Black Friday Special! Interview with Field McConnell of Abel Danger

Source: Tracy Beanz

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    We Need Your Support: MP3: http:/ Freedom radio is of course well known as CIA propaganda station . Trying to give Blackwater a good rep is a waste of time , their mass murder rep is far bigger . Nothing ever happens to their escorts because they are the terror , great scam going there .

  • Indeed he is one of the only true patriots we know is not lying , good work Field and fellow bloggers on his site and those who run the site . No unlike many i ‘m not into religion a all , i am not left or right but i do like truth because it is far more interesting than the lies . I hve stated many times beware of 4 chan , i suggest you read some of what they really stand for and it is not Trump . When it makes main stream you know its a scam . We see the hand of the same folks who did the 1500 fake news websites in Macedonia, the intelligence agencies of Israel and Turkey, in this. A little investigation and we will be able to track the IP addresses through the proxies right to Haifa and the lie factory there that runs Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and controls YouTube. I also know this site is only 40% correct by their own admission , but sometimes they do make sense and are on the right info , they are dead riht about Israel and as long as Trump is surrounded by them he is simply another con . However he appears to be a better con than Obumma or Hillary .

  • Your next mission Abel danger is to do what no one else has , and that is, to tie all the local newspapers together who are not affiliated with mainstream into your web of truth . It would be a very powerful network that could bring the forgotten real journalists into the fray and bypass the lamestream idiots of yesterday . Even they must realize they too will be obsolete if they dont do something .. This way , no matter where they run their false flags you will have someone on the ground from their audiences and yours who can get to the truth imediately . You could say outflank the fakes . Come election time you would have a very powerful voice indeed . This message will destruct in 5oyrs .

  • Trump signs climate change bill as national security , he lied looks like USA itself is the deep state , they starte this scam along with Britian and Rockefeller , the irony coming from the country that has used weather weapons and chemtrails for decades . Daily caller . and ths snippet from China . BEIJING, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) — Some teachers at a Beijing kindergarten were suspended from duty as police began an investigation into alleged child abuse there.

    Beijing police say they have performed forensic tests and obtained surveillance camera footage for investigation.

    Preschool children at the RYB Education New World kindergarten in Chaoyang District were reportedly sexually molested, pierced by needles and given unidentified pills.

    Several parents had raised issues online about a class and reported their concerns to the police late Wednesday.

    There are around 20 children in a bilingual class with four teachers, including one foreign teacher.

    The kindergarten was still open Thursday, but few children showed up for the class concerned. Several parents waited at the school gate for an explanation.

  • ivonne? Apparently, you are not listening to David and Field.

  • Yvonne,religion is the tool used for the evil ones to get where they are. Know your enemy is the first order of the day. The 1611 KJV is 100% truth.GOD tells NO lies. VT 40% truth?and even that comes from a liter. Don’t be fooled by bibles that have a copyright, the KJV 1611 HAS NONE. So only what they change in the bible can they copyright. See how they play? Why would they if the KJV bible was not GODS true word? Food for thought only removetheveildotcom/ created. Know your enemy. Have a Blessed day.

  • Loved this interview Field with Tracy Beanz! I have been following her for about a month now but had never hear of Abel Danger. Creative name…Abel spelled as Cain and Abel? I have been trying to catch up on some videos now and so appreciate your testimony, honesty, and knowledge. I’m looking forward to listening and learning more from true Patriots! I am wondering though what is the chat room that you refer too?

    Godspeed and blessings to you all as you continue to speak truth!!

  • livestream will get you there or email Denise or Field for access