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Source: 4th annual Global Pilots Symposium

On 18 March an IBM engineer made a cell phone call from Diego Garcia. So that is where it landed first. It may still be there as there is a FARADAY CAGE HANGAR that it could be hidden in.

Lee Moak of Delta should brief the world airline pilots regarding the BUAP. All the ‘wannabe pilots’ are meeting this week and notice what Lee Moak is speaking about, go to this link:

Global Realities Require Local Action

A very significant google is: [ MH370 + BUAP + McConnell ]

Here is today’s 2 hour briefing by me to the world:

My voice is heard starting around 0+35 so let the interview load completely then advance to 0 + 35

Many people think NWA got rid of me. Not true, NWA kept me on payroll to work on this until USDOJ told NWA to shut me up. I retired 10 minutes after getting the SHUT UP letter from Rick Toscano. Rick was not the problem, nor NWA, the problem is that the BUAP has been out since at least as early as 1995. I am posting the patents in Chapter 21 which goes up AFTER MIDNIGHT.

In a nutshell, ALPA is an accessory before, during and after the fact regarding 9 hull loss jets

Perhaps Attorney Suzanne Kalfus and Lee Moak might meet my demand by 13 April 2014. It would be much cheaper for ALPA that way.

The eight ALPA officials I have kept informed are Babbitt, Woerth, Prater, Moak, Plunkett, Kalfus, Johnson and Janhunen. 8 against 1, I like my odds.

Perhaps Lee Moak might address the TRANQUILIZER patent.

By the way, the day MH370 was flown to Diego Garcia by AWACS we put this video out:


Plum City
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Source: Global Pilots Symposium

Global Realities Require Local Action

March 28, 2014 – Hundreds of pilots from around the world convened this week at the 4th annual Global Pilots Symposium not just to discuss the common challenges of all airline pilots, but also to develop a plan of action and commit to executing that plan.

Their urgent, collective resolve was underscored by keynote speaker Capt. Don Marcus, international president of the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P), who retold the harrowing tale of the decimation of the U.S. maritime industry due to the flag of convenience system. During his presentation, “The Impact of Open International Competition on U.S. Maritime Labor,” Marcus relayed staggering statistics as a harbinger of what could happen to the global airline system.

Of a world fleet totaling more than 50,000 ships, the United States, as one of the world’s largest trading partners, has only a fraction of the fleet, he said.

“The flag of convenience system of open registers and global competition has had a devastating effect on U.S. national flag shipping and U.S. maritime labor,” Marcus said. “Today, the total number of ships in U.S. international trade is 7,863. Of that number, the U.S. has only 89 registered ships in international trade.”

Additionally, of the 50,000 merchant ships in the world feet, approximately 71 percent—35,000 ships—are under the FOC system, meaning they avoid the obligations normally associated with national regulation by a flag state such as national taxes and laws that protect labor and social conditions. As such, 86 percent of merchant ships operating under the FOC system are successful in avoiding collective bargaining agreements along with avoiding taxes and regulation—giving them an unfair advantage in the shipping industry.

“The lessons we have learned from the maritime experience would seem to indicate that air transport companies, if given the opportunity, shift their various operating functions, such as maintenance, flight operations, crewing, aircraft registry, etc., to the countries within the Unites States and EU with the least tax consequences, least regulatory oversight, and lowest wage costs,” Marcus warned.

Marcus’ presentation painted a vivid description of what could happen in aviation that colored the day’s discussion and deliberately focused on the challenges we face and actions required to overcome them. The day’s planning sessions were kicked off by Capt. Ron Abel (United), Capt. Tony Chapman (American), and Capt. Mike Pinho (Delta), the conversation concentrated on strategic planning as a necessary tool in developing new and effective approaches for the future. Three interactive panel discussions also headlined the day:

• “Connecting the World’s Pilots”

 Panelists: Capt. Martin Duffy, Capt. Jim Phillips, and Michael Robbins

Moderator: Cat. Henk de Vries

• “Airline Models: Past, Present & Future”

Panelists: David Krieger, Capt. Tim Robinson, Capt. Gustaf Strengell, and Capt. Rune Sundland

• “Turning Strategy into Action”

o Panelists: Capt. Lee Moak and Capt. Evert van Zwol

o Moderator: Capt. Don Wykoff

Dominating topics of discussion were, not surprisingly, the Norwegian Air International FOC scheme that undercuts global competition, as well as the continuous challenges faced by Ryanair pilots and their need to organize and the continued growth of state-sponsored aviation enterprises from the Gulf region.

The Global Pilots’ Symposium is a joint initiative of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IFALPA), and the Associations of Star Alliance Pilots (ASAP), the Oneworld Cockpit Crew Coalition (OCCC), and the SkyTeam Pilots Association (SPA).

On the heels of GPS, IFALPA kicked off its 69th Annual Conference, where more than 200 delegates continued the productive dialogue to develop solutions to tackle the world spanning challenges—despite geographical boundaries—that confront them all.

Look for more coverage of the Global Pilots’ Symposium and the 69th Annual International Federation Air Line Pilots Association in the May edition of Air Line Pilot.

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  • Ask ALPA after being informed of "undocumented aircraft MX. with substandard engines" collected fee income but did ZERO about violations of federal law and a CFR unauthorized removal with no LODA letter ever granted by the FAA.