had been promised air support should he be attacked by the North Koreans but higher authority broke their promise and he surrendered the Pueblo in the face of extermination of all of his young crew. I can still remember thinking that President Nixon will take the bull by the horns and teach the North Koreans a lesson. With that in mind, I was expecting to be called right back into active duty and head on for North Korea… why study for exams? But Nooooooo….all I saw was a year full of parading the Pueblo crew around while getting their butts beat around by their captors! So much for Nixon’s standing behind the US Serviceman. To add insult to injury, when the crew finally returned back to the USA, Commander Bucher got a nice surprise in the form of a Navy Court Martial for being the only ship’s captain to surrender a US ship. What a kangaroo court! I always felt even worse when I learned that he had been raised as an orphan at the famous “Boys Town” institution and had made good for himself. The Navy knew how to keep a good man down when they pounced on him as the scape goat (I see why the goat is the Navy’s mascot!) Had he instructed the firing of his 50 caliber machine gun at two North Korean gun boats, his crew would have been massacred. After all it was a spy ship loaded with high tech equipment and not equipped to defend itself adequately. What choice did the US Navy give Commander Bucher when they failed to keep their promise to protect his boat with air power? The Navy had far more embarrassing experiences to explain when in 1942 they lost 4 out of 5 Cruisers (sunk!) at the Battle of Savo Island because all ships captains refused to communicate with each other as each was being blown out of the water one by one by Admiral Mykawa. That stank to high heaven but I never heard of the Navy trying to destroy the reputations of 5 big shot Navy Captains who made monumental mistakes. Commander Bucher never made any mistakes except to trust his immediate authority’s promise for air support when needed. I heard that Commander Bucher died last week (Jan04) and I thought I should pay tribute to him with this remembrance so that all who read it will honor him as he rightfully deserves. As a former Marine, I love the Chesty Puller’s and the Iron Mike Edson’s who lead men with determined spirit when things get tough. But I would have been proud to have been a Marine “spook” working on the USS Pueblo for Commander Bucher and nobody would ever change my mind about that. Perhaps enough Marines writing to the Navy Department to show support for Commander Bucher might make a dent. Charles J. Neilson MD, former Sgt USMC

Commander Bucher, the ‘captain’ of the USS Pueblo, had been abandoned by those who should have protected himself, his crew, and his ship. It is similar to the experience of the USS Liberty and not dissimilar to the treatment of another Captain, CAPTAIN SHERLOCK, who exposed to the FAA, FBI, Air Line Pilots Association and United States Department of Justice exactly how the four airliners and their four replacement drones had been illegally modified to attempt the Treason of 9/11. Senator John McCain and his lapdog Tim Pawlenty, then governor of Minnesota, are participants in the Treason of 9/11 or complicit in covering it up. See letter below where CAPTAIN SHERLOCK communicated with French officials complicit in the ‘squelching’ of Air France 447 Truth and exposed the suppressors of Truth in 9/11. Brandon Raub was illegally incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital for expressing the Truth on Facebook. Forrest Fire McCain and Lap Dog Pawlenty may find it more difficult to muzzle Agent Chips as he exposes the truth in keeping with the mandate of Ephesians 5:11.

11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

McCain, Pawlenty, the PAT TILLMAN TRIO, Judge Rosemary M. Collyer, Warren Buffett and the Twisted Sisters of 1950 Old Gallows Road will find, too late, the cost of working for Satan. Tuff shit. As you mull the letters below, fast forward to September of 2012 and watch for an event where a murder takes place to silence a whistleblower whose tentacles touch EADS, BAE, Airbus, SSTL and City of London. Funny how all these FALSE FLAG murders involve a LONE GUNMAN with three doppelgangers. Persons with good cognitive skills might have realized Operations Northwood tactics exposed in 1962 would be even harder to conceal with the internet, JASPAR and FESTUS tracking the illegal events deployed by JABS/1950. As in Gallows Road, not the first year of the narcotics war that killed Marine Captain Bill Harris, son of Marine LGen Field Harris, USNA ’17, a Marine Pilot who inspired the naming of Field McConnell, USNA ’71, also a Marine Pilot.

Re: Air France 447 – Letter To Mssrs Charles Henri Tardivat and Stuart Dench – Association of Families of Victims of Flight AF447

Captain Field McConnell
N3572 CR S
Plum City WI USA 54761

Stewarts Law Offices
London and Paris

1 June, 2011

Mssrs Tardivat and Dench,

I understand that your law firm is involved in the justice sought by surviving family members of those souls aboard AF 447. I come to you, now, offering rejoinder service if that might benefit the surviving family members.

My professional background includes 29 years of blemish free service to Northwest Airlines and 26 years of service, mostly as an aviator, flying in Navy, Marine and USAF squadrons. I have type ratings in the A320, A330, DC10, DC9 and CV-A340/440 aircraft and my license is FAA ATP 3053346.

On 10 December, 2006, I shared safety sensitive information with the Air Line Pilots Association, the FAA, the FBI and representatives including four Vice-Presidents of Northwest Airlines. The information was not in dispute as Boeing had paid a $615M settlement to US Department of Justice to arrest an investigation into illegal aircraft modifications and illegal export of military hardware, specifically the QRS11 GyroChip, to wit:

—– Original Message —–
From: Field McConnell
To: Hylander, Ken J
Cc: Moore, Pete A; Campbell, Tim P
Sent: Sun Dec 10 21:59:10 2006
Subject: FW: Captain McConnell Says “Clear the Skies”

Field McConnell
9223 50th Ave S
Glyndon MN 56547

Director of Safety
Northwest Airlines
Eagan MN 55111

Cc: Air Line Pilots Association
1625 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC 20036

David Hawkins
Foundation Scholar, Cambridge
Founder and Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE

10 December, 2006

Re: Captain McConnell Says “Clear the Skies”

It has come to my attention over the last 96 hours that a QRS-11* GyroChip gyroscope with military applications exists.

I understand that at least 96 passenger aircraft have been illegally modified with QRS-11 missile-guidance technology and at least 27 GyroChip-equipped flight boxes have been exported without licenses by Boeing without the knowledge or informed consent of airline companies, unions, or pilots.

Under the authority demanded of me on page 9.1.1. of the Flight Operations Manual, specifically bullet statement 4 “The Captain WILL make the FINAL decision as to whether the aircraft may be safely operated.” I deem it impossible to comply with the requirement of 9.1.1. until any captain can know, without a doubt, that QRS-11 is not embedded on his particular jet.

In my experience, Northwest Airlines has always put safety first regardless of the costs. I suggest our company can address this issue and be the first airline in the world to be declared QRS-11 cleansed. The potential risk of not determining the existence, or lack thereof, of a threat may facilitate a second 9-11 style incident.

The body of evidence supporting my concern is established and vast. I assure you my interests are in keeping with the interests of NWA. I believe we can use this as a competitive advantage, however safety must come first. I am going to suggest that ALPA and IFALPA considering “standing down the fleets” until this possibility is resolved.

On 9-11 an order was given to “clear the skies”. I ask ALPA to consider issuing that order again within 72 hours if independent discovery cannot identify the threat.

With grave concern and an eagerness to help,

Field McConnell
28 year airline employee
22 year military pilot
23,000+ hours of safety

I was subjected to a discretionary physical albeit not with a Doctor qualified to perform FAA physicals on Airmen possessing FAA licenses to fly. Following the successful completion of the physical, Northwest Airlines removed me from pay status claiming I had failed to appear at a psychological evaluation by a Doctor Elliott of Los Angeles, the preferred psychologist of Delta, United, Continental and Northwest Airlines, among others. I elected to retire to protect my Expert Witness Value. I was found by a Human Resource specialist and flew 18 months in Kazakhstan flying Airbus A320 family aircraft most generally with Muslim co-pilots.

On 27 February, 2007 I filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 “McCONNELL v. ALPA AND BOEING”. Four days later Boeing satisfied me by publishing an acknowledgement that Boeing had, indeed, deployed the Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot. Now 52 months later ALPA has neither acknowledged this nor, more importantly, ensured that ALPA’s pilots are aware of the BUAP and it’s uninterruptible nature. In the time since I communicated with ALPA et. al. four airliners have suffered hull losses in a manner consistent with my written warnings to ALPA: Adam Air 574 ( 1-1-07 ), Kenya Airways 507 ( 5-5-07 ), Colgan 3407 in February, 2007 and Air France 447.

I was satisfied with Boeing but not with what I characterize as the suppression of safety critical information by ALPA so in September, 2008, I filed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC), “McCONNELL v. ALPA”. In what appears to be a FRAUD UPON THE COURT my case was dismissed on 24 January, 2011.

When in June, 2009, Senator Byron Dorgan (recently leaving office) chaired a US Senate Aviation Safety Hearing to address issues leading to Colgan 3407 and, I opine, AF 447 I delivered a letter to Senator Dorgan’s Office in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Four whistleblowing pilots, myself included, were barred from testifying before the Senate. Realizing that the US Aviation authorities were not keen to prevent future accidents I published a Chapter 9 of the fourth book in a ten volume set collectively entitled Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11. At the cessation of proceedings in Dorgan Aviation Safety Hearings I caused Chapter 9 to be uploaded to the internet.

Collision Avoidance Ends USAF Tanker Competition
ICAO passports point Chips to red blood, white flash and blue streak

The following morning, 18 June, 2009, ALPA asked through my counsel if I would settle Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) for $1.3M. I suggested that it would be resolved in court.

After your review of the two lawsuits filed and perhaps a perusal of Chapter 9 you wish to contact me it would be my honor, as well as my duty, to seek justice in the case of my three fellow Airbus pilots at AF447 and their passengers who should not have been victims of a hull loss in June, 2009.

This link will take you to an excellent article which appeared in the Washington DC Examiner regarding Senator Dorgan and the suppressed testimony of 4 career pilots with unblemished credentials.
Update: “FAA is still ignoring the warnings”: Who the Aviation Subcommittee WON’T call to testify

Best Regards,

Captain Field McConnell
+001 715 307 8222

The Association of Families of Victims of Flight AF447 seek answers from Air France

Meanwhile, back in Room 274B in Nashville, Agents Atomic Betty and Chips were missing the briefing in the atrium of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel as they were probing pressing security issues involving France, City of London, upcoming False Flags penciled in for Iran and USA as well as their raging libidos. As they considered blocking City of London and BBA False Flags, Agent Chips’ arousal was such that he began an uptempo servicing of the Canadian Dangerette who was always mission ready and a full service Dangerette, Chief of Canadian Dangerettes from Waterford, Nova Scotia to Surrey, BC. However, she wished to slow down her American stallion so she pressed F4 and C+120 on her Clipper and suddenly Conway caused Chips to get in time with the music and extend the pleasure of the siren with the hour glass figure stacked with a pair of 44s, capeche?


As the banging of the headboard slowed down, Agent Firewalker of the Eagle Sky branch of Abel Danger misinterpreted the reduction in rhythm and thought the debriefing was complete so she stepped out of the closet in standard Dangerette disguise that was based on a svelte Russian morsel with whom Agent Chips had served while thought to be a pilot, staff number 6186A, at Air Astana in Kazakhstan during the 18 months February, 2008 to August, 2009 when exigencies compelled him to return to the Wisconsin AOR prior to the erection of 2012.

Agent Firewalker was embarrassed to find that the ‘debriefing’ was not consummated but she had been seen by Atomic Betty who suggested that a threesome might be enjoyable.

Chips nipped it in the bud with “Negative Atomic Betty, Firewalker is not an FSD yet due to several factors including her recent active service with the Missouri Office infiltrating Eagle Sky to determine the relationship to Edmond, Oklahoma Bankers, a Cremation facility in Sioux Falls, and the Willow Creek Church with a South Barrington address.”

“Chips and Betty, so sorry to interrupt, I thought the debriefing had climaxed and that we could attend to the CLIPPERS IN Q. Shall I excuse myself so a thorough probing can be continued in the interest of exposure of the British Bankers Association and the wartime draft dodging of Warren Buffett who ‘hid out’ in J Edgar Hoover’s Queer Service while in Annapolis Jimmy Peanuts and at West Point Alexander Narcotics were similarly sidestepping service in WWII as the four deferment door knob Willard Romney would do in 1968 while he was hammering Pardo in a French Villa and young Barry Soetoro was been attended to by a cross dressing Turdi in Indonesia where he was a Muslim?”


Before Chips or Atomic Betty could answer, a routine clipper was annunciated on Firewalker’s SIRCHIE Clipper device. Chips handed Atomic Betty only two NAPAWASHes as he had not exploculated during the recent COITUS INTERRUPTUS in the interest of national security and heightening of three libidos. As Atomic Betty commenced Abel Danger standard post boinking procedures, Agent Chips became erect and put on his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpaster in Pastel Manly Mocha, a Tom Selleck flowered shirt and a pair of cutoff jeans not to suggest that Chips would be cutting off anyone named Jean or Joanne, capeche? In listening to the steganographic musical hint below the raven haired beauty is neither Jean nor Joanne but rather a Garden State Cherokee from the Abel Danger Spookhouse in Biltmore, Arizona, capeche?


Operation MOIST BVR Agent Vixen Foxnoble routine JASPAR to Agent Chips, copy Barry M. Hall and Moxie G in Atlanta and Agent Tillman deployed aField from Philippines. “Agent Chips, Are you prepared? FEMA can help you! Your team in southeast Missouri is being tracked by SSTL and we will take them off the scent with our ‘migrating cell phone’ technique to ensure they get the entire shopping list from Eagle Sky. However, we now see BBA-BAE-EADs are in a 30 minute countdown centered upon this facebook comment [ The extraordinary and anomalous levels of thorium ALONE, which only appears in radioactive form, indicate with absolute clarity and certainty, that 911 was a nuclear event. So, can I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that 911 was a nuclear event? Of course I can. Thorium, uranium, yttrium, lanthanum, cerium, potassium, sodium, zinc, lead, copper, manganese, antimony, vanadium, molybdenum, strontium, barium, PUT ON YOUR SCIENCE HAT! It’s really quite easy… exercise your brain today! ] and this set of geographical coordinates [36°12′41″N 86°41′40″W]. Agents Bean and Mensa concur that you are at risk within 30 minutes and we have advised the team still in the Delta Atrium to meet the chopper in the parking lot in 12 minutes. Escape immediately, Vixen.

Subject: An Invitation from FEMA
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 09:40:34 -0500

September is National Preparedness Month and FEMA invites you to pledge to prepare now by joining the National Preparedness Coalition. The National Preparedness Coalition Online Community is where we connect and collaborate on emergency preparedness. Use it to empower yourself to prepare and to coordinate preparedness activities with your family, neighbors, co-workers, and those with whom you may study or worship.
Here are the top 5 reasons to join:

 Get access to useful information to help you prepare.
 Promote your national preparedness event on the calendar.
 Get support and share best practices with over 10,000 members.
 Connect with FEMA personnel and others near you in the regional forums.
 Help others prepare and increase our resilience.
 Help survivors of New Madrid Event YOM KIPPUR 26 Sep 12

Join the National Preparedness Coalition now!

Delta Atrium, Gaylord Opryland Hotel, 10 Sept 12

Chips asked Firewalker to join the team awaiting the chopper and let them know that he and Atomic Betty would be in the parking lot within three minutes. As Atomic Betty stepped into a fresh IOC in Pastel Mint Green, Chips sent an image to all queer female players at 1950 Old Gallows Road, Suite 250, Vienna, VA 22182 including Courtney, Deb, Kris and Jay as well as those at 33 Canada Square, Isle of Dogs, including Rachel, Omir, Juliet and Sarah. Chips had just hit ‘send’ on his JASPAR Squirt Gun when he saw Atomic Betty was again struggling to ‘cage the monsters’. Ever the gentleman, he approached from behind to complete the lift and separate bustier stuffing exercise, BSE not to be confused with bse which is a cow disease, while Atomic Betty sampled his TI manually finding 97% and increasing. She smiled and went into pre-lube but not auto drench as an Abel Danger knocker was signaling it was time to go on the door to 274B. Chips pictured himself sending a brief message to the Queen’s Queers intent on destroying America, the land that heaven blessed.

Chips had the knockers strapped down so he and Atomic Betty grabbed their deployment duffles and headed down the fire escape and exited to the north and into the parking lot where the Abel Danger Nashville Team was awaiting a black Apache from the [redacted] Army National Guard. As they joined the team Chips again looked at the clipper from Vixen and noted that where FEMA had suggested 5 reasons to join, a sixth was evident relating to an upcoming MOSSAD False Flag which was scheduled for 26 September, 2012 and Chips realized he was now the YOM KIPPUR SKIPPER. His thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of a pair of black choppers that landed east and west of the AD Field Team. A crewman ran from the east chopper and assigned transport of Chips and Firewalker to the east chopper and the remaining agents to the west chopper. Atomic Betty handed Chips a tin of Smoked Oysters and whispered RAMS HEAD VD as she gave him one last TI sampling and blew him a kiss wishing it wasn’t a kiss she was blowing but rather a rather stout trouser trout like those the lesbians at DHS savor all the while claiming that, despite her AKC/PETA registration indicated she is a lesbian bitch, J-No suggests otherwise leaving a bad taste in some mouths at ICE.

Department of Homeland Security Goes Wild; DHS Chief Favored Lesbo Pal 

Chips found it difficult to ambulate in an erect fashion as his TI increased to 117% as he and Firewalker went to the east chopper with the crewman dressed in black with G4S on his left breast causing Chips to notice that Firewalker’s left breast was as substantial as Agent Bean’s left breast, legendary among spooks in Biltmore-Mesa-Phoenix AOO where numerous WHITE HATS had joined forces with Abel Danger in pursuit of FAST AND FURIOUS Truth which will ultimately take down a Fat Queer, a Skinny Queers, Eric Holder and Thomas J. Smolich’s BELIGERENT BOVINE, also a Queer. Minutes later the choppers departed; one bound for Piedmont, Missouri and one bound for the military ramp at southeast end of KBNA airport where a Southwest B717 sold to Delta sat with the APU running and the bleed switch cooling the cabin in advance of Chips and Firewalker joining Agent Orange and Agent Bean for the flight to [redacted].

Agent Orange on Royal PITA, 9 September, 2012 Cotswolds 


Agent Bean, Operation TURGID WARRIOR, September 9, 2012, Greenwich UK 


Chips and Firewalker were secure in the aft portion of the eastern helo and the person with the G4S jumpsuit on crawled into the right seat, increased power while pulling up on the collective and pushing forward on the cyclic. Agent Firewalker thought of her ten grandchildren and Chips’ two grandchildren and swore to God she would not waver in their collective Abel Danger mission to be those servants of God called in Psalm 94:16 to complete the mission assignment of Ephesians 5:11. As the helo turned to the east and increased to 90 knots she wondered what it might be like to be a Full Service Dangerette. She was drifting of to pastel slumberland when an incoming Immediate was vibrating her SIRCHIE Clipper device, it was a good vibration.

Royal Crown Imperial Agent 80W Immediate FESTUS to Agent Firewalker, copy Hamish, Chips, Atomic Betty, Bean and Ginger Cookie: Umbrellaman has ordered a trident-like attack against the chink in America’s Armor. Aboard Chopper EC1 Rooster, Tillman, MacCheese and Sluggo are swinging an empty chair practicing for the half-time show at an upcoming Redskins game. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Mrs. Clegg’s DLA Piper associates to a matrix of RapidEye spies allegedly working for the British Bankers Association and the Chinese government inside the Obama chain of command. If Hillary’s exposure of Barry Soetoro’s birth certificate fails to compel congress to impeach the vagrant mulatto, Agent Chips will be dispatched to Fargo to file McConnell v. Soetoro, charges of Treason and Misprision of Treason also which would drag Senator John Hoeven, former governor Tim LITTLE TIMMY Pawley and two Chief Justices, Gerald VanderWalle and Russell Anderson, into the flak pattern. If any of you encounter Chips in the performance of your AD duties advise him the meeting in Texas is set for after the announcement from Fargo. FBI Houston joins Phoenix and are on board. 80W



Agent Firewalker in standard Abel Danger Dangerette disguise, March, 2008

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Chips had been reading over Firewalker’s shoulder and couldn’t help but notice she was certainly assembled in a fashion where she could be a Full Service Dangerette. He thought back to their first mission on Jumeirah Beach, Dubai UAE in March, 2008. Firewalker sensed his thoughts and being ever the professional advised him that aboard the Valu-jet swamp buggy they would not be alone as Agents Orange, Barry M. Hall and Moxie G were to join them for the quick trip to (redacted). Chips was receiving mixed signals but decided to err on the side of caution, which was good as a second Immediate came into his Clipper Squirt Gun, this time from a lady in England.

Royal Crown Imperial Agent Tugboat Twin J Immediate JASPAR to Global Hammer Rooster, Chips, Hamish, Dangerettes in duty aField in Operation MOIST BVR, copy Razzelberry: The DLA-Piper heterosexual married to the D2 banker has intercepted an internal DHS/FEMA/Reuters IOC ( inter office communiqué ): “Equating the patriot movement with radicalized extremists in the mainstream media effectively blurs the line between government-sponsored terrorism and support for our Constitutional Republic.
According to a 2004 report from the DHS entitled Characteristics and Common Vulnerabilities Infrastructure Category: Shopping Malls, states that every mall in America is a “soft target” which could be used by terrorists to “cause economic damage, inflict casualties and instill fear which is one of only three viable industries in England, FIT; fear, insurance, tourism. DHS specifies that among other types of security breaches, explosives (such as a car bomb or suicide bomber) tops their list of potential “threats of concern” regarding shopping malls. Frustrated that Abel Danger blocked the Shopping Mall Event scheduled for 1333:23 on 9/9/12, DHS, through the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) solicited 1,400 pounds of ammonium nitrate and A-5 Flake RDX – the same ingredients needed for a home-made fertilizer bomb such as the three that Kristine Marcy and Eric Holder procured for the Murrah hit. The progress in that investigation resulted in the Sachtleben/Ivens sanctions shortly after the two FBI patsies had helped Abel Danger download via FESTUS all U S State Department HARD DRIVES.. Interestingly, the DHS, by request of Congress, formed the Ammonium Nitrate Security Program wherein they oversee purchases of ingredients that could be used to produce an improvised explosive devise (IEDs). Watch for good news from White Hats on Rosh Hashanah which coincides with Constitution Day celebrating “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Expect Umbrellaman to deploy Operation ROYAL BVR if the Royals don’t defend themselves under rules of equity. In England we call them ROYAL TURDS(*). Maddy McCann and Gareth Williams salute Abel Danger
. Tugboat J, The Port

 * Totally Useless Royal Dip Shits





Agent Chips’ mind was racing between Jumeirah Beach, 1950 Old Gallows Road and the International Court in the Hague when another Clipper came to him this one from a Dangerette in the Lone Star State.

Royal Imperial Crown Agent Grapevine Immediate JASPAR to Agent Chips, FYEO: Chips, Umbrellaman has seen the anticipated nervousness in Panhead Panetta, he will be briefing uptempo ops in Operation ROYAL BVR once you have checked credentials aboard EC2, the Valu-Jet swamp buggy. Umbrellaman notes your post including “United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Mrs. Clegg to an RAF snuff-film escrow service involving the use of RapidEye crime-scene mapping cycles by the snuff-film actors who fractured Zainab al-Hilli’s skull. McConnell invites rebuttal to his claim that Mrs. Clegg – guided by the late RAF Air Marshal Timothy Garden – developed LIBOR escrow waivers to pay for RapidEye snuff-film mapping cycles and, in the case of Zainab al-Hilli, pay for snuff-film content which can be shown to any extorted patriots who might object to a merger between BAE and EADS if they are aware of the April, 2009 modifications made in Toulouse to the airframe HIT on 1 June, 2009 as Air France 447. The undercover heterosexual at NSAWW advises the PAT TILLMAN TRIO have just bleached portions of your Chapter 13 and I refer not to bankruptcy proceedings of 27 May, 2003 when you scared the shit out of Judge Dennis D. O’Brien in Fergus Falls. I attach a cached copy left unbleached by the boobs (small boobs, see also Sasquatch and Thunder Thighs) on Old Gallows Road. Abel Danger: General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout ..
Jun 13, 2012 … As Abel Danger and Agent Chips continue their journey into the center … Clipper to Agent Chips, Umbrellaman, Name Dropper, Hamish and Global ….. in the interest of enhanced national security and domestic tranquility without a … Philip Kensinger, David Petraeus and Panhead Panetta..oops make that a …
Name Dropper has arranged for the NEXT STEP to be on your birthday, 2 October, 2012. Happy Birthday Chips, have time from a debriefing when in Texas next?

Like Grandfather, Like Grandson 


Royal Twig and Berries 

Chips felt a pair of grapefruit size objects up against his line-backer like upper torso and realized that Agent Firewalker may be upgraded to Full Service Dangerette if any of the current FSDs are put out to pasture. Ever have a horse eat oats out of your hand? Chips was thinking about Hillary’s CAMEL TOE, Huma Weiner, when the chopper pilot passed back a pair of Grolsch wide bodies and pointed at the Nashville Skyline not to hark back to LAY LADY LAY. As Chips and Firewalker drank their 16 ounce portions, in his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha, the PTRC was getting that SAME OLD FEELING and he sensed a hint of clover in the air and considered the fact that Firewalker may be glistening.


Chips saw a FLASH IM in his Clipper Squirt Gun: “Expedite client transfer, EC2 cleared on a ‘through clearance’ which expires in 4 minutes. US Marshal Service is racing toward KBNA with a warrant issued in Enterprise, Alabama. Hurry. Skymaster.”

Chips did not need to advise the chopper driver as a light’s out, auto-rotation to departure end of Runway 02R was in progress. Firewalker pressed closer to Agent Chips, and he liked that. So did his purple tipped red champion. At the last moment Agent Hoss pulled up on the collective and landed in the grass not 40 feet from the open main boarding door ( 1 left ) of the B717 borrowed from Delta’s maintenance facility in Atlanta and ‘borrowed’ by Agents Barry M. Hall and Moxie G. Marquis d’Cartier greeted Chips and Firewalker and pointed to the aft CRF. Marquis then attached the escape slide, arming the door, and gave a thumbs up to Skymaster and Stone Kohl in the cockpit….yes that is right you homos of Old Gallows, COCK PIT.

Chips and Firewalker put the CRF location on the back burner as they settled into seats 2A and 2B behind Agent Orange and Barry M. Hall. Agent Orange reclined his seat to make visible an AQFB27Z ‘omni ball’ as Umbrella Man was supposed to go live with a briefing as soon as EC Rider was ‘wheels in the well’. The 295 pound Agent from St. Francis, Wisconsin signaled Marquis d’Cartier for a pair of AD glasses filled with a lengthy portion of Captain Sherlock Martinis, each with two stuffed Queens. Marquis made eye contact with Firewalker who signaled she’d enjoy a CSM also. Skymaster rotated at Vr and engaged the auto pilot after signaling Stone to retract the gear. “Slats and flaps on schedule, AP2, barber pole, your jet kid, show me what you can do”.

Skymaster saw the three Abel Danger Glasses and found a fourth offering to carry two if Marquis d’Cartier would mix one more. Skymaster and Marquis delivered the libations to the labia artists, some major, some minor, all heterosexual, as they sat on the arm rests of 1C and 2C to monitor Umbrellaman’s briefing. As the slats were retracted the ‘omni ball’ illuminate with Hamish’s face eerily visible from all 360 degrees of azimuth of the globe. However, the voice was clearly Umbrellaman’s indicating that Hamish had become the first Abel Danger Agent to meet the reclusive Umbrellaman.

“Agents aBroad and aField in Operation MOIST BVR. Via post of 16 September, I, through Agent Chips, have urged China and Russia to remain calm as we call for the standing down of both Thunder Thighs and Barry Soetoro, servants of the BBA and the Royals. Further, Abel Danger is imposing a deadline of 25 September, 2012, for the Royals to join Abel Danger as claimants against BBA or to be forcibly joined to BBA as defendants in both lawsuits to be filed in the Red River Valley on or before Yom Kippur. FIELD MCCONNELL, Punahou ’79 v. BARRY SOETORO, Punahou ’79. Hillary’s October Surprise was delivered early and therefore it appears Abel Danger will have succeeded in blocking the CIVIL UNREST Soetoro and Hillary had wish to ignite on the streets of America. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Jamie Gorelick to a prison-based scriptwriters’ guild which extorts otherwise innocent prisoners into participating in the production of anti-Islam snuff films so that Gorelick’s MSM propagandists, allegedly led by Thomson Reuters, can transmits images of Americans being killed by Muslim fanatics and thereby “rub raw the sores of discontent” which then creates a lust for revenge from dumbed down Americans. We expect the short peckered and flat chested Royals to agree to Abel Danger demands of forgiveness of all LIBOR tainted mortgages in the US with Master Servicing OUTSIDE RICO as well as forgiveness of all LIBOR tainted Student Loans written in period January 1, 1996 to the Royals agreeing to terms. The third financial demand is that the Royals demand that City of London Bankers in the BBA join Wells Fargo and Citibank in paying $51T to the Treasurer of the United States NLT 2 October, 2012. This sum is a RICO trebled three fold payoff of U S national debt. If these terms are not agreed to by EOD 2 October, expect Eagle Strong Voice and Hawk Royal Flush to FIELD Operation ROYAL FLUSH.

The election votes will not be counted in Spain and the toll roads in Canada will not line the Royal coffers when Kevin Annett and Field McConnell serve in accordance with their mandates in Psalm 94:16 and Ephesians 5:11. In the interim between this moment and EOD 2 October, I assign all agents in Operation MOIST BVR to execute Operation ROYALS BVR until such time as the Royals COME CLEAN or I authorize ROYAL FLUSH. God’s speed. Umbrellaman”

Those in the first class cabin of EC Rider heard a ‘crackle’ as the face of Hamish began to ‘go live’ and his cheesy drivel began spewing from the Bose speakers of the AQFB omni ball. Feeling like he’d heard it all before from Hamish, Agent Chips was not unhappy when he received an IM on his Clipper that indicating a wet and willing Dangerette of the FSD/MR type was in CRF #2. Chips excused himself from Firewalker’s side and strode towards the after cabin CRF as his TI elevated wondering which succulent morsel wished to service the Thongslinger extraordinaire, world’s most potent SNATCHER OF DRONES. To calm his racing libido he pictured Agent Tillman’s student who may get a chance to give the TRAITORS OF OLD GALLOWS ROAD a makeover, of sorts, right before the public hangings.

Spanish company will Count American votes overseas in November


With Chips away Firewalker selected ‘record’ on her SIRCHIE Clipper as Hamish began his briefing regarding Operation MOIST BVR tactics in Libya not to be confused with labia which was where Agent Chips was heading.

“Agents aField and aBroad, working with Plum City’s U S Marine Field McConnell we have linked the beating in which Zainab al-Hilli suffered a fractured skull to a pedophile ring of pilots working on snuff-film escrow contracts allegedly set up by the DLA Piper law firm for the British Bankers’ Association and the Oneworld Management Company. To stimulate the work of CSI: Paris and Les Inspecteurs Clouseaux, McConnell invites rebuttal to his claim that DLA Piper deployed former British Airways pilot Brett Martin, as a Oneworld Management patsy to witness the pedophile beating of Zainab al-Hilli. As the Royal’s listing, leaking SHIP OF STATE FOOLS are now exposed in their failed attempts to incite race and class based civil unrest in the U S and a thermonuclear meltdown involving Russia, China and the British Proxy state in the Middle East, we expect the Queen to cause the removal of the ‘blights’ at 1600 in exchange for an agreement by Abel Danger not to deploy Operation ROYAL MUFF (*). If Chips is not busy with a security probe in the interest of national security, it is anticipated that he will brief the 5 SMEAC issues in contingent Operation ROYAL MUFF. In the meantime, suffice it to say that Hillary, Kristine and Jamie are ‘messin with Sasquatch’ trying to put distance between themselves, mere traitors, and the Queen’s black pawns, to hark back to my chess playing days. Checkmate, Hamish.



As Chips entered the darkened CRF he caught a familiar scent which caused an extension of his probe to 115% TI. He could not see the color of the IOC on the bed post but sense the elevated MI of the previous inhabitant of the dangling item as his won item didn’t dangle. He heard a ‘click’ as a Clipper had been selected to F4 and C+240. Still uncertain who it was he would be debriefing heard the first few bars of a song heard by few but understood by many. As he felt he was in the dark he recognized the smell as a shrub from Texas named Mountain Pepperbush and he was 99% certain who he soon me mountain, oops, mountin’.

Native Shrubs of the Southeast

As the air refueling probe was positioned at pre-contact, awaiting a clearance to plug, the aircraft shuddered and went dark immediately after a bright blue flash like the one that took down AF 447. Totally intent on the continued sovereignty of the United States of America in the post Royal tyranny foisted by the Phartinghams, Agent Chips was getting ready to stick his nose into someone else’s business when he was pulled up by the ears, rolled over and mounted by another mountin’ pepperbush.

As the enduro started slowly for the consenting heterosexuals in the aft CRF, somewhere in Texas another shrub new if Barry Soetoro let his disdain for U S servicemen to become a campaign issue and claim he inherited the problem from the Texas fighter pilot who looked a lot like Agent Chips, he wooden have a leg to stand on.

Up front in the cockpit, Agent Stone Kohl was nursing a Grolsch widebody and operating on emergency power so as to keep the B717 darkened until Agent Tillman and MacCheese could identify and take out the offending EMP source. Back in the CRF a Texas Pepperbush was doing some serious pole bending harking back to when her Marine swept her off her feet and looking forward to a hat being thrown in the air, so to speak, which should occur some three hours and fifty four minutes hence.


Chips saw three orange blinks on his Clipper Squirt Gun and knew that Hamish was signaling and important message, hence the Immediate FESTUS. Chips intended to read the entire message but then the Immediate was displaced by a Flash FESTUS from Agents Tillman and MacCheese.

“Source IDed, source killed, source BBA”.

Agent Stone Kohl turned on both generators which lit up the cabin and the exterior lights of the B717 climbing on a heading of 047 as if destined from Washington DC. Chips was attempting to ‘recall’ the Immediate from Hamish when the Dangerette with the Mountain Pepperbush called ‘Switch, pile driving, jack hammer’ as she selected C6 and C+210 indicating she wanted the new ‘rhythm’ for the next two hundred and ten minutes.


As a northeast bound B717 dealt to Delta by Southwest flies on a 047 course at FL330, at 0400 North Carolina time, a significant clue goes to queue as an enduro continues in the aft CRF.

 –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  – –  –

Posted on Tue Sep 18 2012 09:00:06 GMT-0100 (Pacific Daylight Time) by doug from upland
Sexual Terror: The Untold Stories of Beslan Jihad
by Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D

18 Nov, 2008

From the days of Prophet Muhammad, sexual terror has been an integral part of Islamic Jihad. The siege of the Beslan School by Islamic Jihadis in 2004 was no exception as reveals Dr. Schurman-Kauflin. — Editor, MA Khan
Excerpt from Chapter 1, “Disturbed: Terrorist Behavioral Profiles” (2008)

On September 1, 2004, terrorists stormed a school in Beslan, Russia, and perpetrated one of the most heinous terror attacks in history. Though many people may have heard of this attack, it is very likely that most do not know what really happened there. The reality is so dark that few dare speak of what went on.

There are predators in wait lurking everywhere searching for unsuspecting victims. If a person has a proclivity or a secret desire, that inclination can easily come out if an opportunity arises. And that is what happened at Beslan. The terrorists immediately killed the men because they wanted no resistance for their plans. Then, when they saw the helpless girls in front of them, the temptation became too much. Their perverse dreams came true.

Beslan was clearly a sexual homicide/sexual suicide. That is, the offenders wanted more than simple terrorism. Some of the terrorists at Beslan were hired guns who did not plan on dying that day. They had not thought things through and did not realize that the Russians would not let them out alive. Then, once they were inside, and the realization dawned on them, plans changed.

Things had deteriorated when the media reported that there were only 354 victims. Wanting to have a dramatic impact, the terrorists exploded with anger. There were 1200 victims, and the Russians were trying to down play the incident. The terrorists said they would have to eliminate victims to fit with what the media had reported. Their demeanor worsened, and they got really mean.

It was then that they began raping the girls. They wanted sex as they killed, and this is sexual homicide. A sex killer gets excited when he thinks about forcing himself inside an unwilling victim, but the rape itself does not produce the ultimate excitement. It is the rape followed by the killing that is arousing. This is what happened at Beslan.

One by one, females were targeted. The sex killers looked for the perfect victims, and after zeroing in, they grabbed and disrobed the little girls in the middle of the gym. There were muffled cries as the girls were humiliated in front of everyone. They were stripped, raped, and sodomized by several men. Not content to simply rape, the terrorists used their guns and other objects to penetrate the screaming victims while the other hostages were forced to watch. And the terrorists laughed. They laughed as they violated the children and made them bleed. What few people know is that some of the girls died as a result of being raped with objects. The internal damage was so severe that without immediate medical attention, the girls bled to death. Those who managed to survive required extensive reconstructive surgery and painful recoveries.

But raping the girls was not enough for the deviants who had entered the school. The terrorists beat the other children. In fact, beatings took place regularly, and as they pummeled the little ones, the terrorists smiled and laughed. It was said that they would strike a child and then watch the child cringe. When the youngsters recoiled, their captors laughed. This says the offenders enjoyed inflicting the suffering. They wanted their victims to suffer. Such behavior is sadistic. Bringing others pain brings the sadist pleasure. And the terrorists tortured the victims in many ways.

Along with causing paralyzing fear, the terrorists had an ally in the weather. It was extremely hot outside, but the school had no working air conditioner. As the heat raged, the hostages begged for water, and at first, some was given. Time crept on, and the terrorists became increasingly cruel. They drank in front of the hostages and mocked the children who were crying out for water. Things got so bad that the victims were forced to drink their own urine. In some cases, the hostages poured urine over one another in a feeble attempt to keep cool. Seeing the suffering enhanced the joy of the perpetrators. In a twisted, ghoulish game, the terrorists put water in front of the children who were desperately thirsty and told them if they reached for the water, they would be killed.

Still, this horror wasn’t enough for the hostage takers. Raping, beating, torturing, and mocking were just not evil enough. Thus, to further frighten the victims, one terrorist stated “we came here to die.” Russian Tagirovich Khuchbarov was called the “colonel.” When the children asked for water or to use the restroom, he simply stated “I’m not your uncle, I’m a terrorist … I came here to kill.” Up until this point, the hostages most likely believed they could survive, but then…hearing these words…it meant they were to die too. This surely would have made the victims scream in their minds. If they cried out loud, they risked being beaten or shot.

As a crowd gathered outside the school, several terrorists goaded the townspeople. It was said that they “took delight” in egging the crowd on. They fired shots. They taunted. And again, they laughed. This psychopathic, sadistic behavior continued into the night as they ordered hostages to throw naked dead bodies out to the west yard. Yet, the Russian government did not want to negotiate with these offenders. Russian officials knew what they were dealing with: men intent on murder. However, in any hostage event, negotiations are necessary, but negotiations at Beslan were very difficult. When offered food, the terrorists refused because they feared poisoning. They had learned from Nord Ost and other terrorist standoffs. They would not make the same mistakes at Beslan.

Knowing that the elite Alpha and Vympel (Russia Special forces) would be called, the terrorists made it clear that if gas was used or electricity shut off, they would kill hostages immediately. The offenders had studied prior attacks and Russian counteroffensive techniques. So, they knew that Russia would stop at nothing to end the siege. With this knowledge, the terrorists had brought amphetamines with them to help stave off fatigue. This made them more wild and unpredictable. At one point, the terrorists allowed some hostages to leave. They told some mothers that they could get out with their babies and leave behind an older child or stay with both children. Those who left a child behind will certainly be tormented for the rest of their lives. At least one child who had been left behind survived the ordeal. One can only imagine that she could develop feelings of anger and maybe even hatred for the parent who abandoned her with psychopathic sexual sadists.

Russian Special Forces stormed the school using various techniques. Tanks were fired. Guns were fired. There were explosions. Alpha and Vympel members risked their lives to go into the school to save the children. In the end, nothing but bloodshed was achieved that day at Beslan. There were 330 people who died. Of those, 186 were the children. Blame has been tossed back and forth between the Russian government and the terrorists.

Critics have argued that evidence points to the fact that several of the terror attackers had been in Russian police custody prior to the attack [M.O. of British Bankers using Mau Mau prisons as base for contract hits]. There were questions as to how these people managed to get out of jail to commit the atrocity, casting suspicion on the government itself. Conspiracy theories follow most big terror attacks. But there is no doubt that hostilities between the terrorists and the Russian government were not quieted. In fact, due to the horrific ending, anger has grown. In the end, this wretched act accomplished nothing but mass murder. So why bother with such attacks? Who are these people ready to lay down their lives for their cause?

What makes them tick?

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