Alex Jones Gets “Loosely Changed” at Bilderberg – MAssive Ass-immolation at Bohemian Grove – AJ Plays With His Bull-Horn – Jason BermAs Joins the IntelSchlubs – Blowing Open the 9/11 “Inside Job” – Strap In, Lube Up, and Penetrate Deep Into That Conspiracy Rabbit Hole – Bottoms Up With the Bronfman Zionist Liquor Empire!

Alex Jones Satire (Celtic Rebel)

Celtic Rebel Calls Alex Jones

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  • I have to say, I disagree with abeldanger about Alex and Jason.

    Nonetheless, here is a really interesting film about Israeli brainwashing, created by an Israeli!



  • Alex Jones Bronfman Group

  • I think the question is not why all the Jew hating but why all the JEW loving , what exactly have they done that is good for anyone but themselves ? Reading their relious books sure puts things into perspective . Giving them control of the money suply was the biggest mistake in history . The Irony is not one bad word has ever been said about Soros a JEW himself by thhe JEWS nor one word ever said about the many Jews in the NAZI army . The way i see it the real orthadox JEWS were taken over by the Zionists created by the British and all their wealth and religion stolen much like an identity . That is what that half claim anyway.. I must admit i have noticed myself many who have appeared on his program have suddenky died not long after . My guess is he is a honey pot a favourite tactic of the stinky elite .