Attention: Tim Clark of Emirates and CEO of MAS [ malaysia airline systems ] – Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation

On March 8, MH370 was commandeered by BHUAP at the BITOD way point and flown west until BLOCKING IN at 0651 Kuala Lumpur time at a location I believe to be FJDG. Three hours later at 0951 the youTube explaining MH370 electronic capture was posted on internet for the world to see. It should have surprised no informed aviation professional as I had publicly sued Boeing and ALPA on 27 February, 2007 as I could not legally fly as a B747-400 captain for Northwest Airlines as I was aware of the modification made illegal by the suppressing of its existence by ALPA and IFALPA.

Four days (4) after I filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 Boeing satisfied me when they admitted publicly the existence, AND DEPLOYMENT, of BUAP:

As Boeing had satisfied me on 3 March, 2007 I then refiled my lawsuit as Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) [ FIELD MCCONNELL v. ALPA ] After my exposure of BUAP, BUT BEFORE McConnell v. ALPA, these hull losses occurred: Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507. Following my second lawsuit relating to BUAP other crashes followed: Colgan 3407, Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet May 2012, and then the hull loss than didn’t crash: MH370. MH370 was a ‘hull lost’ not a hull loss. After agreeing to meet with elements of Malaysia government and the EVENT TEAM of MH370, I published [ on 25 March, 2014 ] my opinion that the B777 thought to be MH370 would be dropped in the ocean west of Austalia between sundown 25 July and sunrise 25 August.

google [ 25 march + mh370 + cscl uranus ]

One fortnight ago, CEO Tim Clark PUBLICLY called for an expert’s opinion of how MH370 could have been electronically rerouted by someone with a laptop in the cabin. Therefore I, Field McConnell, publicly answered CEO Clark with a letter on the internet as well as the youTube below this google combo(* below) which is referred to in final minute of the 8 minute WELCOME ABOARD to CEO Tim Clark of Emirates.

google [ carlson + fbi + milwaukee + sikh + cudahy + field mcconnell ]

Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation

This entire letter will be on the internet in [redacted] minutes and please note it is going to Emirates, ALPA, DPA, FAA, NTSB and if they have any rebuttal they can feel free to call into tomorrow’s radio show.

Field McConnell
WI DOJ #65229
+001 715 307 8222

sidebar to any PILOT NOT FLYING or Cactus Jack who drinks it black,
yes I am for real and so is the BUAP, google:

[ bhuap + field mcconnell ]

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  • I am no aviation expert, but as the Australian Deputy Prime Minister made known that MH370 was flying on auto pilot southwards the Southern Ocean and MH370 was to fly towards China then clearly some one had altered the auto pilot destination and as such it cannot be held that MH370 disappeared due to a malfunction.