An Open Letter to General Dunford and the Joint Chiefs of Staff

November 12, 2015

The Joint Chiefs of Staff
General Dunford, Chief of Staff
9999 Joint Staff
Washington, DC 20318-9999

Dear General Dunford and Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Today, it is our sad duty to reiterate the facts. Our nation has been all but overrun by British-backed inland pirates making “war” upon innocent civilian non-combatants who are owed the Good Faith and Service of both the British Monarch who is supposed to act as our Trustee on the “High Seas and Inland Waterways” and the City-State of Westminster aka Inner City of London, which promised us “amity in perpetuity” under the Treaty of Westminster 1794.

These Breaches of Trust and Treaty by declared “friends and allies” and the criminality involved in their secretive execution of agreements revealed by the Secret Treaty of Verona (1845) led to the issuance of private privateer’s “licenses” to Bar Association Members including Members of the American Bar Association.

It should also be clear that the resulting theft of our resources and labor and the abuse of our Armed Forces has occurred on the watch of your predecessors, all of whom have taken their paychecks from our treasury while turning a blind eye to the corruption in which they have participated and benefited from.

The jig, Sirs, is up.

Your duty is clearly to the American People and failure to perform will not be excused.

The false legal proceedings which have allowed the criminals responsible to “redefine” freeborn Americans as debt slaves belonging to the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation and to falsify the probate court records is now fully exposed and has been published worldwide. Similar mechanisms of fraud simulating legal process have been employed throughout Great Britain, the Commonwealth, Western Europe, and Japan.

A popular press article entitled “So What Does All This Mean?” elucidating the legal fraud mechanism and documenting the way in which it was put in place is attached. An original wet-ink signed copy of the referenced “Declaration of Joint Sovereignty” and “Sovereign Letters Patent” submitted to the UN Trust Committee-North America and to the UN Security Council is attached, as is an original wet-ink signed copy of our published, printed, and bound affidavit of probable cause, “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.”

Your offices are already in receipt of the General Civil Orders issued by the American People acting under the Last Man Standing Rule of our Lawful Constitution.

Your duty and the duty of the International Trustees to protect us and to protect our assets both public and private has been clearly enunciated along with our intention to live our lives in peace and our determination to stop this criminality in its tracks.

It’s our credit that has been abused to pay your salaries and buy your “toys” and it is our sons and daughters who fill your ranks and give your offices meaning. You will obey us and you will perform your duty to protect our currency and protect our national trust or we will fire you and hire someone else.

We are the lawful beneficiaries and inheritors of the American National Trust(s) and we are speaking in that capacity as Beneficiaries making demand upon the Trustees to act in our favor and according to our direct instructions.

No presumption that any incorporated entity other than our long-established States of America “represents” us may be maintained and no claim presented by any Member of the American Bar Association may be deemed credible. These con men have been waging a form of commercial war against innocent Third Parties, entrapping and entangling innocent non-combatant civilians in their private abusive bankruptcies.

Not all lawyers and bankers are bad people and many have participated unknowingly in this rape and pillaging of America. Those that have known and have willfully participated in these nefarious acts have operated as Undeclared Foreign Agents and have committed capital crimes including press-ganging, inland piracy, conspiracy against The Constitution, and unlawful conversion of National Trust assets. They are Public Enemies of the highest order, as they have abused positions of Public Trust in order to carry out their actions. They have also committed numerous lesser crimes including personage, barratry, impersonating elected officials, simulating legal process, reverse and secondary trust fraud, fraud by semantic deceit, and constructive fraud.

If your Oath means anything to you, if your country means anything to you, these crimes and those committing them must be brought to a stop. This continuing criminality is our Number One National Security issue.


______________________________________________Anna Maria Riezinger, all rights reserved.
______________________________________________James Clinton Belcher, all rights reserved.

Contact: c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska RFD 99652 and as previously shared. Enclosed: Wet-ink bound copy of affidavit of probable cause, wet-ink copy of Declaration of Joint Sovereignty and Sovereign Letters Patent, copy of editorial, So What Does All This Mean?”

===Field McConnell Reported Kristine Marcy Treasons and Barry Soetoro(*)===

Open Letter to General Joseph Dunford – Treason Against the United States – 18 U.S. Code § 2382 – Misprision of Treason – Government Drug Running – USMC Col. James Sabow’s Assassination – US Military Members Are Being Threatened

Field McConnell
USMC 0116513
P O Box 9
Plum City WI 54761

General Joseph Dunford, CMC

CC Governor Scott Walker, WI
Dr. Ben Carson, MD
Donald Trump

29 July, 2015


We are aware of an ongoing Treason against the United States of America. It threatens members of the United States Military.

We are also aware that on 22 January, 1991, Colonel James Sabow USMC, was murdered on orders of two politicians and one four star general.

As you three gentlemen anticipate your next position, I wish to be contacted by any one of you willing to participate in the remedy for the Treason and a serious investigation of the murder of Colonel Sabow. Further, it is wise to consider definition of item below.

18 U.S. Code § 2382 – Misprision of treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

Field McConnell
============== 94 Page Document to Following=============

Douglas La Follette
Wisconsin Secretary of State
P O Box 7848
Madison, WI 53707-7848

and John Koskinen ( IRS), Richard G. Chandler ( WI Revenue), Judge Rosemary M Collyer ( Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) Judge who dismissed the BUAP lawsuit, Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr ( Milwaukee Co. WI ), Dallas S. Neville ( U S Marshal, WI), Kevin Carr ( U S Marshal, WI ), Adan Y. BenZikri ( WI Revenue ), Nancy Hove ( Pierce Co. WI Sheriff ), Judge Dennis D. O’Brien ( MN BR Judge who presided on a Fraud BR on 27 May, 2003), Jon Brakke ( Fargo Atty in Fraud BR May 2003), Kermit E. Bye ( Court of Appeals Judge who told me Vogel Law had “all the bases covered” )

Senators Johnson WI and Grassley IA who claim to be concerned with Whistle Blowers may want to pay attention to the Treason and Felony WRONGFUL DEATH charges I delivered them on 4 August, 2015.

USPS Track for Gen Dunford copy: 9505 5112 1387 5216 5311 14


So What Does It All Mean? 

Anna von Reitz

It means we have been defrauded by international banking cartels operating “governmental services corporations” as if these entities were our lawful government. It means that the Holy See and the British Monarch have acted in secretive Breach of Trust and Dishonor and have undermined our rightful government since 1845. It means that we have caught the rats red-handed, proved the facts, and demanded remedy.

FRANCISCUS, the dba name of the Pope, issued his Motu Proprio and made the members of the Bar Associations responsible for their errors and omissions. This effectively washed his hands of the criminality of the Bar Members and the continuing assaults upon us by the British Crown and ended their privateer licenses and other protections that had been extended to them in Breach of Trust.
So far, so good.

However, there has been no action to dismantle the mechanisms of the fraud that has been practiced against the living people. Every day, babies are born in hospitals and are “registered” as chattel belonging to privately owned and operated corporations masquerading as our government. These corporations patent and trademark our bodies and our names and create “citizens” for themselves that they ultimately control as slaves. This practice of “enslavement by proxy” is no less repugnant than physical enslavement and it has the same results.

They have accomplished this by obtaining undisclosed contracts under conditions of coercion and misrepresentation and by blatant fraud upon the probate courts and falsification of the civil records. They have had each one of us declared “legally dead”—- “Missing, presumed lost at sea”—and have seized upon our estates as presumed secondary beneficiaries. This legal chicanery has been assisted and expedited by a few evil politicians who literally conspired to sell their countrymen into slavery for profit.

They seize upon our property by presuming that it is “abandoned”. This is what has happened to every so-called “mortgage payment” you have ever made. It has been seized by the banks as abandoned property belonging to your own estate. They take title to our land, homes, businesses, and other private property and public property interests under color of law. They disguise installment leases as “land sales”. They disguise repurchase agreements as “loans”. They disguise “security notes” as “promissory notes”. And they steal us blind, taking their pay out of our treasury and otherwise using and abusing our own assets to do it.

Just as they have seized upon our private property via a process of fraud and deceit, they have attempted to seize upon our entire nation and claim that it is “abandoned property”.

To understand how this works you have to understand the first frauds committed against us, for it is in the beginning that we most clearly see the ends.

1. March 27, 1861, the actual elected Congress ceases to function.

2. Lincoln creates a corporation doing business as “The United States of America” and uses what is left of the Congress as a Board of Directors.

3. This “Corporate Congress” changes the meaning of the word “person” to mean “corporation” for their own private in-house corporate purposes. (37th Congress, Second Session, Chapter 49, Section 68).

4. The Corporate Congress changes the meaning of more words— according to them, the meaning of the words “state”, “State” and “United States” all magically mean ““the territories and the District of Columbia” (13 Stat. 223, 306, ch. 173, sec. 182, June 30, 1864.)

5. These “special definitions” adopted by “a” Congress operating a private, for-profit corporation doing business as “The United States of America” then secretly allowed the rats to “presume” that anyone who used the common meaning of these words and admitted to living in a “state” or the “United States” was submitting to be considered and treated as a “citizen” of the District of Columbia, instead. In their secretively altered lexicon, “United States Citizen = District of Columbia Citizen”

6. And as anyone reading The Constitution can see, this meant submitting to the rule of “Congress” which was given plenary control of the District of Columbia. Via the use of semantic deceit a small group of venal criminals “redefined” our Republic as a plenary oligarchy run by none other than themselves. They also endeavored to redefine all the freeborn Americans as slaves belonging to the District of Columbia. Never mind that the “Congress” engaging in this fraud and merely pretending to be the lawfully elected Congress had absolutely no public office and no delegated authority.

7. What happened with all this fraud by a hundred years later? The Congressional Record, June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646 – “A ‘citizen of the United States is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of the PCT, the private constructive, cestui que trust of US Inc. under the 14th Amendment, which upholds the debt of the USA and US Inc. in Section 4.”

Now, put all this together in one big Ball of Wax, and what do you get?

The Bar Association Members employed by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation have been “presuming” that you are “civilly dead” because you have been falsely reported as “missing, presumed dead” on the records of their probate courts. While they have been busily and secretively “presuming” this, they have also been “presuming” that you died intestate (without a Will) and that the local District of Columbia Municipal Corporation franchise doing business as (for example) the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, is the beneficiary of all your property.

How’s that for a fraud racket? How’s that for conflict of interest?

But they didn’t stop there. They also presume that the still living man is a “co- trustee” and “co-beneficiary” of his own estate trust. How can that be? Obviously, he can’t be the trustee AND the beneficiary of his own estate at the same time, because the two roles are mutually exclusive.

So they send out a false summons to you as the “presumed” co-trustee of the JOHN QUINCY ADAMS estate trust, and you, ignorantly assuming that this is your name and that this mail is addressed to you, show up in answer to their “summons”—- and they trick you into playing the role of trustee, while they suck up the beneficiary slot and milk your estate.
That is what these demons in suits have been playing at all these years. They charge your estate millions of dollars for every “felony” charge they utter and nearly as much for every “misdemeanor”. Then for good measure, they throw you in jail and make the taxpayers pay a hundred times more than any real cost for the “service” of incarcerating you—-and profiting off your labor in “prison industries”. They bilk billions of dollars out of the public treasury and out of your private “abandoned” estates every year, while parading around the town as members of “elite” society. No doubt the word “elite” has also been redefined by these maggots to mean “common criminal”.

There is no doubt now that this system is what it is, nor is there any doubt that it must end, but before we leave this subject, please note, that they haven’t been content with defrauding, press-ganging, enslaving, and taxing you under false pretenses, oh, no, they finally maxed out your credit cards which they stole along with your identity as a living breathing man.

So the Big Game has been afoot: do the same thing we did to each one of the people to the entire nation.
How do we do that?

November 7, 2007 the rats in Washington, DC running the “United States, Inc.” bankrupted it for the third and final time. They handed it over to the UN to act as bankruptcy trustee and nobody named a successor to The Constitution contract.

That left the “Federal” side of the Constitution contract flapping in the wind, and the United Nations Trust Committee — North America overseeing our National Trust assets, and no other entity named to provide the nineteen enumerated services that the British-controlled Federal United States is supposed to provide.

Last week, the infernal bastards filed a claim on abandonment against our entire nation, claiming that we no longer exist as a sovereign nation because we haven’t been heard from in 150 years. They further claimed that we are no longer a sovereign nation because we (allegedly) don’t have a national currency in circulation. We had to file a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty and two new sets of Sovereign Letters Patent to rebut their unending “presumptions” before the UN Trust Committee- North America and the UN Security Council.

The fact is that we are sovereigns in joint tenancy; if we don’t attend to our business in a hundred years, it’s still our business. If we don’t call a Continental Convention in 200 years, that’s our business, too. And we are not obligated to have a national currency in circulation—even though we do.

It’s the same schtick they are trying to pull only on a much larger scale— claiming that our whole nation is effectively “missing, presumed lost” and that our estate is “abandoned” ready for the taking by secondary beneficiaries and creditors.

That’s what the banks and their buddies the lawyers and their flunkies the politicians you elected in good faith had planned for you.
That’s what Wells Fargo Bank—- which is not a bank—-it’s a “securities investment corporation” using the trademarked name “Wells Fargo Bank” to pretend that its a bank—has been trying to promote this past week. And no wonder. It is partially owned and operated by the “US Attorney General”.

And now, let’s make it Perfectly Clear—- General Dunsford, you are responsible for providing for the security of the American People. You receive your paycheck directly or indirectly from funds and credit obtained from us—even if it is now in the hands of pirates and brigands and those who have colluded with them as false trustees. These evil men and women would like to start a Civil War in America, because they make their money off of conflict.

In preparation for trying to incite an uprising among the peaceful American people these criminals have armed corporate subcontractors that are operating under names designed to make people assume they are lawful units of government—- BATF, FEMA, IRS, DHS, FBI, CIA, local “Sheriffs” who are nothing but shills working in private corporate offices, not Sheriffs occupying public offices on the land at all —- and have armed these private commercial mercenaries with billions of rounds of ammunition and tactical weapons. For what purpose?

So that the secondary creditors of a bankruptcy that we were never legitimately any part of —international banking cartels and foreign investors—can come in here and loot and pillage America with the assistance of commercial mercenaries bought and paid for with illegal taxes extorted from Americans by criminals pretending to be our lawful government.

This circumstance and the UN’s role in it is now well-known on a worldwide basis and is well-documented and proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

What are we going to do about it? For starters, we notified the UN Trustees that we are very much alive and in charge of our own affairs and that we have been victims of crime and misrepresentation. We are not “U.S. Citizens” of any kind according to their definitions—nor ours. We are Americans. We, and our property assets both public and private, have been entrapped in the private corporate bankruptcies of these bank owned and operated “governmental services corporations” without our knowledge or consent, and we object to any presumption that we are now or ever were civilly dead, incompetent, bankrupt, or otherwise dependent on these villainous fictitious entities.

That is a good and practical start.

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  • I Watched the stupid bond film , looks like propaganda as usual , after all te UK are the crooks and the one's spying on everryone , have you read the laws they are passing lately ?? They are going back to the dark ages . Its all very simple thanks to JFK .Every gov is not just mixed up in crime they are the mafia and only get rid of those who are not involved . Just look at what they have all been caught doing . Every crime ever invented . The catholics which we know for certain are crooks central .

  • How about the fact that all subscribed oaths of office these foreign agent occupier's purporting to be lawful representatives of government have subscribed to are fraudulent? Can anyone show us in law or at law a document titled, The Constitution of the United States? The same would go for what purported judge Steve Curry and Anna Von Reitz have produced in their oath and other documents which entails the title, The uNited States of America. Folks, these documents purporting to be lawful is downright fraud and the Maxim of law, "fraud vitiates all" in in full force and effect in my book. Here's evidence of what I am specifying regarding what these foreign agent's take allegiance to: Yup, these foreign agents must renounce their US citizenship upon subscribing to the fraudulent, unlawful oath of office. Could this fraudulent, unlawful oath of office be their, the foreign agent's plausible deniability tactic when the people finally understand such fraud and resort to stringing these tyrants from lamp posts? You make the call. Now, if those in the know would take some time to assist in gathering support to create a court of public opinion campaign pertaining to the release of Thomas David House of Deegan from his unlawful kidnapping by the corporate, fictional, in full default and dishonor foreign agent occupier's of the State of West Virginia, maybe, just maybe, our path to true freedom can be continued in a lawful, competent manner. Oh, I forgot to mention that all US citizens are enemy combatants occupying conquered territory under martial rule due to the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 a.k.a. The War Powers Act of 1933. Here's a paper authored by law professor, Melvin Stampler: Bottom line is I ask the principals of this site to please look into the Thomas David House of Deegan case as well as the default and dishonor of the whole state of West Virginia's purported government officials at: I can be reached at: wrmltd at pacbell dot net

  • For USA to evr consider the UK is its friend is astounding all but 1 of the presidents has been connected to the Royals , no one has ever chosen anyone they have been presented to you to vote for =bad or worse . They are in the home straight and its the Chinese army who is going to help them enforce the Agenda21-2030 scamwhich is war economic war on everryone except them .

  • THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON ,MOST LIKELY IN EVERY WESTERN NATION TOO .. The chemtrails must be for China to depopulate us which is their idiology and ambition , and maybe more deadly than we know after a few more yrs , seeing as all their money is there they must be backing them to do the dirty work just like they did with Germany .

  • Where is your proof of this Claim regarding Chem trails. Please only make statements you have evidence.. hearsay and projected truths, half truths or assumptions only muddy a already murky water. We are to gain clarity through our sharing.. not fly a conspiracy flag with our words and raw attention away from the facts. To be able to become free today, what does that take? Who do I have to become before I can Become me? How much of the paper doll war must ONE play in order to never have to play again.. to be the ultimate user, so to speak, protected and provided for.. food, water, shelter and energy, was once a birth right now the homeless fill our streets and the refuges that are now coming here through New Orleans and L.A will be homeless Day one. We need to wake up and act. I and my team are ready, yet we do not want to stand in the way.. we want to help find the way. We want to take this message and learn how we can do for our-self and ours so they may have immediate remedy. Almost all the groups claiming to have the way, are charging the same fiat money they are against and most people just do not have the means. Most have lost a house, been convinced fo the ponzi scheme and truly lost everything at least once, only to be told Sorry that's the way it is.. meanwhile Fat hats rank in the insurance and other benefits designed to destroy us from within. I am here, as a single witness, asking what I can I do to assist the greater good and be of absolute service?

  • Aeon PiPHLO, You can assist by first understanding what the real problems are and how our purported government from the local municipalities to the Federal level are for profit corporations yet purporting to be lawful government. This incorporation of all government agencies is actually the case on a worldwide basis. The gentlemen from West Virginia provided the possible answer by demanding the return to the rule of law from the principal's of their purported state government to which they have fallen into total default and dishonor. Go to: and study what has been done and then try to figure out a way to get the brains behind this incredible task ie: Thomas David House of Deegan released from his unlawful incarceration. Talk about this with your team and don't hesitate to contact me. I provided a YouTube video here which provides true fact evidence of what I have specified regarding government agencies from top to bottom being for profit corporations that continue to rape and pillage the people non stop.

  • "The Network of Global Corporate Control" from General Douglas MacArthur's speech on
    July 25, 1951 to the Massachusetts state Legislature in Boston:
    “I find in existence a new and heretofore unknown and dangerous concept that the
    members of our Armed Forces owe primary allegiance and loyalty to those who
    temporarily exercise the authority of the executive branch of government, rather than to
    the country and its Constitution which they are sworn to defend. No proposition could be
    more dangerous. None could cast a greater doubt upon the integrity of the armed services.
    For its application would at once convert them from their traditional and constitutional
    role as the instrument for the defense of the Republic into something partaking of the
    nature of a PRAETORIAN GUARD, owing its allegiance to the political master of the

  • Nobody born "jus soli" on American soil HAS EVER notified customs officials of their arrival at the State level and is forever lost within federal territory i.s. corporate hospital. One must pay the "duty" before they are allowed into the united States of America. In Illinois that "duty" is called RHSP and costs $9. Until such "duty" is paid, EVERYBODY is considered stateless.

  • The sad part is, those of leadership and law enforcement are truly ignorant of history and their true direction and purpose. Americans have been dumbed down to believing government knows best and the fact that those in public office believe we work for them. The people need to move forward and declare they have no contracts with these corporations and therefore they have no power over us. Apathy and complacency need to be over turned if we want true freedom. It appears most are afraid of personal responsibility. Those in office who do not listen to the people need to be removed, forcibly if necessary!

  • decades of civil and military aviation experience , procedures and inferred obligation of mandated duties . may give him the required elements to mention aerial distribution of said elements . A UN resolution halting fore mentioned practice from states and countries which was in operational experimental practice and later in combat scenario. now the loophole Corporations are not bound by the charter.