Attention: Chris Hook at USDOJ – RICO DMORT V ‘Murder For Hire’ -DOJ Pride’s Pedophile Prison Medical Program

Attention Chris Hook at USDOJ:

Anticipate a SHOW CAUSE event NLT 14 January, 2013 if a second KID KILLING
occurs in Connecticut as is planned. You, Chris Hook, have not moved on credible evidence of a RICO DMORT V ‘murder for hire’ event and your name, Chris Hook, will now be FRONT AND CENTER in Chapter 9 which will be on the internet before the COCK CROWS THRICE. If you are not familiar with Helle Crafts you need to google item in brackets:

[ Chips + Helle + Chainsaw + Fargo ]

Ask your peers why Navy Intel Magazine is CHIPS, why Commander of Naval War College is Captain Sherlock and why CHIPS’ sister, Kristine Marcy, founded DOJ Pride’s pedophile prison medical program and the U.S. Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System in 1994.

Here is the bundle from 12-31-12. You are more than welcome to call into the studio during tomorrow’s televised event. 715 307 8222. We will be dissecting the United States Spolation Service.

Agent Chips SC
65229 Wisconsin DOJ

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One comment

  • Chips;

    Why a Nielson born on the 4th of July 1947
    killed by Dick Craft SC from Newtown Connedticut?
    And why a chain saw? as Riggs SS Special for
    Kennedy Death Schmuck. 7 year old Jake just drowned at
    Mosier OR (mosier's F me) to jake a Willy. All at Chenowith whom i just said were wet blanket slavers punished by Chief Paulina for being cowards and slavers. 2nd Daughter was born 4th
    of July 1987.

    Agt 7667

    Big Foot a 3/4Cherokee and 1/4 Scotsman Said
    after swimming the Snake and keeping his powder
    dry and catching a salmon as he swam beside his
    horse and could run faster than a horse at 350 lbs
    "Come and get me you bastards"
    He almost yanked Curry off his horse while running
    up behind him on foot.He tore someones wagon apart with his bare hands on the trail to the Oregon Country because they F'd his girl before he went into the Wild.