Abel Dangerette’s Inaugural Show – Awake & Empowered Episode #1

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  • Glad to see you ladies doing this. I want to be part of your family!! I’m an expat living in Mexico and ex-pats down here have their heads in the sand. There is only one person I can talk to about the world as it is today and she is a Mexican. My Mexican friend is more informed on current events that the Americans I know here. Americans down here are ignorant, illiterate and still think Clinton is the queen. I’m also a pisces!!! Go girls! Looking forward to your next episode!!

  • Hi Patricia, thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment and feedback! Happy to have a fellow Pisces Dangerette in the family! 🙂 Please drop us an email at abeldangerettes@gmail.com so we have your address for our future communications, chats, and newsletters! Thanks again…much appreciated.