Ben Carson’s AWESOME response to Oregon shooting is going viral – Ben Carson Overtakes Donald Trump in the Polls

Written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor

October 3, 2015

While Democrats predictably shed crocodile tears and called for increased gun control, GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson responded in a unique and unexpected way. Rather than politicizing the tragedy to divide us over issues — as our current president did — Carson called for Americans to unite in support of the victims. As you know by now, eyewitnesses and victims report the shooter was intentionally targeting Christians; now, Ben Carson is asking supporters to change their Facebook profile picture in solidarity with the victims and their families.

As Breitbart reports:

Dr. Ben Carson, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate and world-renowned neurosurgeon, has launched a social media response effort to the Oregon gunman’s reported targeting of Christians in his shooting spree on a community college campus on Thursday.

In one of several consecutive Facebook posts, Carson urges his millions of followers to change their Facebook photograph to an image of a hashtag: #IAmAChristian. The other Facebook photograph shows Carson holding up a piece of paper with the words “I am a Christian” written on it.

“Please consider changing your profile picture to honor the victims and their families,” Carson writes under the one with the hashtag photograph.

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Ben Carson Overtakes Donald Trump in the Polls. What It Means…

We called Ben Carson the quiet cool yesterday, and here’s why: while the person who tweets for Donald Trump was focused on cattiness…

Ben Carson was focused on voters. The result…

Donald Trump has boasted that he’s “leading every poll and in most cases big.” Not anymore. The latest IBD/TIPP Poll shows him in second place, seven points behind Ben Carson.

The nationwide survey found that 24% of Republicans back Carson, compared with 17% who say they support Trump.

Marco Rubio came in third with 11% and Carly Fiorina fourth at 9%. Jeb Bush, once considered a prohibitive favorite, ranked fifth with just 8% support, which was a point lower than those who say they are still undecided.

Of course, it’s too early to put that much faith in the polls. And with the amount of candidates running, anyone polling higher than 6.66% (no, the irony is not lost) is doing okay for now.

But, when your entire campaign is focused on how well you’re doing in the polls, and how everyone else is a “loser,” that first poll where you drop out of first place is a big deal. Especially when it’s by such a significant margin.

This is where we start to see Trump attacking Ben Carson with the left’s talking points. Whatever HuffPo or uses to slam Dr. Ben Carson, expect Trump to say the exact same thing the next day.

Because Dr. Ben Carson… he’s so hot right now.

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  • Anyone who supoorts torture is no better than those they wish to torture . Anyone who relies on the Radical KATZ VIDEOS to send peole to war is out of their mind . The best potential President was Ross Perot and they threatened to kill his family to get him out . He woud have fixed USA right up he was such a straight shooter . Fox liking anyone is not a good sign . Those who were tortured stated that Doctors were the worst of all and enjoyed it . I cannot find any Christian teaching that approve of torture in their teachings .

  • Murdoch is backing him on his tweets , have a look at the list he has backed ,its a disaster including Obama , Clinton , Bush .

  • Ben Carson is a truly good man. Anyone who says otherwise has never met him.

    Nuff said. Never believe a flip-flopper, as he is just another man you can never trust. Secondly, never trust an "Israel Firster"…

  • I like how Ben says he asks himself "Can I do it better?" and then finds a way. My Uncle, who died of pneumonia at 94 years old was a simple bush pilot who told me that one time too and I always remember it. He would say and he wrote it out for me "Am I doing it right? Can I do it better?" He flew some 40,000 hours mostly helping people get home or to town an hauling groceries and supplies to villages. I recall going to a church to help him unload a lot of food that he would always get when shopping that went in a room for people who were hungry. He also was a Christian and I do not recall him ever having an unkind word for anyone. I usually don't even bother to vote but I would for Ben if he makes it that far. The only one so far that seems even worth considering for America the beautiful. It may be a dream but dreams grow in to much more than any corporation or business ever could. .