Breaking: Romney’s “Bain Capital” Drug Front For Bush Cartel (Video)

Source: Veterans Today

Breaking: Romney’s “Bain Capital” Drug Front For Bush Cartel (Video)

Romney Candidacy Takes Major Blow as Bain Exposed as Cartel Cash Laundry 

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I can’t guarantee the video you will see will save your grandchildren or bring back our freedoms. What I can guarantee is this: Anyone who sees this will demand the immediate arrest of Mitt Romney and the entire Bush drug cartel.

[A Long Editors Note: This material is as much a disgrace to American media as anything else, on top of the Intel community who has sat by and watched these high level criminal organizations operate with government and even Intel protection. They were warned that the deeper the shadow gov guys got their hooks in the more aggressive they would be in ‘what they wanted’. But cowardice was the word.]


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  • Why the Americans must prosecute HSBC if they are proved to have committed more offences of corruption and money laundering!

    Today, the Sunday Times reports yet another shabby story dealing with allegations of financial wrong-doing by HSBC. In an article by David Leppard entitled '…Kickbacks to Saudi funnelled via HSBC…', the allegation is made that the bank was the conduit of nearly £14 million in alleged bribes paid by a British defence contracting firm to a Saudi Royal.

    HSBC accounts in both London and Manhattan (even more proof if more proof were needed that these two cities are the world's leading money laundering centres), were used between 2007 and 2010, so it is alleged, to provide the avenues to launder vast sums of slush money to private company accounts in the Cayman Islands.