Attention: Newtown Police Department, State Police, Governor and Senator RSVP – Abel Danger Has Two Questions for Connecticut Public Servants

NEWTOWN POLICE DEPT, State Police, Governor and Senator RSVP

Are you getting the information that (redacted) former resident of Connecticut is sending? If yes, please explain why you have not responded.

Two statements from myself, Field McConnell:

I have known (redacted) for 6 years and during my filing of three federal lawsuits regarding False Flags Killing Zone Operation none of his information has not been proven to be accurate.

I have sworn 4 oaths to defend America against all enemies, foreign or domestic:

(redacted) 14 Feb 67
USN 28 Jun 67
USMC 9 Jun 71
USAF 5 Jul 77

My three (3) Federal Lawsuits are Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 FIELD MCCONNELL v. BOEING AND AIR LINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION, INTL 2/27/07, Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 5/01/07 ( title redacted due to refiling currently), Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) 8Sep08. The third case is being refiled also.

Respond prior to 1700 before noon central, Wednesday, 9 January, 2013 if you are getting (redacted) messages and this current message from me. I suspect that (redacted) account is being tampered with, I know mine is.

Any Connecticut DoJ or LEO who wishes to call into our radio/TV show on Wednesday please let me know prior to EOB tomorrow.

The combination of DMORT, HSEEP and Bowman radios is a toxic mix. Our Global Intelligence Agency can help legitimate servants of
the public adjudicate this.

My area of expertise is virtual deception and I am the academic source for the droning of 4 Boeing airliners, two Boeing military flying
platforms and two Raytheon A3 Sky Warrior aircraft airborne on morning of 9/11 at same time Vivi 36, Venus 77 and (S)Word 31 were
flying conspirators over carnage scenes at NYC and Washington DC.

NDANG Major Ricky Gibney had NY State FEMA Director Jacoby in the back seat of an F16B from 178 FS while three F16ADFs piloted
by Brad Derrig, Craig Borgstrom and Dean Eckman were taken off course in their scambled response from Langley AFB, Virginia. They appear to have obstructed in their mission to protect the U S Capitol by a few rogues with history at US SES, NAPAWASH and NSAWW.

Notice a couple of NSAWW email addresses as well as Chris Hook at USDoJ.

Captain Field McConnell
Abel Danger Global
715 307 8222
WI DoJ License 65229

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