British Bankers’ C2 CSI Libor War with F—ing Americans – Chapter 9

[email protected]#*ing American Marine Creams British Bankers Asssociation and Tim Pawlenty While Saving 
U S S Enterprise from Wells Fargo’s Friends’ VD and blocking False Flag NBCR attack NEW MADRID ASSUMPTION in Operation BONER.


First, a mandatory song of Praise:

This Chapter dedicated to Pat Tillman and Taylor Morris. Payback time, BBA, capeche?

An example of VD
The sombrero doesn’t convince the beaners

Pawlenty is like a kling-on around Uranus:

Abel Danger saves USS Enterprise from Israel’s manipulators.

Priest who heard Alban Garon killer’s confession ‘stung’ in Ottawa:

A typical Catholic priest awaits the Sandusky sanction, Santorum silent.
Columbia SAAS-BSO-Fast and Furious Pubic Enemy #2

Ace of Spades


Zero, example of Obama’s military mis-leadership
Dangerettes (7) in FCT Gear for Operation BIBBLE UP 2012

British Bankers, you missed the 2 October deadline to STAND DOWN your token muslim and your token mormon, and little timmy. Prepare yourselves to UNDERSTAND a Christian on his knees at the foot of the Cross, capeche? Review what some veterans did in 1946:


Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
John 15:13


Previous chapter 8 was a ‘shot across the bow’ of the Romney wet dream team intent on winning a second term for the half white mulatto AKA the Islamabrit Squatter, capeche? Attention British Bankers’ Association parties asking ‘who are the fucking Americans’: Amongst the other FUCKING AMERICANS am I, Field McConnell, USMC 0116513. Both of my parents are at Arlington National Cemetery after contributing to saving England’s ass in World War II after Lord Mountbatten’s chicanery regarding Pearl Harbor as I briefed some of the leaders of UK on Father’s Day, 2010 after they objected to our research of Lord Mountbattan and Pearl Harbor in this chapter: 

I am the American Marine who filed Treason Charges against John McCain on 6 April, 2008, and I filed those charges with (then) Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty whose WIZMO helped his British Banker Buddies attack American on 9/11 using dolts from Canada, see also the fat queer PM married to the ‘chain saw’ lesbo. Little Timmy is guilty of Misprision of Felony Treason, Section 2382 in the British Bankers Association COOK BOOK. Here is the treason charge which now drags into the ‘FIELD of play’ Governor John Hoeven of North Dakota, Chief Judge/Justice Gerald VandeWalle and Russell Anderson of North Dakota and Minnesota. I imagine Hoeven, now a Senator, will wish Pawlenty had learned his lesson the first two times Abel Danger swatted his nose like one would swat a recalcitrant canine, not to invoke thoughts of DHS, DOJ, SC or other PETA and AKC protected sub-species with wide girths and flat chests. Yuk. 2 Chapters back a B717 was gliding earthward in the dark with a large strap on attached. 

[ additional italics blocked by Quantico at 1722 CDT 3 Oct 12] 

Up front in the cockpit of the B717, disguised as a SCA, Agent Stone Kohl was nursing a Grolsch widebody and operating on emergency power so as to keep the B717 darkened until Agent Tillman and MacCheese could identify and take out the offending EMP source. Back in the CRF a Texas Tornado, who has several Pepperbush plants, was doing some serious pole bending harking back to when her Marine swept her off her feet and looking forward to a hat being thrown in the air, so to speak, which should occur some three hours and fifty four minutes hence.

Chips saw three orange blinks on his Clipper Squirt Gun and knew that Hamish was signaling an important message, hence the Immediate FESTUS. Chips intended to read the entire message but then the Immediate was displaced by a Flash FESTUS from Agents Tillman and MacCheese who were in the flying vehicle attached to the spine of the B717 disguised as an SCA.

“Source IDed, source killed, source BBA”.

In the CRF, Agent Chips celebrated by draining a tin of Smoked Oysters and 2 Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters as the Pepperbush was in a condition not needing any ‘astroglide’ which is not a Harley Davidson product, capeche? As her Skene’s glands were drenching the target area, Agent Chips continued hammering home his message in the interest of national sovereignty, exposing Harper and Cameron as two small balls in a real sick sac, and satisfying the libidos of a pair of consensual heterosexuals beyond the lower threshold of Social Security elgibility.

Get your Astroglide X Premium Personal Lubricant here

Agent Stone Kohl turned on both generators which lit up the cabin and the exterior lights of the B717 climbing on a heading of 047 as if destined from Washington DC. Chips was attempting to ‘recall’ the Immediate from Hamish when the Dangerette with the Mountain Pepperbush called ‘Switch, pile driving, jack hammer’ as she selected C6 and C+210 indicating she wanted the new ‘rhythm’ for the next two hundred and ten minutes.

Royal Crown Agent Hamish, Immediate FESTUS to Agents Chips, Barry M. Hall, Sonny Spanner and all players in Operation BONER(*): Imperial Crown Agent Duncan Donut of Newnan, GA has reminded us that great lawyers and great accountants are great allies when the great quest for greed and power are in play. Bain and Romney have both. With Newpapers stripped to the bone, I’d say we have snow ball’s chance in hell of anyone doing the needed investigative reporting to learn about Bain & Clear Channel. It would take a team and some complex data systems. But this we can know: Rush, Sean, and Glenn are paid the big bucks to put lipstick on the Romney pig and to smear Obama. It’s an unfair advantage, always has been. Meanwhile the alternative media is overtaking the Murdoch Mafia and Jane Pauley’s replacements as well as her fellow BOILERMAKER David Letterman who exposed Cameron’s lack of knowledge regarding THE MAGNA CARTA and ‘who did 9/11’. While the rudderless Romney campaign needs a SHOT IN THE ARM, the Barry Soetoro campaign is a SHOT IN THE (half) DARK while Abel Danger’s pursuit of Pawlenty, Soetoro, Romney, Harper and Cameron is a SQUIRT IN THE WHISKERS. Hamish 

Mittens suicide pact with Tammy Faye Baker
Thunder Thighs and Sasquatch lesbian result of lakaknockers?

Agent Chips was piledriving the Pepperbush while another Priority Clipper came into his Clipper Squirt Gun with the faux pearl handles as he prepare to offload some pearls of wisdom into his heterosexual social security recipient Agent 80W.
Operation BONER Agent Barry M. Hall Priority Clipper to Chips, Sonny Spanner, the Tugboat Twins, KimChee and Atomic Betty, copy Hamish: Barry Soetoro is a pussy for screwing American GIs for the BBA. What say you Pussy Soetoro? And you, Pussy Pawlenty?, and you Pussy Mittens? Point of Contact Field McConnell, US Marine 0116513 and Punahou ’67 at the Plum City State Bank. Any problem if I deploy this from the cremation outlets in Atlanta, Chicago and Sioux Falls? Obama sends them off on these unlawful campaigns on orders of British Bankers Association and then this is how Obama’s mis-administration treats them? Makes me sick to my fucking stomach how lost we are if the MARINE cannot take out the muslim Soetoro and the mormon shithead.!  Barry M. Hall, Newnan GA 
As a northeast bound B717 dealt to Delta by Southwest flies on a 047 course at FL330, at 0400 North Carolina time, a significant clue went to queue as an enduro continued in the aft CRF where a bright red dress was hung over the back of a chair and a FCT in Pastel Turquoise was drying on the lampshade after heavy activity by the Skene’s glands triggered by a view of the fully rigged PTRC as her prober had ambulated in an erect fashion to sample her wares.
Chips harked back to his personal F4D, 66-7478, which is stored in airworthy status at Davis Monthan AFB to be redeployed after the Marine removes both the muslim and mormon tied to British Bankers Association, Tim Pawlenty, 9/11, Goldman Sachs, Warren Buffoon and the planned scuttling of the U S S Enterprise which has been blocked by 11th hour action from the Global Operations Director at the Plum, capeche? As Chips was thinking back to the video produced by Agent Susie Q he could feel the Pepperbush tighten up so he reached up and selected F4 + C195 on his Clipper Squirt Gun while the AR probe was withdrawn to allow the Texas Tornado to regain her composure and act more ladylike, Skene’s glands, G-spot et. al.


Take back classrooms: We need to borrow a line from the ’80s and ‘Just Say No’ to educates 

To prevent himself from an embarrassing early exploculation, he pictured the makeup model for Canada’s Prime Queer who has presided over the ASSAULT OF THE QUEER EDUCRATS in the great frozen north where his popularity is dropping faster than Prince Harry’s troublesome trousers of Kate’s 32B top IOC.


As Chips wondered where Suzie Q had gone after contributing so creatively to the Abel Danger Project; the exposure of the evil parties in City of London, Windsor, #10 Downing, 1600 PA and 1950 Old Gallows Road. The reason #24 Sussex escaped mention is because Canada’s Prime Queer resides by himself, hence party not parties. He manages his mascara collection while his beard is out with the RCMP butch and a bunch of hoary marmots not to be confused with whorey-mammoths such as the porcine Princeton wench soon to be placed on the curb for Wednesday pickup as fat phucers and evil rabbis finger one of the Q4. [ Q4 + Harper + Soetoro + Blair + Gillard ]. Google that combo after 1700/05 October, 2012.
Rabbi tells Glamour Boy, aka Mary Elizabeth Harper, to grow some balls the size of Chips’

Agent 80W had calmed her Skene’s glands down to a trickle and presented Chips with one of her signature positions, Rabbit Ears, and murmured “Saddle up, cowpoke, and think back to when I was just 15 when we got that funny idea from a TV antenna” while watching Tony Dow on Leave it to Beaver, capeche? Chips positioned his ‘air refueling probe’ at the receptacle just as a Priority Clipper came into his Clipper Squirt Gun from a stunning blond with an hour glass figure sporting a pair of headlights that would make a ’63 Imperial jealous.

Imperial Crown Agent Atomic Betty Priority Clipper to Agent Field, oops, Agent Chips, copy Dwarf, Hamish, Rico Gambolino, Rodney Vasolino, Marquis d’Cartier and Supersport: I agree Glamour Boy needs a new moniker/make-over. If you look closely at his face you’ll see he is wearing his trademark guyliner & fave shade of pink lipstick. The NWO queers know he is being pressured to reveal both his relationship to Mary Elizabeth Harriman and her relationship to Project Hatfield and the Jon Benet Ramsey ‘hit’. The apparently anally retentive (hence his 64 inch waistline) Kissinger, a papal Ratslinger and Hillary Roadhog are aware that his bi-polar condition may hasten the revelation of the relationship of Maurice Baril, Charles Bouchard, Rick Findley, Russell Williams and Glamourboy to Colonel Robert Marr. Watch for a back door delivery of the two confessions, one regarding Alban Garon’s murder, the other Russell Williams’ participation in 9/11, given to Father Lahey that got him set up by RCMP in Ottawa. Suggest you delay your post entitled MARINE LINKS SISTER MARCY’S TRUSTIES to JON BENET’S TRAIL OF TEARS until we ensure Jamie Gorelick is, in fact, the rogue who fingered Marcy. Atomic Betty, Enduro fan, rack monstress, charter member CEMAW of Canada, Cape Breton Post. Next time you debrief me, let me tell you how the two potato famines done by British Bankers in 1849 (Cape Breton and Ireland) has resulted in my elevated libido and quivering Vulva. AB, CEMAW CA
rpwalk67[12:12 PM]: We’ll all pray for David to STAND and keep STANDING
rpwalk67[12:16 PM]: Oh, Oh shoot out at OK corral!
36stud[1:20 PM]: sent by Gorillawoman

finger Ace of Spade in Fast and Furious protecting Kristine Marcy as demanded of Mueller

LindaJustice[12:20 PM]: Yom kippur was Tuesday 25-26th Sept
bigboat Has entered the room
LindaJustice[12:21 PM]: yes 36 i saw Cameron and downloaded it
LindaJustice[12:21 PM]: before its gon maybe
LindaJustice[12:21 PM]: gone
rpwalk67[12:22 PM]: AHHHH, poor baby!
rpwalk67[12:23 PM]: Barry thinks there’s 57 states
LindaJustice[12:23 PM]: David Cameron quizzed by David Letterman. – YouTube
LindaJustice[12:23 PM]: lol


Agent 80W had accepted the AR probe and to delay blossoming she thought back to how many executive truth suppressors all presidents going back to ROUGHRIDER had

Committed to protect the British Bankers Association.

Teddy Roosevelt 3
>Others to FDR NONE
>FDR 11 in 16 years
>Truman 5 in 7 years
>Ike 2 in 8 years
>Kennedy 4 in 3 years
>LBJ 4 in 5 years
>Nixon 1 in 6 years
>Ford 3 in 2 years
>Carter 3 in 4 years
>Reagan 5 in 8 years
>Bush 3 in 4 years
>Clinton 15 in 8 years
>George W. Bush 62 in 8 years
>Obama 923 in 3 1/2 years!
Chips was compliant in her furtive request for ‘doggie style’ and while she assumed position poodle, she thought back to Mittens being too important to go to Viet Nam and how that should cause him to recall all U S troops on foreign soil if the Spanish Election results engineered in George Soros Erection Fraud would eliminate Solid Waste Soetoro.
Feeling the urge to bark as the ‘launch point’ was imminent, she forestalled exploculation by rereading the entire post that Phoenix Agents avenging Fast and Furious had suggested posting during Yom Kipper which caused her piledriving big dog to become known as the YOM KIPPER SKIPPER as the U S S Enterprise was spared the “Bibi-Mittens’ sanction at 1930, 27 September, 2012.
Marine Takes British Bankers’ Libor Funds With Chaff In Pawlenty’s Cloud
United States Marine Field McConnell has taken control of the British Bankers’ Association Libor funds with chaff in the Wizmo cloud used by Tim Pawlenty to run Thomson Reuters-rate setting software.
McConnell claims the BBA handed over Libor fund management after chaff suggested Wells Fargo’s John Stumpf had used Pawlenty’s cloud to relay Onion Router ignition signals to Twin Towers incendiary bombs in support of phony 9/11 pass-through claims.
To be marked attention Tim Pawlenty, McConnell is copying this post to Anne Wallace (, the senior director for consumer financial services, The Financial Services Roundtable, and the president of the Identity Theft Assistance Corporation.

“Libor virtual deception with chaff in Pawlenty’s Cloud “Identity and Deception in the Virtual Community Judith S. Donath MIT Media Lab Prepared for: Kollock, P. and Smith M. (eds).Communities in Cyberspace. London: Routledge Available in Croatian, as Identitet i prijevare u virtualnoj zajednici, (translation courtesy of The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research) or in Greek, as ΤΑΥΤΟΤΗΤΑ ΚΑΙ ΕΞΑΠΑΤΗΣΗ ΣΤΗΝ ΔΥΝΗΤΙΚΗ (VIRTUAL) ΚΟΙΝΟΤΗΤΑ” 

“Bank lobby agrees to step back from Libor role
Reuters – 8 hours ago 

LONDON (Reuters) – The British banking lobby responsible for setting Libor said it was happy to hand over the task to regulators, days ahead of an expected UK proposal to take tighter control of the scandal-tainted benchmark borrowing rate. 
Martin Wheatley, a top UK regulator, is expected to propose stripping the British Bankers’ Association of its supervisory role in setting the hugely influential London interbank offered rate, in plans to be presented on Friday. 
“If Mr. Wheatley’s recommendations include a change of responsibility for Libor, the BBA will support that,” the BBA said in a brief statement on Tuesday. 
Libor, which underpins global trade and is used as a reference for pricing loans and transactions worth more than $350 trillion, has been engulfed in controversy since Barclays was fined a record 290 million pounds ($471.38 million) in June for fixing it in the past. 
The rate is based on banks’ assessments of what they expect to be charged, rather than measuring actual lending rates. The process is not supervised by financial regulators, and has drawn wide criticism for being insufficiently strict. 
The Wheatley review, due out on Friday, is expected to propose anchoring Libor interest rates to real transactions, rather than rates at which panel banks believe they could borrow cash from their peers on an unsecured basis. 
In the United States, regulators reacted positively to the announcement. 
“Libor is a global benchmark which is in dire need of a massive make over,” said Bart Chilton, a commissioner at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which was involved in the settlement with Barclays. “Step one is to get it away from an interest group.” 
Libor has been criticised since the credit crisis in 2008, when interbank lending dried up, forcing banks to submit rates that were an estimate rather than a gauge of real deals and allowing them to keep Libor artificially low. 
Even before the credit crisis, fixing the rate allowed derivative traders to make gains, enabling them to know in what direction the prices of complex financial instruments such as interest rate swaps were heading. 
The BBA took control of Libor in 1986 and now covers a suite of 150 rates in different currencies and maturities, forming the basis for pricing contracts worth $350 trillion globally, from home loans to credit cards [and Small Business Administration and student loans].
Gary Gensler, chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, one of the bodies that fined Barclays, said on Monday Libor should be replaced or changed, suggesting it be based on “actual, observable market transactions.” 
Thomson Reuters, parent company of Reuters News, calculates and distributes Libor rates for the BBA.”

Chips had reached TI of 119% and was about to blow oats so he harked back to intel borrowed from Dubie’s office at Offutt regarding a worldwide network of aircraft spotters and trackers reporting at least a dozen MC-130H, HC-130N, HC-130P and AC-130U military transport planes and gunships crossed the Atlantic Ocean on Sept. 13 heading eastbound. Chips knew these aircraft are typically used for a variety of special tasks, including in close cooperation with special operations forces. The last reported stop for the aircraft was Souda Bay, Crete. It is unclear to NorthComm if all of the aircraft have left Crete but Agents Sonny Spanner and Otto Pilot have tracked them as well as knowing the launch and recovery times of 80-1067 and 80-1076 loitering on the Assumption New Madrid AOR monitored in Operation BUBBLE UP.

Chips recalled that a week and a half later, on Sept. 24, the same network of aircraft spotters noted 12 U.S. Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets arriving in two waves at Moron air base in Spain not to be confused with Zaragoze or Sidi Slimane. It is not known where the squadron is heading, though it could be en route to Afghanistan to reinforce elements there. The Harrier squadron that suffered heavy losses in the Sept. 14 British Banker Association SOS attack on Camp Bastion had already been replaced by another Harrier unit, so it is unlikely that the squadron’s deployment is directly linked to that event. It is also possible that the F/A-18s are heading to the Gulf Cooperation Council region. A number of air superiority squadrons, including an F-22 Raptor squadron, have already deployed to the region. If that is the case, the squadron is intended simply as reinforcements or replacements for assets currently deployed or to suppress a rogue operation by Bibi that Dempsey-McConnell have ordered blocked. If the BBA rogues controlling the fake jews in Israel launch against Iran, watch for Abel Danger to file FIELD MCCONNELL v. BRITISH BANKERS ASSOCIATION and WELLS FARGO in time from 02 October to 11 November, 2012. For security purposes, that lawsuit will be protected from public exposure and referred to as THE BIG HURT.


Chips recalled that in 1962 she had another top 40 single with West of the Wall , a song about the sadness of lovers separated by the 1961 erection, I saw again, ERECTION of the Berlin Wall to be blocked in 2012 as the ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION of 2012 is assholed by Abel Danger, a leaderless intel agency that doesn’t exist, with the exception of a three hour window each Wednesday at which transmits from a limestone cave near Sherlocks Underground Pub in Liberty, Missouri not to be confused with Puberty, Arkansas, where the think tank behind Jocelyn Elders held mass debates. The well traveled path between Sherlocks and the cave was littered with Grolsch bottles and Grape Nehi bottles so Agents Chips and Firewalker would not be misled during periods of national emergency like New Madrid Assumption which was to be Hillary Roadhog Clinton’s OCTOBER SURPRISE. Tough shit, Thunder Thighs, October belongs to Abel Danger, capeche? Chips felt the pepperbush tighten up, so to prevent himself from exploculating contrary to his policy of ladies first, he thought back to the time frame when Admiral Morrison’s son and Colonel McConnell’s son had cooperated in writing lyrics regarding, among other things, BACK DOORS.

Chips also had engineered the FESTUS and JASPAR protocols to block Bruce McConnell and Kristine Marcy’s JABS and Tim Pawlenty’s WIZMO. Agent Chips had worked with Agent Super Sport along the Moira River in Operation CHEESE COP 2011 before the transborder mozzarella protection racket mad it to the Main Stream Media in Hamilton, Ontario where Agent Chips had flown 64-0970 in the 1988 Molson Airshow that had 33 Phantoms buzzing around the area, capeche? To delay exploculation he thought of the lawyer representing the families of four boys who claim they were victimized said the hazing and assaults were carried out by team members against younger fellow players “at the behest and encouragement” of a coach not relating to the murder of Deborah Rashott (age 27) by the Canadian Stallion, Colonel Russell Williams who is still being paid by other participants in the attack of Crown’s Queers on 9/11 in Operation BRITCAN 01 which has been unmasked in Operation SHITCAN 2012. The attorney, Brian Claypool, said the coach “lured young boys to a back room to facilitate varsity members of the team sexually assaulting the boys by attempting to sodomize them with a foreign object” exactly like the Crown backdoored America on 11 September, 2001 using a foreign object, Canada. Fuck you Harper, I will have your queer ass in court, capeche?
The Santorum Portion creams Greek Oath Takers and Priest licking Catholics.

Chips was so intent upon exposing Harper, Cameron, Soeoto, Romney and Marcy that he almost failed to sense the exploculation known as the ORGASM HEARD ROUND THE WORLD but being ever the attentive gentleman he launched a return volley of processed SMOKED OYSTERS the volume of which exceeded the cumulative total of whipped cream applied to the catholic pervert’s knees and the innocent underage victims in sickening photo of authorized church work north of the 49th parallel. Chips had just blown oats and handed 13 NAPAWASHs to Agent 80W after withdrawing the humongous portion from the target area. As he turned to allow the lady privacy after a magnificent climax, he saw a FLASH FESTUS from Agent Super Sport north of the FEBA in Ontario. As his TI bled down to less than 100% his posture drooped as his attention was drawn to the FLASH incoming.
Operation BONER Agent Super Sport FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, FYEO: The penny dropped. Father Lahey and Alban Garon knew of the 3rd victim’s attacker’s history. Lahey lived to learn of Deborah Rashott; Garon died to hide other victims of CANADIAN STALLION dating back to 1991 according to wires of Judge Rob Scott’s riverside dwelling. The BELLEVILLE CONNECTION to Rashott’s marijuana delivery boy knew of Rashott’s killer on 13 February, 2010 which is two days before the OPP interviewed Stallion. The Toronto Star piece written by Rankin is nothing. Watch for what comes out in next 72 hours in exchange for the panties taken from Prince Harry’s plaything in Las Vegas. The DNA doesn’t match Charles. The OPP had Rashott’s cel phone with a message from POTMAN saying ‘pay next week or you fucking die’. Pellerin and Fantino will not cave in to save Johnston, not this time. See you at the VietNam Memorial on Sunday, 13 October. Super Sport. 
Agent Chips turned back to Agent 80W to get one last free shot of the Pepperbush prior to its being covered by an IOC in Pastel Turquoise. He helped her stuff her two heaving fun bags into her 44D over the should boulder holder as they both heard the engines roll back signaling beginning of descent, or BOD in pilot talk. Agent 80W realized they still had time for a quickie and offered her honor hoping he honor her offer and therein would once again be on her and offer as a Immediate JASPAR came in from an unknown number with faux ID of Bean Spiller.


Agent Bean Spiller of Liberty, Missouri to Agent Chips, 7 FBI offices and Chris Hook at, copy the world: Chips, I was on the radio today and fully support your effort to expose Pawlenty, Soetoro and Romney. Suggest you consider LAND SNATCH operation in Missouri, ASAP. Or if you prefer MARINE SNATCH we could use my 37 foot pleasure craft the ALBOGAS 37, google it. If you wish to have more AIR SNATCH have your aircraft land at Richards Gebauer and I will meet you. Bean Spiller is not my real name, but my PPC Pastel Proveup Code is Pastel Sienna, capeche. Remember, I am from the SHOW ME state and I have a pair to draw to if you are drawn to things like knockers and snatch. Bean Spiller, Queen of the Silver Dollar


Chips felt a burgeoning pressure in his EHP equipped Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha as his Clipper Squirt Gun took simultaneous calls from area codes 404 and 613. The Toronto Star was calling from a remote site on the Gatineau bridge to inquire of the timing of the release of information involving Russell Williams, Pellerin, Fantino, David Johnston and Deborah Rashott who died on 23 January, 2012 after Abel Danger’s warning to GLAMOUR BOY to expose those who attacked American on morning of 9/11.
A Canadian Journalist with an hour glass figure was suggesting a meeting at the Vietnam Memorial on 13 October, 2012. Before he could give a ‘right, proper’ response the the Pastel Mint Green MR FSD, a second call came from the Kansas City FBI indicating ‘support’ for Operation BONER. Chips handed 80W a brief, I say again BRIEF, note saying, “We are going to KC, prepare for night action, BRB going to COCK, I say again, COCKpit.”
As he exited the aft CRF and went forward to COCKpit, he thought he notice a Pepperbush being adjusted with the product of an Astroglide container, and he liked that.
Chips arrived in the cockpit to direct Agent Stone Kohl to divert to Richard Gebauer when he glanced at the MCDU and saw KGVW 00+07 in the destination box. He hurried back to the aft CRF and was regaled with a Grand View of another destination box. As he felt the flaps go to FLAPS 2 he heard her coo “Quickie authorized” as he honored her offer. A simultaneous exploculation occurred as the jet was in the groove and Agent Chips wonder if his name was in the title of any FIELD CRASHERS videos with the number 17, which was no his ring size, capeche?
As the jet was taxied to the TA ramp, transient alert, not tits and ass, get your mind out of the BBA gutter, a 1995 Purple Fleetwood Stretch pulling a 37 foot boat trailer with no boat was parked at the end of the taxiway. Apparently Agent Bean Spiller was not suggesting a float or a flight, but rather a LAND SNATCH to block the Queens attempt to SNATCH America and Canada in one SWELL FOOP. Message to Queen and BBA.
Not on this FUCKING MARINE’s watch. Stronger message to follow in Chapter 10.
If the goose stepping geriatrics do not cage their dolts as directed by Global Ops, Prince Harry’s DNA sample from the PANTIES bought in Las Vegas for $300 could be in review before the Toronto Star publishes the Truth of Deborah Rashott’s killer and why Glamourboy has him in protective custody to protect Mary Elizabeth Harriman.
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

One way. One way for Kristine Marcy. One way for Kraig P Cebu, one way for all. Don’t get wasted on the way. Read John 14:6 and come to know no one STANDS taller than a Christian on his or her knees, capeche?
As the Mormon and the Muslim shake in their lack of boots, THE MARINE has called on the name of Jesus to encourage oath keepers to keep their oaths, abandon their office, or be removed. Gut check.
Master, saviour, allow all who call on you to Serve you please. Amen.
Perhaps the mormon and the muslim will get off the hood of the Studebaker.


The Fighting Fags
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