AMERICA STANDS – Book 15 Chapter 2

Fuckup In Athens, Tennessee Exposes DoJ
Moral Coward Judge Blackheart Invites 25 August 
Field McConnell Punahou ’67 v Barry Soetoro Punahou ‘79
G-Spot: h.r. 1960 + material assistance + obama + taliban + field mcconnell

In Contempt Of Justice, Decorum And Hygiene: Baldy Blackheart
G-Spot: aubrey + Walter + blackwood + aggravated perjury

Judge Cadaver And Candy Ass Aubrey Trap Themselves
G-Spot: blackwood + Fitzpatrick + Aggravated Perjury + TENNESSEE + McConnell 
Operation TACO RACK Films Documentary In Athens As THE CHEATER Burns
G-Spot: haslam + cheating + $92 million + Knoxville 

Orange Sky In Morning; To Blackwood A Warning?
G-Spot: fitzgerald + blackwood + perjury + who cares 

October 22, 1996, Clinton Approves 9/11 Plot
G-Spot: Reinvent + Serco + Marcy + Gorelick + Gore + McConnell 

Fails To Incite Race War, Fails To Fool America, Fails To Satisfy Reggie’s CORNHOLE
G-Spot: ferguson + mo + complete hoax 

Pink Moon At Night, 18 August, Walter’s Delight
G-Spot: Blackwood + McMinn + Corrupt + Fitzgerald + America STANDS 

Orange Sky In Morning, Blackwood Gets Warning
G-Spot: Blackwood + McConnell + Obama + Wrongful Death

Diesel, Chips, Radar: Big Dogs Of Cyber Warfare
G-Spot: h.r. 1960 + material assistance + obama + taliban + field mcconnell

Bullingdon Wanker’s List Of 100 Dead Bankers
G-Spot: Julian Knott + Richard Gravino + Thomas Schenkman + Naseem Mubeen 

Tennessee Justice: Stand Tall Or Crawl? 25 August Looms
G-Spot: Serco + Obama + FIELD MCCONNELL + Athens Tennessee 

Malaysian Airline System Delists; Serco Listing To The Left, Soon To Be Sunk?
G-Spot: Serco + Malaysian ATC + Australian SAR + Abel Danger 

AD Rats Undermine Cameron Clinton Serco AMEC Tunnels
G-Spot: Serco + Cameron + Clinton + FIELD MCCONNELL 

World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot De-Lists Serco
G-Spot: FIELD MCCONNELL + Serco + MH370 + MH17 + ATI 
Black Angus Has Tiny Nuts
G-Spot: Houston + Truss + Allison Bone + Peacock + Serco 

Sunshine Dangerettes, Operation TACO RACK, 25 August, 2014
G-Spot: Uncle Ben Blackwood + Serial + Fitzpatrick + Obama + Fraud 

Operation ORANGE CANDY CANES De-lists MAS, Frees Fitzgerald, Gaffs Serco?
G-Spot: jill dando + probed + bbc + paedo + SERCO

French, Arabic, Russian Agree: deux étrons gras, اثنين turds الدهون, два толстых TurdsG-Spot: hillary + morsi’s + nagla + el-mogaz

Chips had finished reading the short message from NOTSO and looked forward to the expanded communication coming after the Livestream Show of 6 August, 2014, the 3rd anniversary of the MURDER FOR HIRE done on 6 August, 2011 involving Extortion 17, 38 humans, and a dog named Bart. As Chips considered the enormity of the mission these past years exposing Serco, Crown Agents, Kristine Marcy and the Traitors to be covered in Chapter Two due out Monday morning, 25 August, he realized the pressure of fighting against Serco was almost a full time job but was conflicted as the Dangerettes are deserving of an enduro each day. However, recent episodes of SERCO SLOPPY SECONDS were making it child’s play, not to be confused with FOREPLAY which is sexual or CRISP FOURPLAY which is how Chips and Vladimir had beaten Lindsay Graham and John McCain in stopping the Syrian War which HAD BEEN planned for 2 September, 2013. If anyone doubts the veracity of that statement, google [ Putin + Assad + CRISP FOURPLAY + McCain + Graham ] and then check six. If you don’t know what CHECK SIX means, you already have lost. While Serco, Obama, Marcy, Tennessee Governor “Skimmin’ Bill” Haslam and Eric “crisis actors” Holder realize, too late, they are outgunned by the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot, Chips wondered to himself which of the SUNSHINE QUARTET will be first to call him during the Livestream Radio Show preceding the DELISTING OF MAS and 21st Century Wires exposure of BHUAP. Knowing that the Livestream Show begins at 1300 CDT 25 August, he presumed a Dangerette wishing to be service would certainly call before 1311 at which time the EXPLOSIVE EVENT of 25 August would either have occurred, or had been blocked by Abel Danger, capeche?

Chapter 2

Scripture: Psalm 94:16 and Isaiah 6:8

Who will rise up for me against the wicked?
Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?

Then I heard the voice
of the Lord saying,
“Whom shall I send?
And who will go for us?”
And I said, “Here am I.
Send me!”

Gospel: Return To Righteousness, America

Star Spangled Banner-In God Is Our Trust

Secular: Who Will Answer

Video: Tennessee Sheriffs Moved By Christian Marine?

G-Spot: McConnell De-lists + MAS + Serco + ALPA + BHUAP + ATI 

Chapter 2 Operation ORANGE CANDY CANES

Take a look at Walter’s banner and 9th word in lyrics below.

Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall STAND

Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!

Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land

Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,

And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”

And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

On August 9th, at 0911, Agent Chips and two female associates were at the Delta Airlines cargo terminal near the “other terminal” in Minneapolis to take delivery of a service dog, Agent Radar, who was to join the security detail at the world’s most lethal goat ranch some 2.3 miles north of the intersection of US Highway 10 and County Road S north of Plum City, Wisconsin, where the global headquarters of Abel Danger is across the street from Bittersweet Bakery and More. Inquiring minds around the globe are focused on the last word, “More”. Oh, a word of caution if you are a sellout to Satan…if you try to go north of the intersection of 10 and S, the bridge is out and my puppy Radar and I are on the other side, capeche?

21 He changes times and seasons;
he deposes kings and raises up others.

He gives wisdom to the wise
and knowledge to the discerning.

22 He reveals deep and hidden things;
he knows what lies in darkness,
and light dwells with him.

Once the puppy, Radar, was out of his kennel and in the back seat of an undercover and very inconspicuous 2000 model KR3500 in Indigo Blue with a topper that is marked Avalon British Whites, the two young ladies cared for Agent Radar as Chips received a call from one of the SUNSHINE DANGERETTES which encouraged Chips in that the darkness of the world would soon be cleared away if Umbrellaman were to authorize Operation ORANGE CANDY CANES 2014 in the interim between Judge Cadaver’s transgression and the upcoming visit to USS Wisconsin from whence a BROADside attack would blow Barry Soetoro, Eric Holder and Kristine Marcy out of their polluted water, in a manner of speaking. And please, for the record, notice it was Judge Cadaver not Jon Kerry Blackwood, the crony pissant in backwoods Appalachia who is having his BOND investigated by a 5th Dangerette who expects to HARPoon the buffoon in short order. Also, going forward, if I slip and mention the name Aubrey, don’t think I am intentionally fingering the candy ass prosecutor who appeared as CADAVER’S LAPDOG in open court at 1000 the 19th of August, 2014 which is 6 days prior to the continued legal abuse of Marvin Williams who has lost his father’s estate because the legal morons in Monroe and McMinn County needed more that $90K to bribe jurors who would render the verdicts against Walter and Marvin, capeche?

Legal Disclaimer: The source of the $90K is from the Kristine Marcy and Eric Holder ‘slush fund’ collected since 1984 by the DoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund and then DOLEd out to compliant and corrupt counties across America to support CRISIS ACTIONS including Aurora, Cudahy, Sandy Hook, Boston, Ferguson and the EXPLOSIVE EVENT planned for August 25th during which an ORANGE MOON may be visible if Abel Danger efforts to STAND DOWN Barry Soetoro fail. Here is the source:


As Agent Chips maneuvered the super trick, piss wicked 454 powered non descript pickup truck along I94 eastbound watching for the HARDMAN Ave exit to US 61, he listened intently to Agent Freeport Girl who had started a conference call with Glow, Agent 66 and Agent 99 listening intently, as was Chips who was getting a woody at the sound of her sultry, Julie London type voice not to be confused with Glow’s Patsy Cline like voice, Agent 66’s Patty Page like voice or Agent 99’s Jennifer Warnes like voice. From her opening comments Chips couldn’t help but imagine the effect that Pastor Manning and himself might have in the interim between the 2nd Battle of Athens and the Wisconsin BROADside in what Tactics Tillman had planned to involve grazing, flanking, interlocking and fusillADe FIELDs of fire. For Cadaver and Aubrey, if you have your head up your ass you can look it up in the Army FIELD manual. Chips knew well that if WE THE PEOPLE could GET TOGETHER the Serco-Courts could be turned upside down just as had happened when Jesus engaged the money changers in the Temple during his brief 33 year CAMEO that would be followed, soon, by His Second Coming as is mention at the 1 + 24 mark in this gospel song cleverly disguised as psychedelic rock, capeche?

“Chips, I have Agents Glow, 66 and 99 listening in. We are contacting the bonding agent involved with Judge Cadaver of McMinn County. Our strategy is simply this; we intend to confuse Haslam’s Zeroes by alternating the colors black and orange, like BLACKwood and the Orangutan named Aubrey, a no so ordinary girl or name. There is a woman in Cleveland, Tennessee that will meet you in the ladie’s room of the Athens Cracker Barrel at 0911/18 August 2014 prior to the PRAYER BREAKFAST where a Messianic Rabbi will bless the food while you, Agent Barry M. Hall and Agent Glow appear publicly while myself, 99, 66 and Tillman’s Tacticians encircle the law enforcement parties we believe will be surrounding the second most corrupt courthouse in Tennessee, see also Haslam-Pilot-Flying J-Skimmers. The time now is 0929 central and Umbrellaman has asked that I call him when you and Radar are in company of Agent Diesel. After you throw ‘em a bone, Umbrellaman will brief the SUNSHINE DANGERETTES and the ORANGE CANDY CANES Abel Bodies. Any questions?”

“Freeport Girl, only one, for security purposes please DICKtate the PPUCs for the four Sunshine Dangerettes but not in any preDICKtable order.”

“Chips, the PPUCs are Cream, Ivory, Yellow Allamanda, Melba Peach and Rafflesia”.

“Pardon me Freeport Girl, I asked for 4 PPUCs and you gave me five, is there a Soetoro in the woodpile?”

“Chips, just keeping you honest. The codes I gave you were for we SUNSHINE DANGERETTES and the Rafflesia is a carnivorous Malaysia plant that smells like rotting flesh. I believe you told the Malaysian government and MAS that if they did not expose the BHUAP promptly that explosive events would occur on July 17th and August 25th. True to your preDICKsion, MH17 was destroyed on 17 July which ‘tidied up’ the decomposing victims of MH370 but in doing so exposed the Truss and Houston “Tiny Nuts Conundrum” where parties including Angus Houston, Warren Truss, Allison Bone, Andrew Peacock and Serco will have caused Bill Clinton’s whereabouts on 12 September, 2001 to be linked to Marcy and Holder’s Slush Fund which participated handsomely in profiting in the Warren Buffett-Wells Fargo first MASS SNUFF film in history. Regardless of whether his DNA sperm donor was Winston or Winthrop, Hillary’s Beard isn’t likely to be impressed with Peacock and Bone’s LOOSE LIPS. Remember, give me a nudge when you are at your desk between Richard Elliott NIGHT AND DAY CD and your pile of CAPTAIN SHERLOCK SOLVES 9/11 discs. Safe journey, Freeport Girl out.”

As Chips turned right towards US 61 and Hastings after passing the HARDman exit, he realized that he, in fact, was positioned to be the biggest hero since Oddball’s contribution to world peace in Kelly’s Heroes which certainly did a good job of informing combatants of all countries that they were not fighting for honor or peace but in continuing the genocidal bankers’ wars that had been going on since the Vatican created Islam, in 867 AD, out of thin air to be another ill informed set of players on the global bankers’ stage. Accelerating on US 61, which Bob Dylan revisited in 1963, Chips noticed that BC and AD could stand for BEFORE CHIPS and ABEL DANGER. His pleasant thought was interrupted by the aroma of canine flatus, not to conjure thoughts of Hillary Diane Roadhog Clinton as that would be disrespectful of canines world wide who could never smell as bad a Hillary’s “what does it matter” abuse of the heroes of Benghazi which would be replaced by Judge Cadaver’s fuckups of 19 August, 2014 if Umbrellaman were to loose Operation ORANGE CANDY CANES as some, including Freeport Girl and Glow, expected would be the case as they had been PREbriefed by Hammer MacCheese wishing they could be DEbriefed by Agent Chips, a charter member of the Ardent Heterosexual Sexagenarians Branch of Sovereign Citizens for Jesus, a growing force for good in this world, and beyond, in spite of the misleading comments of Vicky Beecing and her Icky Teaching, see also Canterbury Tails. [ notice to new readers, this is your chance to google: [ vicky beeching + canterbury + same sex + queer ) and see how we roll ].

For Tennessee residents: [ haslam + cheating + $92 million + Knoxville ]

Pilot Flying J faces more lawsuits

Musical Ode to Haslam Brothers:

Chips had just put his cruise control on 73 and selected another track hoping he would hear Juice Newton singing THE SWEETEST THING or Charlie Rich singing THE MOIST, excuse me, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD which caused Chips to think of the late night calls he had taken from a lady in Cleveland, TN who had vast experience with Judge Cadaver and Precious Aubrey and notice for the record that I made no reference to Jon Kerry Blackwood or his (paid) shill, Aubrey Neanderfuck. The lady in Cleveland TN had reminded Chips on numerous occasions that the 10th Judicial District of Tennessee had the best Judges [ Haslam skimmed ] money could buy and that if Chips found a reason to hang around the Comfort Inn in Athens for three upcoming nights she would show him the majik ( not misspelled, think military MAJIK and MH17 ) when the AIRPORT KISSER and the CRACKER BARREL WHISTLER would meet in the lady’s room at the Cracker Barrel where on 18 August, 2014, a PRAYER BREAKFAST would attract 40+ supporters of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick and some of those supporters would be athletic, not to be confused with Warren Truss who had been fingered by the Peackock-Bone duo trying to keep WJC and 9/11 as geographically diverse elements connected only by Hillary and Kristine’s BEI produced QR11 Gyro Chips which guide Raytheon missiles and these random aviation airframes: UA175, AA11, US93, AA77, KAL 007 [ ad hoc waypoints ], Speedbird 38, TWA 800, Turkish 1951, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407, Air France 447, Air Afrikiyah 771, Lethbridge CF18, Oceana F18D, Sukhoi Superjet, MH370, MH17 and the explosive event Abel Danger is trying to block which is scheduled for 25 August, 2014. The event of 25 August would be SERCO’S STRIKE 3 as we announced way back on 19 April, 2014 in fact and 1 July, 2014 in fiction once the deadline to abort was passed at 2359/30Jun14 and the evils of Serco would be on display for the YOUNGER GENERATION in Ukraine, Russia, U S, Malaysia and ( redacted).

Chips knew that the Airport Kisser was anxious “to give her bit to me” and that all of his parents [ Glenn and Eileen McConnell’s ] greatest worries were his cartoons and would seem even more hilarious once the Airport Kisser would hand off the dossier regarding the BOND written that could be revoked if Abel Danger could cause CADAVER AND AUBREY to fuck up in front of hidden camera’s during the sentencing of an innocent man in McMinn County, Tennessee where SKIMMIN’ BILL had a meet and greet where Gene Whiting was harassed by State Police officers from the State where a piddly $92M can buy and entire district of Tennessee malpractice of justice by Cadavers and Jesters for hire, capeche.

Approaching the intersection of US 61 and US 10 just southeast of the John Deere dealing near Zweic’s Nursery, Chips was brought into the here and now when his Hawaii 5-0 ringtone indicated a call coming in from the Airport Kisser in area code 615. Turning left to join U S 10 east towards Ellsworth Chips answer the phone with the pre agreed protocol.

“Nathan Carswell, speaking, how may I help you.?”

“I’m sorry, wrong number, I was calling Adrian Bold?”

“You have the right number, is this the Airport Kisser?”

“Only if you are the Cracker Barrel whistler and know a Tuffin in Tasmania and a Barak Mounir Ubayd of Canada.”

“OK, let’s delete Lindsay and Soetoro and speak English, I have a file enroute to you from the x-wife of an LEO in the 10th Judicial District. It was found lying on a table at the Wendy’s Restaurant at the Pilot-Flying J near the intersection of U S 40 and U S 140 in [ redacted ] Tennessee on 6 July, 2014 after a trucker from Mondovi WI saw a LOT LIZARD crawl into his Volvo and drape an OIC on his CB mic hook. On it was a cover sheet, a cocktail napkin from THE GREEN MILL where Al Capone came in through the front door but always left via a network of tunnels under the trap door behind the bar. The phone number on that napkin ( (865) 966-0447 ) was left by the image of a female with red hair. The file will be mailed to you using your previous married name and if anyone at the County Sheriff Office opens it before giving it to you, we will know because they will be reading some “LEO bait” similar to the MAN WHO NEVER WAS that got the Germans looking the wrong way on 6-6-44 as James Arness was the FIRST MAN ASHORE on D-Day. In the file you will see the LEO BAIT inserted on page 3. However, the real page three will be sent to your Apartment in Cleveland and will have the real page three that explains the plea deal between the Skimmers and the Tunnel Rats from District 10. Save the bogus page three so we can lift DNA of whoever reads the bogus LEO BAIT, not to be confused with LEO Sayer who rightfully states, the Show Must Go On. Sociable!”

Abel Danger Agents ‘listening’ heard the SOCIABLE CALL and that gave them a chance to wet their whistles, no reference to the Cracker Barrel Whistler intended or implied, or any other verb for that manner, LOL, IMHO, BRB, K, etc. Chips reached into his cooler and pulled out a CSM with two stuffed queens as somewhere at the end of the MARTA LINE a mistress of details poured herself a small glass of Jeppson’s Malort, a favorite at Chicago’s Green Mill but not favored at all by Abel Danger professionals lucid enough to recognize the Banjo Player’s MALE PATTERN BALDNESS to be exactly the same as the follicle impairment atop Judge Cadaver in Athens [ redacted ] in the 10th Judicial District of the Haslam brothers ‘skimmin’ state of [ redacted ] and please note I did not mention Tennessee or Mary Elizabeth Harriman nor mercury fulminate nor sovereign citizen, capeche?

After draining the CSM Chips solicited the input of the Airport Kisser, no relation to Admiral Kimosabe or General C both of whom visited Agent Chips at the Subang Hotel, Dorsett Grand if you have an enquiring mind, on the night of 19 April, 2014 when Chips told MAS that they could expose the BHUAP and ATI or suffer a second strike on 17 July. He gave the same warning to the folks at the Saujana Hotel on the morning of 20 April, 2014. Serco’s 3rd strike was scheduled for 25 August and once again was to be a Boeing, perhaps turning a Dreamliner into a Screamliner. Sure hope CEO Tim Clark of Emirates has responded ‘below the radar’ so will make a mental note to forward this chapter to Little Timmy and the Tossers, see also Wanker, Shirt Lifter or Reggie Love.

“When you get the file and replace bogus page 3 with the page three coming to Apartment #9, please notice the message in three languages on the back of the correct page 3. It should read [ deux étrons gras, اثنين turds الدهون, два толстых Turds ] and it expresses what Ruskies, Frogs and Ragheads think of Thunder Thighs and he Serco controlled Drone Patrol FIELDed by Kristine Marcy, Thomas J Smolich and those being targeted by Agent Chainsaw from Canada, no reference to Glamourboy’s Lesbo intended or implied and notice I made no mention of Laureen Harper, Lena Trudeau, Jennifer McKinnon or Mary Elizabeth Harriman all four of whom love the smell of a certain Star Kist product caring not if it is white but preferring ‘chunky’” Speaking of chunky, Hillary, Laureen, Dianne Feinstein, Lena Trudeau, Janet Reno and Kristine Marcy are guilty of “cruelty to scales” as their tonnage exceeds what a bathroom scale should have to be assaulted by, especially Whale Vagina’s which reads up to 450 pounds. Give a whole new meaning to CMT but I will let that one dangle for a while so don’t try and figure it out until 25 August at 0911 central, Plum City time.


While thinking of the flavor of Laureen Harper’s Douche [ not the PM, that would be her douche bag Stephen ], Chips saw a FLASH FESTUS from area code 763 at the same time he was slowing up going uphill into Ellsworth where a certain maroon 96 Roadmaster Wagon has been sitting idle since 10 July, 2014 with an ‘audio visual feed’ to the Global HQ at 401 Main Street in Plum [ redacted ] Wisconsin, 54761. Chips placed a slow groove on his CD player to keep the girls in the back calm and with Radar the service dog so as for him, Radar, not to be seen as they drove through the FIELD of view of the maroon Buick’s remote AV feed which would cause both Freeport Girl and Agent Glow to be ‘written out’ if the Airport Kisser insisted on not sharing time with the girl who was deflowered on a Carousel in August of 1968, after laying her blue shirt, long blue and white skirt on a carousel horse painted in Pastel Peach and on the Horse with #5 on its harness. A soon-to-be 19 Agent Chips soon discovered the type of Peach was Melba and as the cake sat out in the rain with its sweet cream icing flowing down…oh excuse me, wrong song, everytime I think of Pastel Melba, Pastel Cream, Pastel Ivory or Pastel Yellow Allamande I feel like Richard Harris’s cake left out in the rain and I just can’t take it, cause it took so long to bake it, and if Walter Francis Fitzpatrick is not out of jail by 1111 on 11 November, 2014, AND/OR if Agent Chips isn’t signaled that WALTER WILL BE RELEASED by 11-11-14 by 1659 8 September, 2014, then Governor Haslam and the Cadaver with MALE PATTERN BALDNESS, may never have THAT RECIPE, or opportunity again, capeche?

Chips picked up his Clipper Squirt Gun to engage in verbal intercourse with Area Code 763. “Field McConnell, oh, excuse me, I meant Agent Chips, Global.”

“Chips, Freeport Girl, I see that in responding to FG and G, you said, and I quote [ FG and G, thank you, but you know it isn’t me doing this.  I am editing page 21 of 94 and need to shorten it to 30-40 pages by 10pm when it goes to Tactics Tillman and Hammer Rooster. ] I think you should include page 3 in Chapter 2 beginning at para “as an example” and ending with “proper target”. By the way, MacCheese and I are at Global HQ monitoring the 4 AV feeds and from the 96 Roadmaster we see you are ahead of schedule so suggest you drop the girls and Radar at the Goat Ranch and meet MacCheese and I either at JR’s Mainstreet Junction or 401 Main Street, your call.”

“How is the status of RSV at Global?”

“Sorry Chips but we are BINGO VODKA at Global but JR’s has a box of marshmallows in the back room. Let’s plan on JR’s BACK ROOM not to be confused with your BACK PAGES, MacCheese and I will be AT THE PROPER TARGET at 1045. Of course on Saturday JR doesn’t open until 1200 so we will slip in the back door by Clem the truck. Freeport out.”

“Chips out see you in 19 minutes”.

Chips made the left turn off U S 10 as he mentally review the document that Freeport Girl had requested he print in Chapter 2, verbatim. Ever the compliant ardent heterosexual consensual sexagenarian, Chips made not to print that passage in this chapter, hoping later he would get some hay for his donkey, capeche?

“As an example of how God is doing this, not me, notice the same male pattern baldness on the banjo player in this song and how it exactly matches Judge Cadaver in the image that doesn’t appear but the link does, below. [ missing image ] God has arranged this for me to find and put together just like the 4 E4Bs on morning on 9/11: Venus 77, Vivi 36, Sword 31, Word 31..  I would opine laconically only someone familiar with both Ephesians and military aircraft could see the CHRISTIAN message as Sword and Word are both in Ephesians 6 so we know for sure who authorized 9/11…..Bill Clinton’s handlers, Intrepid, Serco, Vatican, Buffett, Marcy and Smolich all being GAMED by Crown Agents and recall that it was Clinton, Shalikashvili, Gordon England and Serco who determined to sink the U S S America would be their indication that in America free men would no longer stand. I have already told my spouse and daughter (23) that when Walter is released I will return to Athens.  Depending on time of year I may take the Presidential Limo.  I will put 11 Nov 14 as the DEMAND DATE and let Haslam and Cadaver wonder what this Sovereign Citizen is up to….dumb PHUCers that they are they may not understand what is at the corner of I29 and I64. The reason I often use the name PHUC is because I am still very sorry that the Canadian controllers put the napalm on that little girl’s village after the USAF FAC [ forward air controller, Misty 71 ] had marked the proper target for the RVNAF T28 Trojan causing a South Vietnamese pilot to burn a little girl in SVN much like in August 1944 they caused Joe Kennedy Jr to be killed by Elliott Roosevelt and how they attempted to have Tillman kill Tillman on 22 April, 2004 and 7 years later killed the Extortion 17 38 humans and a dog named Bart.
Those killers are known to me just as they were known to Michael Hastings. Perhaps the incoming CJCS who is aware that both Obama and Dempsey are wearing ankle monitoring devices will STAND. G87-Opie is the PROPER TARGET”

Attention Serco, Crown Agents, and Twisted Sisters of the City of London, suddenly I don’t have the stomach to write humor or fiction, so let me write this:

In Chapter 2 I am suggesting that a certain MARINE will be filing charges against Obama but he will be named accurately in the Civil Case 3:14-71 and titled as below:


It will be filed in Fargo, North Dakota and will make two claims:

(1) 2,000 cases of wrongful death have occurred since Barry Soetoro was installed by Serco on 20 January, 2009

(2) Barry Soetoro has provided material assistance to Taliban while denying U S Veterans health care contractually arranged when their SWORE THEIR OATHS to uphold the United States Constitution. Google:

h.r. 1960 + material assistance + obama + taliban + field mcconnell

Once Agent Chips is at the USS America reunion, it will be too late for N1 and N2 escape justice as Kristine Marcy’s hard drive may be used against Serco’s puppets tying to incite race and social warfare in the U S with the hoaxes including Aurora, Cudahy, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and Ferguson, Missouri. Not on Field McConnell’s watch, piss off.

Pastor David Manning says he, Manning, is like David, and Obama is like Goliath,  but that one man with God is a majority so either Manning or McConnell may be credited for removing the blight but anyone familiar with Proverbs 21:31 knows the Truth. he will take Obama down regardless if appearing as Barry Soetoro, Barak Mounir Ubayd or the hapless gay chooming mulatoo Barak Hussein Shit For Brains. Let this week be the week that Serco’s 3rd Strike is stopped by Abel Danger, One Nation Under Fraud restores itself to One Nation under God, and the door knobs in Tennessee communication with Field McConnell regarding the impending release of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, USNA ’75.

The content including Posts #2080 and #2081 will be tabled until Tuesday night awaiting word from Tennessee. Lacking ‘Skimmin’ Bills’ agreement to release Walter and cancel Jon Kerry Blackwood’s ‘bond’, Abel Danger Global will unleash the DOGS OF (cyber) WAR and let the CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY, capeche? Then it will be too late for Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 and Irish American Dempsey to ask WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. Perhaps they will give up on Tennessee’s Flying J Pilot and follow the WORLD’S MOST POTENT FIGHTER PILOT and home in on the LIGHTHOUSE.


If it wasn’t for THE LIGHTHOUSE, where would our SHIP OF STATE be?

Check the color of the reflected behind Chips and the Sunshine Dangerettes and see for yourself.

Now focus on the orange light behind Chips and the Son Shine Dangerettes and let us listen a second time, and sing along as we focus on the light and turn away from Serco’s darkness as August 25 dawns anew.

There’s a Lighthouse on the hillside

that overlooks life’s sea.

When I’m tossed it sends out a light

that I might see.

And the light that shines in the darkness,

now will safely lead us o’er.

If it wasn’t for the lighthouse

that ship would be no more.

Everybody that lives around me says,

tear that lighthouse down,

The big ships don’t sail this way anymore,

there’s no use of it standing ’round.

Then my mind goes back to that stormy night,

when just in time I saw the light,

Yes, the light from that old lighthouse,

that stands up there on the hill. 

And I thank God for the Lighthouse,

I owe my life to Him,

For Jesus is the Lighthouse,

and from the rocks of sin

He has shone a light around me

that I can clearly see,
If it wasn’t for the Lighthouse

where would this ship be?

Elvis saw the Lighthouse and was saved. The ball is in your Court.

Chapter 2 was complete and on its way to the Abel Danger web gurus when a last minute Clipper from Hamish arrived in Post Office Box #9, Plum City, WI 54761 where it would languish until the lawsuit against Barry Soetoro is filed, however, if you can read sign language, you may recognize the send as someone not named Hamish or David. Take a look:

Agent Chips,

I started looking into Pilot/Flying J, the company owned by the Haslam family, including Governor Bill Haslam.  Thought I would throw this out there as it might relate to chapter in progress. Pilot/Flying J, Knoxville, TN/ Haslam Family/ Governor Bill Haslam

If you believe it, the dad bought a gas station for $6,000 and grew it to a $29B/yr empire.

Pilot Flying J, a privately held company with annual revenues of $29 billion, is the nation’s No. 1 retailer of diesel fuel. It is mostly owned by Haslam; his brother, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam; their father and company founder Jim Haslam; and other family members. Pilot Flying J operates over 650 travel centers in 43 states and Canada. Located along interstates, the travel centers cater to both professional drivers and motorists selling gas, diesel, convenience store goods and fast food. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. # 7 on Forbes list of privately held companies. Pilot Corporation is the majority owner along with FJ Management, Inc. and CVC Capital Partners.

FJ Management, Inc. Post merger, Pilot Flying J continues to operate the Flying J locations under the Flying J brand. In an effort to reduce any potential confusion, Flying J Inc. has changed its corporate name to FJ Management Inc.  FJ Management continues to own and operate the Big West Oil refinery in North Salt Lake, Utah and Transportation Alloiance Bank (TAB), plus maintains and ownership stake in TCH ( transportation clearing house ) and in the recently formed Pilot Flying J nationwide network of travel centers.

CVC Capital Partners

CVC manages capital on behalf of some 300 institutional, governmental and private investors worldwide. Over the years, they have secured commitments of US$71 billion in funds from our investors (including CVC Credit Partners). The capital of their investors is committed for ten years or more to closed-end funds that are managed on their behalf.
Some of the current portfolio:

Founded as Pilot Travel Centers. On September 1, 2001, entered joint venture between Pilot Corporation and marathon Petroleum Company. Marathon converted many Speedway stores to Pilot as part of the deal and Pilot purchased Williams Truck Stop Chain .In 2005 Pilot bought out Marathon and entered into new partnership with CVC Capital Partners, (private equity investors). Also has partnerships with Road Ranger, privately held, HQ in Illinois, fuel station/convenience stores, and Town Pump ,  headquarted in Montana, fuel convenience stores, casinos, hotels/RV parks and lot lizard contracting.

Also owns Comdata and TCH (now EFS) bank/payment/data card..2009 Pilot purchased Flying J which was in bankruptcy. Flying J had oil refinery operations as well as it’s banking and insurance division. Those are kept separate in FJ Management Inc.

Amenities include : CAT scales [ monitored by Cat Bond ] A CAT Certified Scale is available at most locations. A CAT Certified Scale provides the professional truck driver a reliable, accurate, and certified weight. For more info:

TRANSFLO Express is available at most locations, 24 hours a day. TRANSFLO Express makes it easy for our customers to receive trip documents the same day a driver’s load is delivered. With TRANSFLO Express, trip documents are scanned by trained cashiers, and delivered within seconds to the fleet’s corporate office for immediate processing.

For more info: Then along came Abel Danger and exposed the Haslam-friendly courts in 10th Judicial district. July 2014 Pilot/Flying J agrees to pay $92 million settlement to the federal government related to it’s skimming fraud. $92 m will be paid to Kristine Marcy and Eric Holder’s SLUSH FUND thru U S Attorney’s Office in Eastern District of Tennessee which is a gay friendly legal setting according to Knoxville’s mayor who was a FWB to George W. Bush. Bill Killian may agree to help revoke the Bond on Jon Kerry Blackwood after they see the films produced in Athens last week. It could affect the office headquartered in Knoxville, and maintains staffed offices in Greeneville and Chattanooga, and an unstaffed office in Winchester.[2]

The Knoxville Division handles cases from fourteen counties: Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Claiborne, Grainger, Jefferson, Knox, Loudon, Morgan, Roane,
Scott, Sevier, Union and MONROE. The Chattanooga Division handles cases from nine counties: Bledsoe,Bradley, Hamilton, McMinn, Marion, Meigs, Polk, Rhea, and Sequatchie.

Prior fraud investigation:

On September 14, 2008, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum issued subpoenas to Pilot for investigation of price gouging in the days following Hurricane Ike.[2]


James Arthur “Jimmy” Haslam III (born March 1954) is the CEOof the Pilot Flying J truck stop chain and the current majority owner of the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League.[3] On October 16, 2012, Haslam’s $1 billion purchase of the Browns was unanimously approved by the 32 teams in the NFL; the sale itself closed on October 25, 2012.[4][5] His father, fellow businessman Jim Haslam, founded the Pilot Flying J company in 1958 as the Pilot Oil Corporation.

Haslam, who lives in his native Knoxville, Tennessee, is brother to Bill Haslam, the Governor of Tennessee.[8]

While attending the University of Tennessee Haslam was a roommate of Bob Corker, the current United States Senator from Tennessee. He is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.
Haslam is married to Susan “Dee” Bagwell Haslam, CEO of RIVR Media. They have three adult children, Jim, Whitney and Cynthia.

Susan “Dee” Haslam[2] (née Bagwell) is the wife of American billionaire[1] Jimmy Haslam, the CEO of Pilot Flying J. She is the CEO and Executive Producer of RIVR Media, RIVR Media Interactive, and RIVR Media Studios, and, with her husband, is part owner of theCleveland Browns NFL team. She is president of the Cleveland Browns Foundation.[3] Before RIVR Media, there was Bagwell Communications, founded by Ross Bagwell Sr., Haslam’s father. In 1999, Haslam and her business partner, Rob Lundgren, took over Bagwell Entertainment and renamed it RIVR Media. RIVR Media has produced several well-known series, including Trading Spaces for TLC, World Series of Poker for The Discovery Channel, Whale Wars for Animal Planet, and Renovation Realities for HGTV and DIY Network. Haslam was also integral in the creation of RIVR Media Interactive’s Moving Picture Books, an animated children’s literature series. In 2012, Haslam founded a film company called Nest Features, which specializes in films centered around Southern culture or lack thereof.  Comments and input welcome. I will meet you in the lady’s room at Athens Cracker Barrel at 0911/18 August and will accompany you to Room 104 at the Comfort Inn for a CSM and a bubblebath. Call me the AIRPORT KISSER and I will call you the CRACKER BARREL WHISTLER, even though in real life you are the BANDIT OF MY DREAMS. AK

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